Chapter 23: Cute and Pink

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You stepped inside the kitchen to start your chores. You saw Bard standing front of some meat. Suddenly you saw a bomb stick in his hands.
"BARD WAIT!" You shouted while runing towards him.
But it was to late, you fell backward, the meat was burned and you were covered in ash along with Bard, who had an afro.
Suddenly Mey-Rin walked in and slipped on some water that spilled in the ground and landed on top of the meat.
"Oh dear." She said.
Just then Pluto bursted into the kitchen through the back door in his human form and ran to you, who was still on the floor. Finny ran in moments later screaming, "PLUTO COME BACK!"
"WAIT FINNY!" You shouted.
Before he could stop, he tripped on top of Mey-Rin and fell on top of her.
Pluto started to bark and skwirm around in you lap (still in human form).
Just then Sebastian walked in with a confused face.
Here comes the stupid demon, you thought.
"Seriously guys, what is going on here?" He said slightly annoyed.
Pluto began to bark and Sebastian gave him a sharp look. He whined and ran off.
"Finny get off of Mey-Rin and all if you clean this place up." He said.
"YES SIR!" They all chimed.
"Really you guys." He mumbled with a small smile.
You giggled. Sebastian then gestured his hand out to you and smiled. You smiled back and grabbed it.
"I really wonder how you do it?" You asked.
"Why kitten, I can do anything." He said slyly and winked.
You blushed, "Stupid demon."
"How cute!" Funny said in awe.
"Yes! You two make a cute couple!" Mey-Rin sqwelled.
"I remember those days when I fell in love with a fine madein." Bard added.
"Wait you all knew?" You asked flustered.
"Of course, you both were so obvious." Bard said.
"W-well tha-that because-," you were cut off by a noise in the front of the manor.
"Seems like she has arrived." Sebastian chuckled.
"Who?" You asked confused.
"Be ready to greet the guest have arrived be ready to greet them." He ordered.
"O-okay." You replied.
You quickly washed you hands, cleaned off your apron, and stood by the front door.
I wonder who's the guest?" You thought.
Just then the doors opened and and a small girl appeared.
She was dressed in a pink frilly dress, curly blonde hair with a bow in it.
"How cute!" She said cutely and ran to you and grabbed your hands.
"My name is Elizabeth, but call me Lizzie! Lizzie is cute!" She said.
It all clicked, this was Young Master's fiancee. You were mind blown.
This little cupcake is Young Master's fiancee? Well, they do look cute together, you thought.
"Hey let's be friends!" She exclaimed while tugging your hand.
"I'd love to." You replied.
"Let's go get some cute clothes from town together, okay?" She said.
"But what about Young Master? Don't you want to see him?" You asked.
"Sebastian said that he was a little busy right now! Let's go shop and I will visit him when we are done!" She explained.
"Well I guess I'll come." You said.
"Then let's go!" She said laughing while pulling you out the door.
"I'll be back." You whispered to Sebastian when you past him.
He quickly pecked you on the cheek.
"Come back quick." He whispered back into your ears.
You turned pink. And walked out the door. Lizzie turned around and saw your pink face.
"Did something happen?" She asked.

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