Chapter 86

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Once the waiters have cleared away our meals, the voice booms over once again.

"It's time to announce the best dressed male and female" I watch the stage as Mrs Smith appears holding two cards in her hand. "Best dressed male goes to... Eric Wilson" You're probably wondering who that is right? Remember that nerdy guy in math class? Matt made him move to the back? That's Eric. I heard he's wearing his dad's wedding tux tonight. He steps up on stage to a wave of boo's and groans of disappointment. How can they do this to him? Embarrass him like that. He turns scarlet red beneath his long fringe and large, square glasses. I look around to see everyone either rolling their eyes, muttering to eachother or shaking their heads, shouting abuse. I can't let this happen. I stand up sharply, letting my chair scrape loudly along the floor. A few heads turn to me and I take a deep beath before I start clapping as loud as I can.

"Yes Eric!" I shout over the sounds of jealousy. I see him lift his head and squint to see who is supporting him. "Eric! Eric! Eric!" I chant. Matt immediately stands up next to me and joins in, followed by Avery, Jake, Matt and Emily. I smile at them as we continue to cheer for the timid boy in front of us.

"Okay, enough of that" Mrs Smith interjects, shutting us all up. "Best dressed female goes to. Capricorn Jones!" Capricorn goes up and smiles at the crowd.

"Thank you" She says into the microphone. Mrs Smith cuts her off and slightly pushes her off the stage. I guess we're running out of time. The music turns back onto a slow track and the lights go slightly dimmer in a shade of red.

"Beautiful" I hear Matt say in a seductive voice. I look straight at him and try not to laugh at his attempt to be sexy. "Can I have this dance?"

"I don't know, can you?" I smirk.

"Yeah, I can" He says standing up, holding his hand out to me. I place my hand in his and he helps me stand up. We dance and laugh until the voice yet again comes over the speaker.

"Ladies and Gentlemen. It's the time you've all been waiting for- time to announce king and queen" She says followed by a wave of cheers "But first we need to announce the princes and princesses"

"They actually do that here?" I whisper to myself. I thought that only happened in disney movies like princess protection programme and radio rebel. Yes, I watch those kinds of movies.

"Our second prince" I hear as I'm snapped away from reciting lines from disney movies in my head to real life. I look up at the stage to see Matt Stevens already stood on stage. Mrs Smith looks at the card and then to the side of the stage at the teacher's table. "Well due to a surge of voting, I guess this is allowed. Matthew Espinosa!" She calls. Matt looks at me confused and then stands up, kissing my cheek and then walking on stage. "And our first princess- Lily Carlson" If I'm completely honest with you, I've never seen this girl in my life. Maybe that's because I've never been to any football games or any other sporting events and Lily is the head cheerleader so I'm told by Avery. "Princess number two goes to... Skylar Potter!" I sit and wait for the next girl to go onstage. Wait, did she say Skylar Potter. That's my name. Crap.

"You're meant to get up you know" Jake laughs. I nod slowly and awkwardly stand up. I walk towards the stage and Matt holds his hand out for me to get up on the stage. I take it and step up.

"There's also some exciting news about this young lady here" I hear. "Sky is going on tour with Shawn Mendes in precisely 10 days" She adds, followed by a few cheers. Cheers for Shawn obviously. I smile as one of the prom comittee places a silver plastic tiara on my head. "Your prom king is the one and only, Jake Maloley!" Jake stands, kissing Avery in the process and makes his way towards us on the stage.

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