Chapter 21: I'm Back

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   You nervously opened the backdoor and was greeted by an empty kitchen. Hm, still the same, you thought. You walked out of the kitchen into the hallway.

  "WHAT ON EARTH?" You shouted.

  The rest of the mansion was a mess. You saw Finny, Mey-Rin, Bard, and Takana peek from the corner of the hallway.

  "(F/n)!" They shouted happily.

    You smiled and ran to them.

   "Welcome back!" They greeted you.

   "I missed you guys!" You replied.

      You stepped back and stepped on a piece of glass. You remembered.

   "What happened here?!" You questioned.

(Lol that mood change)

  "We were cleaning and then..." Bard trailed off.

    You all heard someone walk in. You turned around to see Sebastian.  Oh boy, you thought.

  "S-Sebastian." The servants said nervously.

   He had an annoyed face. You slowly took a step backwards.

   "Fix this place up now!" He shouted.

   "Yes sir!" They all replied in unison.

  You began to laugh from the scene in front of you.

   Sebastian smiled and motioned you to follow. You trailed behind Sebastian.

  "Shall we go greet young master?" He asked peering over his shoulder.

   "Yes sir!" You shouted while saluting him.

   You looked up to see Sebastian trying not to laugh. You started to blush.

  "I-I was trying to..." You started to say but then was interrupted by Sebastian.

  Pfftt. "Hahaa!" He started to laugh.

   You blushed harder from his smile.

   "My kitten is the cutest. " He chuckled.

   He pecked you on the cheek. You blushed and pushed his face away.

   "Stupid demon." You muttered.

  Sebastian chuckled and you both continued to walk to Young Master's office. Finally, you arrived at the office. Sebastian knocked on the door and motioned you to follow.

    You walked in and saw Young Master sitting at his desk.

    "It's about time you lovers showed up!" He said slightly annoyed.

     You blushed when you heard him say "lovers". How did he figure out? You thought.

   "U-uh, w-we I-um." You stuttered trying to explain. 

  You turned to Sebastian and saw him covering his mouth trying not to laugh.

   "I shall give you my blessing." Young Master said in a solemn voice.

    "Thank you." You replied.

   After Sebastian gave his thanks, you both left the office.

  Sebastian quickly grabbed you and pinned your hands against the wall.

   "N-not here." You said annoyed and flustered at the same time.

    "Why not?" He said in a sly voice.

   Before you could argue he smashed his lips against yours.

   You pulled away and looked at the ground while blushing.

     "S-stupid demon." You stammered.

     Come kitten let's go. " He said while grabbing your hand.

   Were officially a couple,  you thought.

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