Chapter 7

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I wake up with a jolt. Its too early. My alarm is going off. Loud. Really loud. All of a sudden I'm jerked awake by a rough and yelling "Ave!" Ace. I sit up. This can't be good. "Wha-.... Oh my.... How? What?" I survey the room. All the beds are engulfed in an orange yellow flame. "Come on!" Ace yells. "We have to get out of here!" I look around the room once more to find the most people have left already. Grabbing my hand Ace drags me out of the room. I feel like something is missing as we run through the halls, Ace still yanking my hand trying to get me to go faster. Coughing the entire time we run to the door. We can see it. Closer closer.... I still can't shake the feeling that I'm missing something. Finally I get it. My hat! My hair tie! "Ace! My hat and hair tie! I can't go out there! They'll know that I don't belong here and... And... And then I won't ever see you again."
"I'll get it. Go in the bathroom. I'll get it, and bring it to you. We'll leave together. Okay?" Silently I nod. Tears begin rolling down my face. Gathering my face in his hands he gives me a kiss. When we break apart, he whispers "I love you" and runs off. I yell after him, "I love you too!" And we run off.
Running into the bathroom I close the door. Ace was right. There's no fire. I sit up on the counter and think. My mind goes to the first day here, when I met Ace... I was so stupid to hate him. He's never done anything bad to me. After that I think of the time where Ace made cinnamon rolls. How did he do that? Without realizing it I've started crying, so I grab a paper towel and wipe my face.
After a few minutes I hear sirens. Ace. Ace should be out by now! This camp is a log way from anywhere. It probably took these people half an hour to reach hear. Ace should be here! I hear the firemen run in hear. I hear one of them yell to check every room. I hear them check one bathroom, Yell that it's empty and then they come into my bathroom. "Oh my god...." He whispers. He picks me up and carries me out. "What were you doing in there? Are you insane?" I shrug. My eyes begin to water "Ace..." I whisper. "What did you say?" He asks as we go through the door. I look around. "Ace..." I whisper. "Ace. Ace. Ace! Ace! Ace is in there! Someone get him! It's a boy! About my height..." The fireman goes into his walkie talkie. "There was a girl in a restroom. she doesn't look to be injured but she says there's a boy in there. Search for him." Immediately he gets a response but I can't understand it. As the man over he walkie talkie talks I look around and see all the people staring at me. They know. "How long has he been in there? Why didn't you get out? Why didn't he get out?"
"For me..." I whisper but I don't think anyone heard me over:
"I found him." A man on the walkie talkie says. Yes! Yes yes yes yes yes! "He's in code blue conditions. Bringing him out now." I try to ask what code blue is but I'm afraid I already know. They bring out Aces body on a stretcher. I run over to him. "H-h-he is just knocked out, right? He's gonna wake up! He's gonna be okay. Right? Right? Right!?" They all look at me sadly. Sorry. Even the other campers who look more sad for me then for Ace. "What's a code blue?" I whisper. "Honey, I'm sorry."
"No. No, no no no no! No! NO! NO YOURE WRONG NO! No! No! No. No. No....."

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