He Has My Vote. (A Wesley Stromberg/Emblem 3/Demi Lovato Fanfiction)

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"What's your name and ages?" Simon tapped his pen on the table in anticipation.

"I'm Wesley, and I'm 18."

"I'm Drew and I'm 19."

"I'm Keaton and I'm 15."

I barley heard the audience screaming behind me as my eyes shifted towards the boy in the middle.

This was the first time our eyes locked, his toned arms were exposed. His body was buff and his smile made me want to run up onto the stage and jump into his sunkissed arms.

"What's your groups name?" Simon questioned the boys.

"We are Emblem 3!" Again the crowd goes into it's wild antics.

"What are you guys singing?" I hated how many questions they were asking them, I just wanted to hear them sing to me already.

"We're doing an original song called Sunset Boulevard. Actually it's written by this guy right here!" I started to feel a strange feeling in my stomach as he smirked at me and pointed at Drew.

"What's it about?" This time I kicked Simon underneath the table, and I knew the pestering would stop.

"Uh well it's about California in general, Los Angeles to be exact." Britney gave them a confused look and I rolled my eyes at her.

"Are you sure you want to do an original song?" L.A. asked the boys in a caring manner.

"Positive." Wesley spoke.

The music started and they let out the most beautiful noises I have ever heard. I was fangirling so hard inside, I just wanted to touch them, preferably Wesley.

Simon took my pad and wrote me a note. I read his pointy handwriting and just laughed.

"Be professional Demi, you can't be messing with all my multi million dollar groups hearts." It read.

Simon was referring to One Direction. Niall Horan, the adorable blonde one and I used to be bestfriends. It just wasn't ment to be, us, relationship wise.

Everyone made a huge deal and speculation out of it saying I 'friendzoned' him. It wasn't that, we both agreed we wouldn't work out as a couple. It was just some innocent flirting and crushing.

Britney's annoying voice broke my train of thought as she commented to L.A. about her thought on the song.

"It's Awesome." She grinned.

I just shot her an evil glance, at least she didn't start this sentence with I feel. That drives me crazy. Everything out of Britney's mouth was I feel, I feel, I feel. Like okay I get it you feel.

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