Grell x Depressed reader Introduction

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You lay on your bed, headphones in your ears, sitting there dreaming of a love that would never be

Your a junior in high school, and like all typical females you have a secret crush, his name, is Grell Sutcliff.

Unfortunately... crush is a bit of an understatement

You are completely obsessed with him, you even have a playlist of songs on your iPod that make you think of him.

You looked down at your iPod checking the song, you set it to repeat

Song: All around me

Band: Flyleaf

Sometimes you think that he's the only one who can save you, save you from a darkness that you would otherwise never return from, that's kind of what depression feels like, a never ending chasm that's continuously trying to pull you under, each hand it sends out only pulls you further down

But back to Grell, he isn't exactly the most popular boy in school, but in your opinion, he sure as hell is the cutest, he has long brown hair that is most of the time pulled back, he has golden eyes that are framed by adorable round glasses, he used to be very social but usually keeps to himself nowadays because of rumours that went around your freshman year that he had split personality disorder, but you didn't believe it

It was also unfortunate that you were the exact opposite, even though to most of the girls you were known as the "depressed weirdo" you were wanted by almost every guy in school, and with the total number of students being 2000, and the male to female ratio being 1 girl for every 3 guys, in other words, you had at least 3 guys around you at all times, yeah, it sucks

You got up and leaned back against your pillow and involuntarily started singing along with the lyrics

"My hands are searching for you, my arms are outstretched towards you, I feel you on my fingertips, my tongue dances behind my lips for you"

You sighed realising how true those words were, you wanted Grell, you wanted him to forever be by your side but you didn't know how to tell him

You laid back down onto your side and got under your covers, tomorrow's Monday, you thought, Ill figure out a way sooner or later

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