Chapter 22: What?

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You walked down the hallway with Sebastian. You wondered why Young Master was annoyed. You looked at the floor lost in thought.
  "Maybe he needs a little cheering up!" You shouted out of nowhere.
   Sebastian turned around confused. Then he smirked, "Why I can use some cheering up."
    His face inched towards you and you stuck your hand on top of his lips, causing him to stop.
   "Not you!" You said.
    "If not me then who?" He said while moving your hand from his mouth.
   "Young Master!" You shouted as if the answer was obvious.
   "I think I know a fine young lady who could help with that." He chuckled.
   Your face lit up, "Who is that?"
   "Young Master's fiancé of course." He said.
    You stopped walking.
   "HE HAS A FIANCÉ?" You shouted.
    You placed your hand in your forehead trying to sort out what was going on.
    "Well Young Master is a noble." He sighed.
    "But he's thirteen!" You said arguing.
    "It is what it is kitten." He sighed.
   Well I guess I cannot do much about it, you thought. Well, this is Young Master's fiancee, she must be a very stunning lady, you thought.
    You woke up from your thoughts and found Sebastian face inches away from yours. Before you could argue he gave you a peck on the cheek.
    "Stupid demon." You muttered.
Sebastian chuckled and continued walking. You trailed behind him.
   "So, this fiancé of Young Master's... What's her name?" You asked.
   "Elizabeth Ethel Cordelia Midford." He said.
   "Well her name is quite stunning." You said.
   "She is quite a stunning lady." He chuckled.
   "Well then Young Master might be very fond of her then," you said, "Is there a way for her to come here?"
     "Well, she is coming for a surprise visit today." Sebastian said.
     "Great! Then maybe Young Master will feel a little better!" You said.
    "Very much." Sebastian said trying not to laugh.
     "Wait if it's a surprise visit how do you know that she is visiting Young Master today?" You questioned.
   "Why kitten, I know everything." He said.
  "Oh really?" You said placing your hands on your hips.
   "Of course." Sebastian said confidently.
   "My kitten wants kiss." He smirked.
    "What? No!" You shouted. 
  With that you ran down the hallway with Sebastian chasing behind you.

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