Chapter Twelve

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So it's Monday, again. School again. Memories from the weekend runs over me. I think of the horrible date with Luke, Tomas coming to my rescue, and having Tomas Bane back to my best friend.

I wake up to see two gray eyes looking at me from the other side of my bedroom. What the heck!

"AHHHHH!" I scream jumping out of bed, and grabbing a hairbrush for my defense.

"HEY CALM DOWN ITS ME, TOMAS!" He comes over towards me.

"Oh, okay. But why are you here?" I say while putting the hairbrush back to its original spot.

"Because I got bored, my parents aren't home. Your parents aren't home either. So I decided to come over. But you were sleeping." He chuckles a bit.

I throw a pillow at him. He fake falls on to my bed, while closing his eyes. I smack him, and he smiles and sits up. I sit beside him, and a pillow knocks me down. I flop dramatically on the bed, and Tomas follows me. He lies close to me, his arm is touching mine. I suddenly realize, that I didn't brush my teeth, and also didn't change from my embarrassing rainbow monkey pajamas.

Tomas realizes what I was thinking. "Sooo rainbow monkeys?" He smirks. "Shut up Tomas." I say annoyed. "No it's cute." He laughs. I smack him with my pillow and he fake stumbles off the bed. He stays still on the carpet pretending to be dead. He doesn't move until I hit him with another pillow. He laughs and hits me with a pillow. We both lay on the bed laughing and sweating.

"So are you going to get changed yet? We have to leave soon." He says while standing up.

"Yeah let me get changed. So get out of my room." I shove him out of the door.

I pull out a pair of dark skinny jeans, a purple sweatshirt, my blue American converse, and tie my hair up into a high ponytail. I apply some mascara and a little bit of lipgloss. Got to have a good impression.

I step out of the door and I see Tomas looking at the family pictures on the wall. I cough, to get his attention. He spins around and looks at me. He smiles sheepishly. I laugh at him.

"So are you ready to go to school yet? It's 6:20, school starts in 7:30. " he says while I put my cereal in my bowl. "Yeah yeah, girls gotta eat." I say while chewing on my cereal. He laughs at my eating habits, and I glare at him.

I finish my cereal and put the bowl into the sink. It's getting lighter outside, but still kind of dark.

"So majesty, are you ready to go to school?" He says sarcastically while kneeling on the floor.

I curtsy. "Yes my prince, lets go to school." I laugh.

He laughs and gets up, he takes my hand in his and leads me through the door.

We're off to school, talking and laughing. Maybe having Tomas Bane is the positive in my life.

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