Grell x Depressed Reader

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Chapter 5

You ran as fast as your feet could carry you, you paused to look at Grells text again

Grell: meet me in the park where the boys were found, i have something to tell you

You slid your phone back in your pocket and continued to run

After a few minutes you made it to the spot where the boys were found, but where was Grell? You pulled out your phone to text him

You: Grell where are you? I'm in the park

Before you could put your phone away you hear the rustling of bushes behind you. You turn and see a streak of red hide behind a tree, you walk toward the tree slowly

"Grell?" You call out

Before you could call again something hit you on the head, you looked up and saw a guy, he had long red hair and pointed teeth, he had rectangular shaped glasses that sat far down on the tip of his nose

"You called?" He grinned

You took a step back from the man
"I'm sorry, I don't believe I know your name"

He frowned and hopped off the tree limb he had been sitting on
"Then allow me to introduce myself, I am Grell Sutcliff, occupation grim reaper" he bowed then looked up at you with a devilish smile

You stood there your hands shaking, you didn't know wether to run or scream, who the hell does this guy think he is, he sure as hell isn't grell!

He walked towards you and waved his hand in front of your face
"Hello? Anyone home?"

You swatted away his hand
"Keep away from me"

He drew his hand back
"How rude, that's not the proper way to treat your boyfriend"

Your eyes went wide
"Your not my boyfriend! Your nowhere near close to my Grell, he's the sweetest guy I know" you were blushing slightly because he said boyfriend

He smirks and starts to walk circles around you
"Ah, but that's where your wrong my dear, do you not recall the rumours of his split personality disorder?"

You looked down at the dirt, he had a point, but how did he know about that, before you could respond, he spoke

"Believe me if you want to my dear, but I'm done here, it's no fun toying with you anymore, so long"

You quickly looked back up to get a glimpse of him as left, but he was gone

You started to walk to your car, you don't bother going back to school, your car was in the parking area near the entrance of the park, soaking wet you climbed into your car, waiting a while before starting it then driving home

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