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Twisted love


Glancing at my alarm, the big red letters told me it is 7am which means I have an hour and a half before I have to leave for school. I got out of my bed and walked towards the bathroom, I brushed my teeth and striped off all of my clothes and walked into the hot shower.

Ten minutes later I was finished. I walked back into my bedroom and opened up my wardrobe. I got a black crop top, a pair of black and white shorts, black vans and a black and white obey hat.

I straightened my long dark brown hair and applied some mascara and eyeliner to my brown eyes.I grab my bad and run downstairs to make some toast. I sat down at the table and as I ate I couldn't help but think about my mum.

"I wish she was here, I miss her so much, it's hard being eighteen and living in a big house all by myself. Not to brag but my house is very large, it has twelve large bedrooms and has a bathroom for each room, two living areas and a kitchen and dining area, it also has a underground cinema and swimming pool with a hotub and gym. "This is far too much room for one person" I spoke aloud to myself, like most normal people do. Please note my sarcasm.

My mum got killed by an enemy back called 'The Fireball Pack' when I was fifteen, and my dad is always in the main pack house so I'm always alone.

I finished my breakfast, grab my car keys and my purse and walked out the door. As I was locking the door, I heard shouting coming from down the street, I turned around and saw two boys from my pack. Luke and Sawyer were shouting at each other and they looked like they were about to attack each other so I ran down to them.

"What the hell is going on!" I shouted at them as I stepped in between them.

"Nothing, its fine Mia." Luke said as he stepped away from Sawyer.

"Doesn't look fine you idiots, you both could have shifted any second, your wolves were easily taking over. Think before you act you idiots" I pointed my finger laughing. "But hey, on a more serious note do either of you need a lift to school?" I smiled innocently at them.

"Yeah I do, Lukes got his own car." Sawyer said quickly.

"Fine then, let's go, see you at school Luke." I waved at him and made my way to my white Range Rover Sport and jumped in the driver's seat as Sawyer got in the passenger seat.

"I love this car!" laughing at himself he clapped his hands together.

"Yeah, it is amazing." I replied

We were silent the whole drive to school until we reached the car park.

"I can't believe we're in senior year now one year and it will be over!" I couldn't stop the excitement in my voice.

"I know, but this year better go fast. It would be awesome if you spent it at the pack house, and you would be safer."

"That house is too small for a pack, there's only 7 bedrooms." I followed him towards the school.

" Whatever Mia, I got to go to my locker now. I will see you at lunch." He give me a quick hug and walked away.

I walked to my locker, the hallways were crowded. I put in my combination and got my books out of my bag and put them into my locker. Someone jumped on my back, I turned around to see my best friend Adriana, she has natural brown hair with carmel highlights and brown eyes.

"Where have you been? I have been waiting for ages." She gives me a hug and opens her locker.

"I caught Luke and Sawyer fighting so I had to stop them, then I give Sawyer a lift here." I smiled slightly, she doesnt know about me being a werewolf, but I have known Adriana since I was 12 years old so I have been waiting for the right time to tell her.

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My Mate Is Dangerous


Victoria Justiceas Mia Spence/Petrova
Brant Daughertyas Damon Gilmore
Nina Dobrevas Adriana Pierce
Matt Bomeras Henry Baker
Henry Cavillas David Spence/Petrova
Matt Lanteras Sawyer Grey
Chace Crawfordas Luke Grey
Enrique Iglesiasas Clayton Spence/Petrova
Beyonce Knowlesas Alison Spence/Petrova
Ian Somerhalderas Mason Houston
Lucy Haleas Syenna Houston

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