Chapter 1

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8th period. Last day of school. No one is listening to the teacher. Why do they even teach today? Or do anything today? No one is listening I wonder while anticipating the final bell to ring along with everyone else. Finally the bell rings I grab my stuff and run out the door as fast as I can to my locker. I fumble with my lock but eventually get it open. I look back at my 8th period classroom -math- and see the goody-two-shoes group walk out slowly and happily. I shoot a glare their way and get back to my locker.
I put on my best most innocent most Oh-goody-it's-summer-break-time-to-play face and walk in the door
"Hi Avery!" Says Nana from the kitchen.
"Oh c'mon! It's the last day of school! Can't you at least be a little bit excited?"
"I'm sorry." I put on a sarcastic voice and smile "What do you want me to do? Be one of those annoying oh-goody! Kids?Because that will never happen. Ever."
"I know... C'mon you can help me with dinner."
I help her make a chicken cord de bleu or whatever it's called -her idea not mine- and get ready for bed.
The next week I am sitting on the stairs, suitcase ready.
"Now, Avery, are you sure you have everything?"
"Yes, Nana."
"Yes, Nana"
"Underwear? Socks? Hat? Sunscreen?"
"Yes, Nana."
"N- yes, Nana. Of course. This is a swimming camp after all" I say smiling sweetly... Artificially.
"And you're sure this is just for girls? Girls only?"
"Yes, Nana." No, Nana. actually it's all boys.
That is... Except me. Cue evil grin.
"Okay, I've got no more complaints. Let's go wait on the porch for Sarah." Grinning wildly I run to the front porch and I wait for Sarah. But I don't wait for her for very long. She is the only one who knows my plan to join the Juvenile detention center. I didn't realize it was a juvenile detention center at first. I thought it was just an all boys summer camp. But it wasn't, I didn't figure that out though until I read the sheet which had been signed and was on its way to be turned in. Which then Sarah saw that it was not an all girls swimming camp.
Oh well. What could go wrong?
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