Chapter 5

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I walk out of the room earlier than everyone else so that I can get ready for the day.
As I walk out into the damp air to go to the cafeteria I hear someone yell my name. "Avery! Avery!" I look to see Ace. "What do you want?" "Rahr!" He says sarcastically "someone is an angry bear." "I'm sorry... its just I've never told anyone about... you know... last night?"
"It's cool. I get it. Wanna eat breakfast with me?"
"Yeah, fine." I say shrugging.
"Race ya there!" He yells and darts off.
I eat breakfast with Ace and this time it's not that cardboard- I mean soup. Instead it's cinnamon rolls.
"I wonder why it's cinnamon rolls today. I was excepting that soup." he doesn't answer but instead smiles at me. "You did this?" He nods obviously proud.
"What did I say? Not everyone is bad, now, are they?"
"I guess not everyone."
"Say it! Say 'I was right and you were wrong!"
"Fine, fine. I was right and you were wrong." I say laughing.
"You know that's not what I meant" I smile deviously. He grabs my arms and hold them behind my back jokingly. "Fine, fine, fine." I laugh.He releases my arms "you were right. Not everyone is bad"

And I believe it too.

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