Chapter 5: The Best Weeks Of My Life

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Demi's Pov

The next few weeks where honestly probably the best few of my entire time breathing on Earth. Wesley and me were almost inseparable now. Our bond had flourished into something magnificent.

We had the secret relationship thing down pat by now. We were becoming to obvious so me, being the fantastic actress I am, began to act like I hated Emblem 3, that I hated Wesley.

Behind closed doors it's a different story. I have fallen head over heels for this idiot that has stolen every inch of my beating heart. I'm not sure if my brain would be able to function properly without him.

I walked down the long hallway of the run down hotel until I found the room number that matched my key. Only as I fiddled with the key did I notice it was the number 69. Funny.

These are the moments I realize Wes is still a child. These are also the moments I realize that he is still himself and not a zombie, slaved to the industry and what management says.

Thank god he doesn't have a management yet. If Simon signs the boys it will destroy them. I watched One Direction go from the nicest most naive boys to rundown secretive regretting liars. If that ever happened to Wes, and I let it, let's just say I wouldn't let myself live.

"Hey babe." Wesley wrapped his muscular arms around my smaller frame as I giggled.

"Hey." I pecked his lips and we walked over to the bed.

"I got food!" I said smiling as I held up the brown paper bags.

"No way! I'm starving! You're the best girlfriend ever!" We sat Indian style across from each other.

Everytime he called me his girlfriend my stomach got stuck in a knot and the butterflies leaped inside me. They danced around my body and their wings fluttered on my heart.

"I try." I winked taking a fry out of the bag.

A few hours later we left the hotel, we walked down the street of the small town hand in hand. Nobody was in sight and it felt so good as the sun glazed down on my skin to be with the one I love.

"Oh my fucking god Brooke! It's Wes! Oh my god!" I skinny brunette girl with an Emblem 3 shirt and galaxy shorts squealed.

"We love your music so much! You are such an inspiration! We have an instagram fan page for you guys!" The one named Brooke blabbed and smiled ear to ear.

"Awww you guys are too sweet!" Wes gripped them tight in a hug and a tear slid down Brooke's face.

"We voted 1,600 times for you last night! You're performance was Amazing! Are the boys and you going to sing original songs during the competition?" The brunette asked clutching on to his waist.

"Haha yeah we hope so! If he lets us, Simon can be a dick sometimes. What's your fanpage, I'll follow it right now!" Wesley beamed down at the girls latched on him.

They where very pretty and he loved the attention I could sense it. I wasn't jealous, I was happy for him. It was just that they completely ignored me which I guess was a good thing actually.

"Are you serious!?! It's EmblemersUnite and my name is Nicole!" She winked and Brooke laughed.

"I'm Brooke!" Said the dirty blonde with the Hollister hoodie and short shorts that read Drew across her butt.

"I'm Wes! haha! Oh by the way I'm digging the Emblem 3 outfits you guys look hot!" Wes blurted out as the girls got more laid back around him.

"Thanks! Can we take pictures with you?" Nicole asked politely as Brooke blushed.

"Absolutely! Dee take pictures!" Wes didn't even ask before shooving the girls iPhone in my hands.

I took a picture with Wes kissing Brooke on the cheek. I took a picture with Wes kissing Nicole on the cheek. I took a few more of each girl with him and a few of them all together.

"So who is your favorite member?" Wesley winked.

The girls turned around and bent over revealing their short shorts. Like before Brooke's read Drew but Nicole's read Wesley airbrushed with a heart. Oh.

"That's Rad! So do you guys want to come to like next weeks show?" He dug in his pocket and got tickets out.

"Yes of course! Bye Wesley it was so amazing to meet you!" The girls hugged him goodbye and Nicole grabbed her phone off of me.

"That was so sick! To actually have people recognize you and know your music!" He jumped around like a happy puppy.

"Yup, that comes with fame. Don't let it get to you. They like your face, not who you are." I sneared and walked to my car and he walked to his.

He didn't even say goodbye to me. He just gave me this look like I stuck a sager through his heart. It killed me that I did that to him. He doesn't deserve that.

I turned around to say I was sorry but he was already gone, I got in my car and sat there alone. I cried for an hour until I realized it was time to be under the spotlight yet again.


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