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It's late August and the end of our summer vacation and like last year the school has opened the swimming pool used by swimming club for everyone for three days. I didn't visit the pool last year as I didn't involve myself with others that much back then and I also didn't like wearing a swimsuit in front of everyone, my body proportions especially my chest will surely attract a lot of boys attention and they would ogle me up.

But this year it's different. A lot of things have changed in the past one year and I've made some really good friends. As much as I hate being ogled up by other boys, I don't really care about that at this point. All I care about now is having fun with my friends, that's the reason I agreed to come to the pool.

I've come to the pool with the members of 'The Ayanokouji group', even Miyacchi skipped his club for us. Apart from the members of The Ayanokouji group, we were accompanied by some other people. There is Horikita-san who I thought would never involve herself in things like this but she probably came because Kiyopon asked her to. Then there is also Satou-san and Matsushita-san, under normal circumstances I would have never imagined these two girls hanging out with our group but since Karuizawa-san is here they accompanied her.

Horikita-san, Airi and I are sitting beside the pool watching other people. Kiyopon, Miyacchi and Yukimu have gone to fetch some drinks. As many other people from our class also came to the pool today, Satou-san and Matsushita-san have gone to play with them for sometime.

As I looked at the pool, there was a girl standing close to the pool with her swimsuit on. She has a slender body with really good body proportions but what caught everyone's eyes was an ugly scar on her abdomen.

Now that I think about it, Karuizawa-san always skipped our swimming class. I always thought it's because she didn't like showing her skin off and didn't wanna get ogled up by boys. But I've never thought Karuizawa-san has a scar like this. I don't know how she got that scar and I'm sure everyone has the same doubt but no one really wanted to ask her about it and evryone kept quiet.

So Karuizawa-san skipped the swimming classes because she didn't want anyone to see the scar and she was afraid of what people will think when they saw the scar. But here she is, standing at the pool, showing her scar to basically the whole school but she didn't seem to be bothered at all.

Why is that? Does karuizawa-san no longer care about what other people think about her? Or is it because she already has Kiyopon who will accept her no matter what anyone thinks? That seems to be the case.

I still can't believe what happened after the uninhabited island exam. I never imagined that Kiyopon would date someone like Karuizawa-san. I already knew something is going on between Karuizawa-san and Kiyopon but I never thought they were secretly dating.

Everyone was equally shocked when Kiyopon and Karuizawa-san announced they were secretly dating since spring break. Even the person sitting right side to me now, Horikita-san, seems to have no idea about this.

I looked at the person sitting left side to me. Airi was devastated when she learned about Kiyopon and Karuizawa-san, I thought it would be hard for her to recover from that. But fortunately Airi returned to normal within few days. I suppose this helped Airi a little bit too, even if it's little she's definitely grown due to this. She still felt sad about it but I guess she came to accept it.

As I was thinking about this, I saw a guy who's slowly sneaking up on Karuizawa-san. At the same time Miyacchi and Yukimu got back with drinks. They were standing behind us.

"What's he doing?" muttered Horikita-san.

I turned my attention towards Karuizawa-san and Kiyopon slowly got close to her. What's he gonna do?

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