Grell x Depressed Reader

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Chapter 6

You made it home

Once you made it inside you showered and changed into your pajamas

You couldn't get Grell out of your head, who did that joker in the park think he was?! You didn't know wether to be concerned or mad

Eventually you fell asleep

You were in the park again, but you were being circled by two guys

One was Grell and the other was the guy you spoke to in the park today, both their eyes were closed

They kept circling, they were getting closer with each pass, closer... closer till they met

Half was Grell half was the other guy, they opened their eyes and spoke in unison

"Don't trust the other guy"

The image faded when you were woken by a loud thud

You opened your eyes, the banging was coming from downstairs, someone was knocking on the front door

You decided to go down and check it out

You made it to the door

Just in case things weren't on the up and up you waited till the person outside knocked again

No sooner then the thought go through your mind then a second knock sound

You opened the door to find Grell slumped over, leaning on the frame

"Thanks goodness your home"

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