Grell x Depressed Reader

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Chapter 4

Your driving home later, thinking about the boys that were found. It all seemed familiar somehow you just couldn't put your finger on it. As you pulled into your driveway it started to drizzle, you decided you should hurry unless you wanted to get soaked.

Once you made it in you took off your wet clothes and changed into your pajamas, a big black long sleeve shirt and your favourite pajama pants. You set your self up to do your math homework. You sat on the window sill with the textbook in your lap, you started thinking about the rain and how it resembled the gloomy mood that had overtaken the small town in which you call home. Since the boys were found, no one dared stay out after dark


Once you finished your homework you sat by the window and watched the rain, a song on your Grell playlist came to mind; you grabbed your iPod and found the song, then you started singing along

"My face against the window pane, a tear for every drop of rain, I am so lonely and so sad, your the reason that I'm feeling bad, I am so lonely and so sad, I'm living in a dream I never had"

Song: So Alone

Artist: Anna Blue

You fell asleep that night on the window sill listening to the rain but you had not a word from Grell; neither call or text


You woke up to the sound of your alarm going off, it was still raining. "Great" you thought, might as well wear a raincoat all day

You made it into your car without getting completely wet, you started it and took off, making your way to school. When you were about to reach the half way point your phone went off, scaring you, nearly making you swerve into the other lane. Once you reached a stop light you pulled it out and read who it was from

Grell: hello

You quickly texted him back:

You: Hey, didn't hear from you last night, wondering if you were alright

Grell: I won't be in school today, I've been better

You were worried about him, you were in the middle of texting him back when the driver behind you honked their horn, it was then that you realised that the light had turned green, you stepped on the gas and made it the rest of the way to school

When you made it in the school parking lot you texted Grell back

You: okay, want me to get your work for you so that I can bring it by later?

Grell: sure, thanks

You: okay then, see you later

You put up your phone then grabbed your stuff and stepped out of your car, since Grell isn't here you figured that this was going to be a long day

A beep from your phone stopped you in your tracks, you pulled it out and checked, it was from Grell

Grell: help... me

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