Chapter 3: Admitted to Love

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I felt myself waking up with a smile on my face. Strong warm arms wrapped around my body tightly as someone's head rested in my shoulder. Suddenly my eyes shot wide open.

I turned around to see a sleeping Wesley in my bed. I grabbed a pillow and silently screamed into it, I ran my fingers through my hair.

"Get up!" I shook him vigorously.

"Hey...oh shit..." He got up and put his shoes on.

"Wait why are you still here? There's paparazzi out there every morning! God I'm gonna get fired, oh my god and you'll be disqualified! What are we going to..." I was cut off by his smooth gliding lips.

He pushed me back onto the bed and moved his lips over top of mine and nibbled at my lip.

"Relax. We'll be fine." He smirked as he turned me over and gave me a back massage.

"That feels really good." I got lost out of my frantic thoughts and behavior and just lay there.

"Demi I really like you okay, I would never want to hurt you or your career, but it would hurt me more to lose you than the competition." He spoke sincerely.

"Wes don't say deserve to win.....but I...I really like you too." I turned to face his perfectly chiselled cheekbones.

"Why thank you Miss Hollywood." He laughed that sexy laugh that sent me off an edge.

I got on him and leaned him back, his hands were on my butt as I kissed down his neck and left small but noticeable hickeys and lovebites.

"Wes did I ever tell you how much I love your laugh?" I questioned stupidly.

"Maybe just a few times." He winked and let it out yet again.

"God it turns me on." I accidentally slipped as an accomplished look smeared over his face.

"I should go, I mean unless you want to get a shower with me?" He pulled my body close to him swiftly.

"How are you so strong and muscular? Is it like humanly possible?" I giggled as I kissed him gentley on the lips.

"I work out." He picked me up bridal style and swung me around as my giggling got worse.

"About that shower......not going to happen. Not today." I winked teasingly.

"I know. I was just kidding. I want to take my time with you, your like a mystery to me. I never know what your going to say or do, it's so new to me. Your just not the basic California girl, your my everything." He kissed my forehead before leaving me alone in my room.

I hurried over to the window and watched Wes pull his hood way over his head and his head down as he walked out of my house and down the street to wherever he was going. I wanted to know, I wanted to go with him.

About three hours later as my makeup artist covered up the marks on my neck for the results show I flipped on the television. The show gossip point was on so I kinda of tuned out until I heard my name on the biggest show in the world.

"Popstar Demi Lovato seemed to be having a great time last night after reporters have caught her and a mystery man sneaking into her Hollywood apartment late last night. Lovato seemed to be drunk because the man carried her into the house. He did not leave until this morning, we know what that means. So we wonder who is this guy?" Pictures of Wesley appeared on the screen.

Luckily his face was covered in all of them. I sigh of relief spread across me, but I was so angry they were in my buisness like that. I had to stay away from Wesley this was to obvious to overlook.

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