Chapter 8

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I run over to Ace. "Wake up! I yell not bothering to wipe the countless tears running down my face. "No!!!! NO!!!" I grab his burnt body.
He's covered in ashes and filth. But it's at that point that he is the most beautiful. "He died for me." I whisper "he died for me." I say. "He died for me! He DIED for ME!" Suddenly I'm filled with anger. "You idiot! I'm not worth it!" After a few moments of silence, I whisper into Aces chest. "I love you."
______15 years later_______
I wake up with a jolt. Ace! Not him. It's still Thomas. The man I married 5 years ago. How did I ever recover from Aces death? No matter how much I love Thomas (a lot, mind you) I could never love anyone like Ace. He died for me. For a stupid headband. I'm not worth it.... But I love him. I get out of bed and decide to check on my son. I quietly head into his room and sit on his bed.
"I love you..... Ace."

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