Chapter 2

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Behold! The dirty, disgusting, awful smelling, rude, Shankhires Juvenile Detention center. Or not. I'm surprised by how many people are signed up for this thing. Who cares though? Not me. Means there's a lower chance of me being found out. The adults? They don't care. Means more money for them. No one does. Leaving the back seat of the car, I feel the full heat of the sun.
I sign in at the front desk of the emptied out Juvy. I am told to find cell B-385. For 3 weeks B-385 is my home. I usher Sarah out and say bye and sprint to the bathroom with my suitcase. I tie my hair up and hide behind a Yankees hat. I take off the little make up I wear. I then return to B-385 to find it full of boys. They stare at me and I recite just like I practiced: "Hey." I say in a slightly-lower-than-usual voice.
"Hey" a brunette with dark eyes says
A foreign looking boy says "Wassup"

After a little bit of talking and unpacking and more boys flowing in, eating dinner (disgusting soup of some kind) we're all told to go to sleep. I know the camp itself won't be fun but the people might be... Just a little.
I go take my hat off, untie my hair and my wavy blonde hair flows down my shoulders. Without fully realizing how tired I am, I fall into the clutches of sleep.
"AAAAGH!!!" The entire room jumps awake including me. I look around for the boy who screamed. I see him. He has dark hair, dark eyes. Then I see what's really important.

He's pointing at me.

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