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Book 1, 2 & 3 of This Would Be Paradise are now available for sale! Amazon: Also available online at Barnes&Noble, Apple iTunes, Kobo and Inktera (All links are on my website). -------------------------------------- "Whenever I look back on the best days of my life, I think I saw them all on T.V." -Time Won't Let Me Go, The Bravery -------------------------------------- Who am I? Just another wannabe writer trying to find their spot in the world. I am a Skyrim and Left 4 Dead 2 addict with no desire to recover. For the few days out of the year it's nice out, I enjoy driving around at my leisure in my Jeep with the top off (as in the roof, not my shirt perverts :P). -------------------------------------- Please *respect* my wishes: -No read requests -No follow for follow requests -And absolutely NO advertising your work(s) on my profile or stories (this is BEYOND rude and against Wattpad policy) -No translations --------------------------------------- All of my works are © copyrighted ©. If you find any parts of them reproduced or plagiarized somewhere else, please let me know! "Taking something from one man and making it worse is plagiarism."- George A. Moore --------------------------------------- Thank you to all who read/voted/commented/followed. You guys rock! *** Help spread the "like" on Facebook: P.S. I am terrible with social media. Goodreads: Subscribe to my mailing list to be the first to hear about new releases and discounts:
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WRITING TIPS: More: COVER TIPS: Sorry, I don't take read requests. ___________ Hi! I'm Jen, a writer, geek + fangirl. When I'm not writing, I love binge-watching my favourite shows on Netflix, eating pizza, + going to cons. QUEENS OF GEEK is about three BFFs who go to a con in search of fandom, and end up finding love. It's being published by Swoon Reads/Macmillan in March 2017. Pre-order it here: IMAGINES: Celebrity Encounters Starring You is out APRIL 26th, 2016! My story is a fanfic about J.Law called BEST. NIGHT. EVER. Available here: ECHO OF THE WITCH is a YA Paranormal Romance story of magick, courage and sisterhood. Get it now: THE EVA SERIES is a YA series about kick-ass women, zombies, friendship and survival. With 3 million+ reads online, it's been a hit with readers all over the world + is now a BESTSELLER! GET THE EVA SERIES: Amazon: iBooks: Barnes & Noble: Kobo: Google Play: ___________ FIND ME: Snapchat/Periscope: jenmariewilde Twitter: Instagram: Facebook: Blog: SwoonReads: YouTube: Tumblr:
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Hi :) I've been writing since I was a little kid - I still have a copy of my first story, written when I was 6 and called Mickey and the Paint! As an adult, I often struggle to finish writing what I have started and haven't had the nerve to let anyone read what I write. When I found this site, it seemed the perfect way to start finding out if what I write is actually any good! I've really enjoyed writing again and since joining Wattpad have become a Mum so whilst my updates can be sporadic at times, it's only because I'm hideously yet wonderfully busy with my son and my new career as a childminder and never because I've given up on writing. If you like what I write then please stick around, there will always be more to come! Favourite author: Terry Pratchett Favourite genres: anything fiction/fantasy/supernatural, vampires, zombies, witches, werewolves etc. I also like a good crime thriller. Favourite music: ROCK!!! Favourite things in general: my little boy (my world), writing (of course!), walking my dog, reading, music, singing, drawing - I'm a creative kind of gal ;)
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Welcome to my little corner of the universe. I started writing as a way to deal with some of the pain and sadness in my life. I needed to get it out. Then I found wattpad and started to read your stories and it inspired me. I believe that our words are powerful and our stories can live forever. Thank you guys for sharing your stories with the world and inspiring me to do the same. Feel free to leave comments, or just say hello. I read them all and love hearing from you... Jack btw...i <3 A7X, BFMV, BVB, 3DG, ETF PIERCE THE VEIL!!! Interview: 08/25/12
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*A Wattpad featured author* *Proud member of the Wattpadres* ( formerly the Wattpad Class of 2014 @WPC2014 ) ---------------------------------------- Highest rankings: ZOEY - #1 in Horror MERRY - #14 Horror THE TWELVE STARS - #16 in Science Fiction ---------------------------------------- Welcome to my corner of the Wattiverse! I have always enjoyed writing, creating short stories and comics from an early age, but never considered it anything more than a hobby - a hobby that was forced to contend with all my other interests. Reading, drawing, airbrushing, music, video games, all seemed to come first. Until one day... Perhaps it was the birth of my first daughter that re-awakened my imagination, but since then, ideas have been piling up, eager to find their way onto the page. I write mostly Horror and Science Fiction, but I love to read anything, as long as it's original and gripping. Thanks for stopping by :) If you like my work, check out the rest of the Wattpadres - all of them are wonderful writers. @JayVictor @SarahBensonBooks @TEJJohnson @MoonZephyr @BrittanieCharmintine @JessicaBFry @_Ahna_ @Linna1029 @Monrosey @FarahOomerbhoy @amberkbryant Some other random facts about me: I'm 31, married, and have two young daughters - one is a question machine-gun; the other is a tornado in a dress. I'm also an artist. Check out my stuff here: I have a PhD in Chemistry. I whistle all the time. On high rotation at the moment are the Skyrim theme, Pirates of the Caribbean, and most of the songs from Les Miserables. NOTE: I don't automatically follow back, or do read-for-reads / vote-for-votes. While I would love to be able to take read and critique requests, I'm way behind on my existing reading list, and simply can't add anything new at the moment.
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"The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing." ~ Walt Disney That's a quote I found while thinking of how to start this bio. I'm about as good at writing about myself as I am at socializing. But I didn't come here to insult myself, so let's just jump in shall we? My name is Ross :D (No I was not named after the character from friends) At least I don't think I was... Wait... I'm a 19 year old uni student! My biggest dream is to become a published author. ------------------------------------------------------------------- Some useless facts about me: • I have 5 favorite colors, I think it would be mean to pick one and alienate the others :/ • I like animals more than I like people. • My music taste ranges from pop to screamo. • A gypsie told me that I'm going to die when I'm 28, so that gives me 9 years to become a published author! • Game of Thrones, Dexter, The Walking Dead, Doctor Who and Parks and Rec are my favorite tv shows. ------------------------------------------------------------------- {Life is a distraction that keeps me from dreaming} I want to move to Canada and live in a shack in the woods where I can do nothing but write everyday. If you've bothered to read this far I hope I've made this bio somewhat interesting for you! And if you check out my stories I hope you enjoy them! Feel free to pm me, we can have awesome chats about awesome things. Twitter: Facebook: Mailing List:
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I hate writing about me's. They force me into a position of really examining myself, and that's not my style. I would much rather remove myself from reality by engaging in a good story, an amazing poem, or a wonderful song. I love reading and writing and, although I have the reading down to a science, I'm still trying to work on the writing part. And that's where I'm counting on you to come in. "Dun da da da" curtain opens and hopefully a lot of comments and advice comes strolling in. I hope you guys like what I've written and, if you do, I hope you tell me, because from what I've read so far on Wattpad, it's an honor for you to even have opened my page. So thanks, and my fingers are crossed!
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I'm a young author and love writing stories from scfi to romance so I hope you enjoy! Little bit about my self... I'm the oldest of 5, I love creating music and story's as a hobby, currently doing A levels: Bio, music and music tech. My spellings not the best I warn you but I try my best!
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David Moody grew up on a diet of trashy horror and pulp science fiction. He worked as a bank manager before giving up the day job to write about the end of the world for a living. He has written a number of horror novels, including AUTUMN, which has been downloaded more than half a million times since publication in 2001 and spawned a series of sequels and a movie starring Dexter Fletcher and David Carradine. Film rights to HATER were snapped up by Guillermo del Toro (Hellboy, Pan's Labyrinth) and Mark Johnson (producer of the Chronicles of Narnia films). Moody lives with his wife and a houseful of daughters and stepdaughters, which may explain his pre-occupation with Armageddon. Read about the HATER books here: Read about the AUTUMN books here: Read more about TRUST here: and read about everything else here: I wrote a UK-based story for Wattpad to promote the 5th Wave movie. You can read it here:
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Samantha Hoffman is a twenty-two year old author who has always had a passion for both reading and writing. She writes in her spare time (she has quite a bit of that), and when she isn’t writing her own books, she’s reading the books of others. She currently has eleven ebooks available through Smashwords and Barnes and Noble. Her favorite genre to write is paranormal romance, but she also likes to dabble in fantasy and horror. She loves werewolves, vampires, zombies, and anything supernatural. Her favorite author is Tamora Pierce, but she also loves Darren Shan and J.K. Rowling.