My first sleepover (Karuizawa Kei)

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It's been almost six months since Kiyotaka and I started dating but still we haven't made our relationship public yet. After the uninhabited island exam, I decided that it's best to make our relationship public but haven't found the right situation till now.

I wonder whether I'll be able to go on public dates with Kiyotaka without worrying about other people seeing us.

As much as I want to go on a public date, our secret dates in Kiyotaka's room are not bad at all. Yes. I always enjoy the time we spend alone in his room.

Right now, I'm having a secret date with Kiyotaka. I sat on his bed with my back against the wall.

I can see the back of Kiyotaka, who was cleaning the coffee cups in the kitchen.

"Do you want me to help you?"

I asked Kiyotaka as I watched him from the bedroom.

"No, I don't want to make my girlfriend do the chores for me."

He said with his usual calm tone.

Ehhh.... So he doesn't want me to do chores for him.

"Here, Here"

I patted on the place beside me as he came out from the kitchen.

Without making any complaints, he sat to my right side on the bed. Our shoulders were touching and I can feel his warmth through my shoulder.

We started talking about the things that had happened in the school this past week. As we continued talking, we burned through the topics and the conversation between as came to a halt.

We sat there in silence for sometime.

I slowly moved my hand and touched Kiyotaka's hand. My heart already started beating faster.

Without looking at Kiyotaka's face, I intertwined my fingers with his.

Without saying anything, Kiyotaka intertwined his fingers with mine. At that moment my heart skipped a beat.

I can feel the warmth of his hand and it spread throughout my body. Suddenly my body got hotter and I'm certain my face looked red right now.

Without saying any words, we both turned our heads to look at each other almost at the same instant. Our eyes met and we both know what the other person is thinking just by looking at each other's eyes.

We both closed the distance between each other and my lips met his.

My heart started pounding even harder and it was so loud that I'm certain even Kiyotaka can hear it.

Ahhh! Why does my heart needs to beat faster every time I kiss? It's not the first time. Why can't I get used to it already?

As I started pressing my lips harder against his, I felt the taste of coffee in my mouth. It's sweet.

After kissing for a while, we parted our lips, saliva still connecting our mouths.

After that I tightly embraced him, latching onto his chest. I can hear his heartbeat.

Ehhh... Wait. His heart is beating faster than normal too. Even though it's not beating as fast as mine, it's still beating faster than normal.

So, even if he looks calm and composed on the outside, he's excited just like me.

After knowing this, I wanted to tease him a little.


I called out to him as I tightened my embrace.

"Mhmmm?" Kiyotaka responded.

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