Grell x Reader

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Chapter 7

"Grell?! What happened?!"

He looked exhausted, his hair was down and his clothes were muddy

"Never mind my questions, just come in come in"

Once Grell came inside you ran him a bath, you pulled out some of your larger pajamas and let him wear them, he had his hair pulled back again

You sat him down on the couch, you even fixed him some hot chocolate

"Are you comfortable?"

He looked up from his hot chocolate, then set it on the table next to the couch

"Yes, thank you for letting me in, I really appreciate it"

You smiled

"How could I not have helped you out?"

You stood up and walked over to sit beside him

"You never answered my question though"

He looked nervous

"Yeah about that"

He scooted away slightly at your closeness

You scooted to him again

"That really isn't a good idea"

He scooted away again


He looked away from your gaze

"I would rather not..."

He stopped mid sentence, a look of horror on his face, he jumped up from the couch, he nearly knocked his cup over but he steadied it and took two more steps back

You stared in confusion and horror, but you stood and stepped toward him

"P-please ... that isn't a good... idea"

He was clutching his hands to his head, he looked like he was in pain

You took another step forward, you were worried

"Grell... what's wrong"

He looked up at you then came towards you and put his hands on your shoulders

"D-don't trust the other guy"

With those words he collapsed on the ground, you didn't notice anything wrong until you saw his hair

His usual brown hair was slowly starting to turn red, it started at his roots then went down the full length, it seemed as though it had gotten longer

You leaned down once his hair had stopped changing, all of it was red


You had your hand on his back, you snatched it away once he started to laugh, it was a voice you recognised

He slowly started to stand, once he was standing in front of you he pulled his hair out of the hairband and flung it to the side

He smiled and said

"Hello again"

Just then, the world went black

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