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Zak Storm The Next Generation by Miraculouskisaragi
Zak Storm The Next Generationby Miraculous Yato Rose
Join brother and sister, Carson and Cadence Storm as they follow their father's footsteps and venture into the Bermuda Triangle. The battle against a group of seven elit...
  • deaf
  • nextgeneration
  • adhd
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Doing It My Way ✓ by TypicalTimes
Doing It My Way ✓by Chidzz💗
"Anyway, why would I be scared of Jessica? She's just another bimbo who thinks she's all that." I stated, but Hannah and Ava weren't listening. They were stari...
  • rich
  • mysterious
  • wattys2017
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Officially us (nba Ken love story) by Brazil_hunny
Officially us (nba Ken love story)by muthafucka
read if you know Ken💕
  • ken
  • love
  • cece
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I've Always Loved You -- New Girl (Ness) by classicreader26
I've Always Loved You -- New Girl...by classicreader26
Jess is a girl in her twenties who lives in an apartment with three guys , one of whom is her ex. Nick and Jess were in a relationship, but they thought they just didn't...
  • jessicaday
  • nickmiller
  • love
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Adopted By IISuperwomanII by 0_luxuria_2
Adopted By IISuperwomanIIby ria13
****************************** Meet Angelica Davenport. Her parents died when she was three years old, actually, they commited suicide on her third birthday. Her Grand...
  • claire
  • iisuperwomanii
  • new
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Everyday - JYRUS & BANDI by RyderImperial
Everyday - JYRUS & BANDIby Ryder
Cyrus Goodman, an openly gay person, develops a crush on the school's most straightest boy, Jonah Beck. Or so he thought? After his friend Buffy discovers something tha...
  • jonah
  • jyrus
  • cece
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Lab Rats-Shake it Up-Crossover by luke_is_a_child
Lab Rats-Shake it Up-Crossoverby :))
(Next Book=Lab Rats-Take Down) After being zapped by some mysterious type of light, Cece and Rocky find themselves in a sort of school-no.. Academy. How did they end up...
  • rocky
  • labrats
  • adam
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Dysfunctional [New Girl] by Not_So_True_Alpha
Dysfunctional [New Girl]by Kyra
Meeting your neighbors is normal, meeting your neighbors after they put a hole through your wall is a lot less normal. It was a weird start to a dysfunctional friendshi...
  • fanfiction
  • newgirl
  • schmidt
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Love Is... (On-going) by Mickalel
Love Is... (On-going)by Mickalel
"what is love for you?" "Love? Hmm...Love is someone who makes you laugh more and worry less." -Iane. "L-love i-is ..." bumuntong hininga...
  • blackpink
  • badass
  • cece
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Zak Storm: Super Pirate What If by Star_OfTheShow
Zak Storm: Super Pirate What Ifby Star
What if
  • skullivar
  • goldenbones
  • clovis
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Never Look Back (New Girl FanFiction) by OhPraiseJegus
Never Look Back (New Girl FanFicti...by OhPraiseJegus
Gretchen Madoline Marinov (more commonly known as Mads) lives in Apartment 4D with her friends Nick, Winston and Schmidt. When the rent falls short once again, they have...
  • winston
  • life
  • new
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O.H❙NEVER KNEW  ☞  NEW GIRL by lost_nirvana
O.H❙NEVER KNEW ☞ NEW GIRLby satans first born
  • winstonbishop
  • newgirl
  • cece
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friends till the end?? by Writer_dork
friends till the end??by nala
our favorite friendships and relationships can't stay together for long. or can they?
  • iris
  • ham
  • tj
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Harry styles kidnapped me?! (Watty Awards 2015 winner) by harystyleslover1234
Harry styles kidnapped me?! (Watty...by I love Harry
When Cece is invited to an exclusive party little did she know that Harry styles from one direction would be waiting for her.....
  • kidnap
  • styles
  • harry
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Pll preferences by coldglassofcola
Pll preferencesby coldglassofcola
Ever wanted to be with one of the pll hotties? Then read this!
  • caleb
  • nona
  • ezria
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Joandi or jandi sad love story by Bobandimack
Joandi or jandi sad love storyby Andi mack and miraculous lady...
Andi loves jonah.Jonah does not love Andi.Jonah loves Amber no matter how hard it gets Jonah said"i have to love Amber " Will anything change if Jonah realis...
  • jyrus
  • joandi
  • marty
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New Girl One-Shots by FedoraTheExplorer1
New Girl One-Shotsby Extra Salt
Requests are open!
  • jess
  • nickxjess
  • schmidt
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Who Am I? by Sellybelly411
Who Am I?by Olivia
On a mission in Chicago, Illinois K.C. Cooper is mistaken for teen dancer Rocky Blue, who has been missing for three years. As she learns more, she starts to question w...
  • jones
  • blue
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