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Camp Juvy by donutized
Camp Juvyby Maili
Iris Giorgianni is no ordinary girl. She's living a double life: a neglected daughter at home, but a fighter on the streets. As the leader of The Sangue - one of the mos...
  • wattys2018
  • deaththreats
  • delinquent
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Total Drama Kayleigh's tale by Writingisabitch
Total Drama Kayleigh's taleby Writingisabitch
You all know total drama right? Well you didn't get the whole story there was a girl in the back ground one you never noticed, she had green highlights in her brown hair...
  • kayleighxduncan
  • tda
  • island
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Total Drama High School by PranksterRako
Total Drama High Schoolby Shimmey Shay
Imagine that all the total drama contestants never went to the island. They all go to the same high school, with all characters from seasons 1-6. They are pretty OK with...
  • love
  • sisters
  • juvy
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Locked With Vincent by groovypineapple
Locked With Vincentby you + me
Kanin knew getting involved with her older brothers's shenanigans was a horrid idea. Because it landed her with one year in juvenile detention. With not enough money, sh...
  • badboy
  • juvy
  • handcuffs
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title: ungiven by usagidoki
title: ungivenby usagidoki
Louis' in Juvie, where he meets an outgoing boy of unknown history. Something happens, it messes everything up. There is no way to go back, because now there is nothing...
  • paper
  • intro
  • writing
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My Untold Affair, My Forbidden Love by Lalalazy
My Untold Affair, My Forbidden Loveby Sierra
Can love create a bond between two sides with so much hate and rage around them? Will love destroy them? Just remeber when it comes to love there is nothing set in stone...
  • fights
  • juvy
  • teachers
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MISTAKES ARE GOOD by OneMagicalDirection
MISTAKES ARE GOODby OneMagicalDirection
  • juvy
  • arrested
  • fostercare
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Try to find your true Friends by Leahxd28
Try to find your true Friendsby Leahxd28
Your first friend, because that's your first friend your are willing to accept that person to be your friend but you don't know each other already so that you have to ha...
  • kimberly
  • annalyn
  • chenny
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Locked in Reality by _HideandSeek_
Locked in Realityby Sally
Aria has 99 problems but Logan Heather isn't one of them...until he is. After being in juvy for a year, Logan is planning to make up for lost time but when he is stuck w...
  • reality
  • broken
  • locked
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Bishounen Girl and Player Boy by hansel_ga117
Bishounen Girl and Player Boyby hansel_ga117
(A.K.A. Pranking the School's Biggest Player is AWESOME!!!!!!) Jack, a girl that can be a super hot boy AND girl, suddenly got transferred to one of the most elite schoo...
  • juby
  • what
  • just
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Fairy Tail: The Offspring by erzascarletandcake
Fairy Tail: The Offspringby Levy Redfox
ok, first of, this doesn't have anything to do with the band "The Offspring" even though that is a great band! now on with the description! Fairy Tail's many b...
  • luna
  • metallica
  • gruvia
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Too Much Payne by Emily_Wright
Too Much Payneby Emily Wright
My parents raised me right, yet wrong, and now, they’re gone. The life we knew will be erased, for it was all a lie. My name is Rylee Payne, and I am the unwanted half o...
  • death
  • reunited
  • bullied
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Dream Walkers by SchulkeTempest
Dream Walkersby Schulke Tempest
Alice was anything but ordinary. Between being thrown in juvy more times then she can count, to starting fights with anyone who so much as looks at her wrong. Oh and did...
  • badass
  • mysterious
  • romance
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Convicted by AuthorXthewriter
Convictedby AuthorXthewriter
Meet Cassie Horicks, the ultimate good girl... until she is arrested for murder. Now she's lost everything but on her way to discovering the truth she might just get mor...
  • sad
  • bad
  • disowned
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Delinquent By Day by clokinz
Delinquent By Dayby Clo
So this story is being written by two people. Clo, the owner of this account, and June (Me!). Piper James and Madeline Anderson have nothing in common. Except for the f...
  • adoption
  • romance
  • juvy
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untitled by KatheRiNe7
untitledby Katherine N.
  • juvy
  • juvenile
  • lucy
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Again by ___halaaayyyy___
Againby ___halaaayyyy___
Brooke has been released from juvenile hall 2 years after starting high school. She comes home to her best friends and cowboy boyfriend,Corey.Quickly after graduation he...
  • marine
  • teenagers
  • cowboy
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Tears Run Down Her Cheeks by alfpwsn
Tears Run Down Her Cheeksby Adrianna Curts
  • questions
  • escape
  • max
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