Fighting First Love

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First love is an amazing thing.

Most people find their first loves in high school, as did Lylah. She believes in her heart that her boyfriend is her one and only, her first love. They've been together for two years and are in their last year of high school with a bright future ahead. There are no secrets between them, which is why Lylah knows, though she may be his current love, she is not his first. That position belongs to a girl from his past, but not someone she has to worry about because he has moved on with her and he couldn't be happier.

So what happens to her perfect little world when a new student transfers to their school? A new student who happens to be a blast from her boyfriends past.

His first love.

Choices are made, hearts are broken, and new feelings are awakened.

Who will walk off hand in hand with Lylah to their happy ever after?

Her first love, or a new love...
ugh I've read this book like three times and I can never get enough!!! #teamcalebforever
What's up with "Plop".... the hell is "Plop"..... The "plop" is going on..... Oh "plop".
Omg same, all my friends are getting their hearts broken and like now days you can never trust if someone loves you or not and like it's better to prevent than to cure or whatever the saying is haha but the point is love has no happy ending. Never.
Omg first story I'm reading on wattpad that has triplets. Everything is all about twins and shït
Love seems stupid to me. I don't mean the 'love your parents' love. I mean the 'I'm so in love with you' love. I hope I NEVER experience love like that because it's just gonna break my heart in the end.  I'm not very enthusiastic about love as you can see.
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