Grell x depressed reader High School AU

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Chapter 3

It had been 6 months since the day you found Grell singing in the hall

Since then, the two of you had started dating, you go out regularly but... no matter where it was the two of you were going, you would always sing on the way there. Turns out the two of you liked mostly the same kinds of music except for his inhuman love of classical music, which you found slightly comical

Since you've been dating him, he's opened up a little bit, he isn't as nervous as he usually is around other people


You pulled into the parking... something seemed off, there were groups of students all over the parking lot and near the entrance reading the school paper

After you got out of your car you walked over to a group of random students, there was a boy in the middle that was holding a copy of the school paper

"Excuse me, but, what's going on?" You asked

Everyone in that group looked at you till the boy holding the paper broke the silence

"You haven't heard? 9 boys were found dead in the woods last night, police reports say that they're faces were torn beyond recognition, the police don't know if it was animal or human"

You were struck with a combination of fear and anger, why would someone do something like this! You wanted to know more

"Where are they selling papers?" You asked in an urgent tone

The boy pointed to a stand near the school entrance

"Thank you" you shouted to the boy as you ran toward the stand

You picked up a paper and saw the front headline:

A young couple was taking a walk in the woods on one of the trails when they stumbled upon a foot sticking out of a bush, barely visible due to the limited amount of light, one of the girls used her phone to call the police while the other girl ran back to get help from a house nearby

By the time authorities arrived, it was determined that there were 9 bodies, all of which were unrecognisable.
"It looks like it wasn't done by hand, whoever or whatever did this is obviously skilled" said the chief of police

You pulled the paper away from your face, how odd...

You were going to read more until you heard footsteps approach you from behind, then... the voice that went with them

"Im waking up at the start of the end of the world, but it's feeling just like every other morning before, now I wonder what my life is gonna mean if its gone"

Oh Grell, you decided to join in

"The cars are moving 'bout a half a mile an hour and I started staring at the passengers who were waving goodbye, can you tell me what was ever really special about me all this time"

You both sang the chorus while walking to your first class

"But I believe the world is burning to the ground, oh well I guess, were gonna find out, Lets we how far we've come, let's see how far we've come"

By the time you and Grell finished the chorus, you were both already in first period, you leaned over towards him in an attempt at casual conversation

"Did you hear about the boys being found dead in the woods?"

He looked at you surprised, but answered calmly

"Who hasn't? But I honestly think its a hopeless case"

This time you were the one surprised

"What makes you say that? The police say that it was an animal"

"That's what they say, but what if it was something other then an animal? What if it was a person? I'm pretty sure any criminal who would murder someone would be insulted to not be credited with doing it, plus I'm sure that if those guys were killed for a reason, it was a good one"

You leaned back in your chair, unsure of how to respond, it sounded like he was defending whatever or whoever did this, you could just be paranoid....but you never know

((The song used earlier was

Song: How far we've Come
Band: Matchbox Twenty

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