Chapter 3

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"You're a girl!" He yells,
"Dude, I promise you. I'm not a girl," I said forcing my voice not to shake.
"Yes you are! How do you explain the long hair?" The boy who had earlier introduced himself as Ace challenged.
"'Cause... I really hate haircuts?" Most of the cabin seems to either believe me or just be too tired to care. Everyone except me and the boy who screamed.
"You. Me. Outside." He says and stalked out of the room, checking to see if the hall was clear, and then running out expecting me to follow. I put on my hat, and follow him because I have no other choice.
I catch up to the boy and once we are outside he whips around putting one hand on my shoulder he asks me. "Who are you?"
"I'm Avery Levi," I explain like it's obvious. I then realize I'm supposed to be defending my self and add "and you are...?"
"I'm Ace. Listen, I know your not a boy."
"I'm not-"
"Yes you are! Just shut up and listen, okay?" I nod.
"I know your a girl because you go to my school. So I new it wasn't true when you said your a boy. Although, you did put on a mighty good performance. Anyways, I need you to do something for me-"
"Why would I?"
"Cause you need me to keep your little secret. Just come with me," he says and darts off towards the surrounding forest that I didn't notice before. After quickly looking around I run after him. He eventually stops at the edge of a cliff I hadn't noticed before. He plops down dangling his legs over the edge of the cliff. I sit down next to him, and stare into his eyes by the moonlight. I feel like I'm in some cliché romance movie. In the silence I decide that if he touches me I will throw him off the cliff. I will.
"Avery, listen. Please. We both need something. You need me to keep your secret, I need you to... Well..." He looks unsure of what he's about to say. "These kids... The Jocks, I call 'em. Th-they are always teasing me about... well... not having a girlfriend-"
"Hey hey hey! Okay... Okay... Stop. Just stop. I-"
"Hey, you need me! I need you!" Then it hits me. He's right. I don't have a choice... Finally, silently and reluctantly I nod...

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