Chapter 4

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"Great! Um... So, now that we're... You know, together. Um... What exactly do boyfriend and girlfriend do?" He asks me way to happily.
"I dunno. Get to know each other?" Like I know, I've never been in a relationship.
"Perfect! So, tell me. Who is Avery?" He sits forward. puts his elbows on his knees and his head in his hands.
"You don't want to know..." I don't want to say it. I promised I wouldn't tell anyone.
"Yes I do." He stares deeply into my eyes.
"I really don't want to-"
"Please," he whispers. His eyes plead with me until I have to give in
"When I was about 5, my mom had passed away of cancer. My father didn't want me because he said he couldn't afford to clothe and feed me and his girlfriend and himself and his child. The kid wasn't my moms, it was his and his stupid girlfriends. Honestly, he was filthy rich. He could have done it. Kept me, I mean. I ended up on the streets until a nice woman came and took me in... I thought it was too good to be true. It was. She ended up dying also. We were in a car crash. She died... I lived. " I say almost like a whisper. I bite my lip hard to prevent myself from crying and I do a pretty good job except for one single tear falls out. "If I could go back to any day I would chose that day and I would take her place. I wish it was me...I say not being able to hold it in anymore.
"Oh my gosh. I-I didn't know. I'm so- so sorry."
"It's not all bad... I guess. A met up with an aunt of mine and I live with her now.
"What about you? Hmm? What's your sob story?" I say realizing that I do NOT cry.
"I don't have one."
"What do you mean? Your life has had no struggles no nothing? Nothing?"
"Yeah, nothing. I didn't realize that this kind of stuff happened. I never would have guessed"
"You know my name not my story. You see my smile, not my pain.You notice my cuts, not my scars. You read my lips, not my mind..." I whisper.
"What?" He asks me.
"Nothing!" I say, embarrassed.
"Can I help?" He asked sweetly
"No!" I yell abruptly. "I can take care of myself. I don't need any help," I hiss.
"I'm not saying you need help."
"Then what are you saying?" I taunt rather rudely.
"I'm saying I want to help you. I want to show you that everyone isn't bad. 'Cause not everyone is."
"Oh yeah? Prove it." I say and walk back to the cabin.

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