"Yes, who wants to be your buddy if you always use us, pretending that we are your servant, we're tired you know, WE'RE TIRED!" Sunny exclaimed. "From now on, we're NOTHING Jess." Hyoyeon said with a sarcastic tone. "GOOD BYE!" The three said at the same time. Jessica couldn't believe this, she thought that they would never betray her. "O-OKAY! FINE! DO WHAT YOU WANT! I DON'T CARE! BUT SOMEDAY REMEMBER; YOU GUYS WOULD REGRET IT! BITCHES!!" Jessica shouted as she managed her breath. All the people there was watching her.


"She love me, she love me not. She love me, She love me..." Baekhyun was at Grande Academy's rooftop. He was pulling the crown of a rose as Lay came up from behind him with a skateboard and suddenly shouted, "NOT!" Baekhyun turned, "HAHAHAHAHA, She loves you not, Baek." Lay sat beside Baekhyun. "Just go for it dude. That's what called 'Fate' ya' know. Candy would never love you." Lay said as he stroked Baekhyun's back. Baekhyun frowned and looked as if he was about to cry, and Lay quickly said "Oh okay sorry sorry-"

"Lay," Baekhyun cutted Lay's words.


"EAT THIS YOU...!!" Baekhyun exclaimed as he put the rose's stalk in Lay's mouth. Lay quickly puked it out, "Shut up!" Baekhyun shouted. "Blech... It's bitter!" Lay exclaimed. "Eoh? Is it bitter?" Baekhyun asked as he tastes the rose's stalk. "Right?" Baekhyun plasters a disgusted face, "Yeah it's bitter.."

As they were talking about the rose's stalk tastes bitter, Luhan came up to them. Lay shaked Baekhyun's arm, "That," he pointed at Luhan. Luhan was observing the city's panorama beside them as he smiled to his self. "CIIEEE~!" Both Lay and Baekhyun shouted as they quickly moves towards Luhan. Luhan just glared at them and continued observing. "Cieee... why are you smiling?" Lay asked as he turned to Luhan. Baekhyun, who was beside Luhan, air-talked (you know, when you talk soundless) with Lay as they were exchange thoughts of what gotten into Luhan. "Yah, since yesterday when he hugged Jin Hee-" Baekhyun covered his mouth. "Mwo? Luhan hugged Jin Hee?! Ciieee... What a progress dude~" Lay exclaimed as Luhan smiled. "Yah Xi Luhan, I know you love Jin Hee, you care for Jin Hee, you are really really like her, kurochi? Admit it..." Lay continued. Luhan just 'Tsk' -ing. "Lu, since that day you've gone weird. You often smiled at yourself, and what suprises me, this Luhan guy always help Jin Hee whenever she's in trouble or something!" Baekhyun said. "Haha I know right, you've fallen in love!" They both laughed. "I've never fallen in love in my life," Luhan finally spoked. They both stopped laughing and stared at Luhan, "and will never. Understand?" with that, Luhan walked away from them. "The hell?" Lay said, confused.


"So why are you here?" Kai asked as he walked with Jin Hee towards Grande Academy. "I'm here to meet Mrs. Kim. I want to give her some of my money for Yoon Mi's payment." Kai nodded, "Oh ok, Kajja."


Luhan was strolling at Grande Academy's park as he accidentaly saw Jessica at the corner of the park, crying. Luhan came up to her, "Jessica?" Jessica turned to see Luhan, she quickly got up and hugged Luhan. "Luhaaan~" she cried on Luhan's shoulder. "Hey, what—" Jin Hee and Kai was passing the park as Jin Hee saw Luhan and Jessica hugging. Her eyes are widened. Luhan knew Jin Hee and Kai's presence, so he quickly pushed Jessica away. Jin Hee was just stared at them, there's a disappointment in her eyes, she quickly walked away from them. "Jin Hee!" Kai shouted as he chased Jin Hee. Luhan was going to chase Jin Hee too but Jessica pulled him. "Luhan hajima, Luhan!" Luhan was finally out of Jessica's grip and quickly chased Jin Hee. Jessica continued crying again.


"Hey Jin Hee, Jin Hee. Waegeuraeyo?" Kai asked Jin Hee as he stand in front of her. "Nothing, Kai." Jin Hee replied calmly. "Jin Hee," Luhan came up to them. "I could explain what happened a minute ago," Jin Hee turned to Luhan. "There's nothing you should explain. You want to hug Jessica, you want too kiss Jessica, I don't care. It's done right? There's nothing you want to say again right? I want to meet Mrs. Kim," Jin Hee said as she turned. Luhan pulled Jin Hee's arm, "Why did you ran away? You're jealous, right?" Jin Hee turned to Luhan again. "Mwo? Jealous? What the hell? I'm not jealous. Now let go," Luhan lets go of Jin Hee's hand, "I know you're jealous." Luhan said again. "If she said she's not jealous. don't force her to!" Kai said. "Kim Jongin, why are you always between me and Jin Hee?" "Because I don't like your attitude towards her." Luhan rolled his eyes, "What a reason. You love Jin Hee, right?" Kai was shut.

"If yes, then why?"

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