FE: Fates x Reader [One-shots] ON HOLD by Ruruki-Chan
FE: Fates x Reader [One-shots] ON...by R U R U K I
[Fire Emblem Fates x Reader One shots] Status: writing requests. "The third person point of view is reading a life from a different body, yet sharing a same mindse...
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  • hoshido
  • fates
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Fire Emblem Fates || one-shots by Cinderanna
Fire Emblem Fates || one-shotsby ♡ her♡
Who is your favorite fire emblem fates character? which ones make you faint, or squeal with glee? Which ones make you wish you could actually Be married with them? Well...
  • camilla
  • anime
  • corrin
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Enchant by Im_jowie
Enchantby Jøanne
Highest rankings: #1 in NotSoPerfect #1 in Enchant Divergent... Different... Ordinary... This world is filled with magic, with magicians and with people who possess magi...
  • emblem
  • believe
  • celeste
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Camilla x Male Reader Fire Emblem Fates Lemon by Xtra_Plot
Camilla x Male Reader Fire Emblem...by Xtra_Plot
Camilla From Fire Emblem Fates Lemon story
  • fates
  • camilla
  • nohr
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Fervor Discourse (Male Robin x Reader) by MadcapRiflette
Fervor Discourse (Male Robin x Rea...by Riflette
Set on Super Smash Bros 4. With the Arrival of two new Fire Emblem characters, the mansion has been more lively. Meanwhile, a certain female is stuck on the memories of...
  • awakening
  • reader
  • fire
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[HIATUS] Bloody Heiress by AMhearts
[HIATUS] Bloody Heiressby Mina
(On-going//Tagalog-English) Genre: Action/ Romance/ Adventure/ Gangster Once named 'The Legendary Gangster Heiress' 'Queen Blood' a person feared by all and idolized by...
  • gangsters
  • queen
  • girl
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Fire Emblem | Book of Heroes by SalvagingSanity
Fire Emblem | Book of Heroesby Cyrena Damara
Book entirely made from one shots, lemons, Yanderes, and etc. All the characters belong to their rightful owners. All the stories belong to me. Requests are Open and we...
  • emblem
  • robin
  • subaki
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Not Just a Game (A Fire Emblem Adventure) by ocficgirl
Not Just a Game (A Fire Emblem Adv...by R
OC. Set in the world of Tellius, from the "Path of Radiance" and "Radiant Dawns" Fire Emblem games. Set before the events of "Path of Radiance...
  • adventure
  • pathofradiance
  • tellius
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Fire Emblem Book of Random: Back at it Again  by HumbleTomato
Fire Emblem Book of Random: Back a...by (っ◔◡◔)っ ♥ Humble ♥
The sequel to the Fire Emblem Fates Book of Random. In this book, Fire Emblem Heroes, Fire Emblem Echoes, Fire Emblem Warriors, and Fire Emblem 2018 will be covered. The...
  • fire
  • emblem
  • heroes
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Can Fate be so cruel? (Highschool DxD x Fire Emblem Fates) by BlueNacho4U
Can Fate be so cruel? (Highschool...by Nohrian Daddy
Crown Prince F/N of Nohr is given his first and toughest assignment ever: explore the outrealms and learn about the world outside of the war torn world he is used to. Bu...
  • highschool
  • devils
  • emblem
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Awakening (Fire Emblem Fanfic Male!Robin X Chrom) by KittyFlurry
Awakening (Fire Emblem Fanfic Male...by GLACIEN🔲🔳K177Y
This is just a short story, I'm bored and I can't sleep, it's like 1 A.M here. Anyways enjoy!
  • fire
  • chrom
  • feels
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Heart Bound - M!KamuZero Drabble by beesnot
Heart Bound - M!KamuZero Drabbleby This is How We Do ☆
Just a little semi-angst semi-smut M!KamuZero drabble I whipped up for a contest on IG ♡ It isn't too long, but I hope you enjoy! (Also... the smut part of if is more hu...
  • kamuzero
  • fates
  • fireemblemfates
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Prepare yourself (marth x Ike) yaoi by Firebird4171
Prepare yourself (marth x Ike) yaoiby Firebird4171
Ike wants to make a move on marth. This is a yaoi lemon. That means sexual content and (boy x boy). Enjoy.
  • super
  • dojinshi
  • ike
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Fire Emblem one shots by Kimfeychu
Fire Emblem one shotsby FumikaGAY Tokoyami
Self explanatory? I do FE Awakening And Fates. (Cover made by me)
  • fates
  • birthright
  • conquest
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Fire Emblem: One Shots (Closed) by savchiko
Fire Emblem: One Shots (Closed)by y,,yeah.
I'm not terribly good with one shots, but hey who cares! I really like Fire Emblem, but I've only played Awakening and Fates, so I'm only taking requests from those two...
  • conquest
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Random Oneshots/X readers (Requests closed) by Orchideon
Random Oneshots/X readers (Request...by Izzy
This is my book of random oneshots I will write! You can request a shipping,or a X reader I Will NOT write lemons,Or Yandere! characters. so there's that~ I Will mainly...
  • emblem
  • layton
  • megaman
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The Wanderer ( Fire Emblem Fates x Male!Reader ) by Psajchol
The Wanderer ( Fire Emblem Fates x...by Psajchol
Once in a castle lived a princess, Kamui. She met a young boy there and he quickly became her friend. At some point all contact with him just cut but at some point Kamui...
  • felicia
  • sakura
  • malereader
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Astral Genealogy [Pokémon Fanfiction] by SGmijumaru
Astral Genealogy [Pokémon Fanficti...by SGmijumaru
Faernia and Eris: two planets ruled by fairies and dragons respectively. In the ancient past, these two great civilizations were torn apart by a war that almost wiped o...
  • fanfiction
  • war
  • pokemonadventure
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