втs ωαℓℓραρєяs ✿ by snoowy_
Adopt me || Vkook || by vkook-trash
Adopt me || Vkook || by litty, litt- sike Fanfiction
In which Kim Taehyung adopts a child named Jeon Jungkook. ∽ Vkook, Yoonmin, Namjin ∽
【Fighter 》Taekook】 by GLOWYGUK
【Fighter 》Taekook】 by 【JESSY】 Fanfiction
+ kim taehyung is your not so average omega, and alpha jeon jeongguk, can't seem to find his mate {lowercase intended} ©GLOWYGUK
 ❝BOYS ONLINE❞ ⚣ t.guk by 95TAEJIN
❝BOYS ONLINE❞ ⚣ t.guk by ˗ˏˋstream dnaˎˊ˗ Fanfiction
♡instagram au♡ highest rank #107 ©95TAEJIN
Helplessly // yoonmin by mvp-yoongi
Helplessly // yoonmin by Elle 💖 Fanfiction
in which yoongi is a famous underground rapper and jimin is his number one fanboy. instagram au. ++ line art by art--min.tumblr.com
Acute Case ~ YoonMin (BTS fanfiction) by buzzbees
Acute Case ~ YoonMin (BTS fanficti... by Ash Fanfiction
"You're so silly, Daddy!" "Wait, what did you call me?" Started: 20/05/17 (20th May) Finished: --/--/-- #214 - 25/09/2017
Insta || 📷 Y.min by -Jihooniee
Insta || 📷 Y.min by Alin ❣ Fanfiction
"Jimin you might be the lucky someone, i have been looking for..." #358 in Fanfiction~ highest so far
Dangerous | j.jk + k.th by ajarfullofkookies
Dangerous | j.jk + k.th by skippy is amazing Fanfiction
❝Let go of me!❞ ❝You know that's not gonna happen.❞ Jungkook is a ruthless criminal. Taehyung just wanted to have a normal day, but getting kidnapped certainly wasn't hi...
[BTSxJimin] Fluffy Baby by FluffyChiminie
[BTSxJimin] Fluffy Baby by Saint Jimshe Fanfiction
"Be little for us if you want to get out of here, baby." What else? Jimin x Everyone, Yo Started: 07/17/17 Ended: - [Current Highest Ranking in Fanfiction; #1...
Instwin || Taekook by -ungii-
Instwin || Taekook by -`태시´- Fanfiction
In which Jungkook is a famous YouTuber, using Instagram for the first time. Taehyung being a mourning and lonely boy who isn't over his ex-boyfriend. ______ #632 in FAN...
teach   m e - YoonMin  by yoongisdicc
Mi Conejo Tierno🐰 (Jeon Jungkook y Tu) BTS by SilvinaMin19
Mi Conejo Tierno🐰 (Jeon Jungkook... by Sun Hee Fanfiction
-Él es un chico medio tímido , tierno y protector tiene a 6 amigos los cuales son inseparables -Ella es una chica muy tímida , infantil y adorable quien solo vivía po...
Symphony of Beauty | m.yg + p.jm by Yoongay-G-U-STD
Symphony of Beauty | m.yg + p.jm by yoonminist Fanfiction
The story of our love is almost like a melancholic spring melody dancing around the keys of white and black. Except more beautiful. [yoonmin] JUNE 2017
Instagram || Y.M by -gummymochi
Instagram || Y.M by ♡ Random
(Mon, May 1, 2017)
instagram | k.th + j.jk by taekookdidthat
instagram | k.th + j.jk by lily Fanfiction
where jeon jeongguk, a youtuber, and kim taehyung, a model, meet on instagram. {started 26.05.17} {completed --}
Agent S by pumpkinofmyeye
Agent S by JINius I Am Fanfiction
♠Many people knew him, but only a few knew who he really was.♠ -Yoongi was just doing his job, but he's now pissed off to the core and his patience was wearing off. -J...
foreign ; yoonmin by LUVLYJINWOO
foreign ; yoonmin by ¡sara! Fanfiction
❝if you're from the states then how can you speak fluent korean?❞ ❝bitch, do i look like i'm white?❞ © luvlyjinwoo ; all rights reserved
idolize | y.m by -jinsdadjokes
idolize | y.m by illegirl Fanfiction
|| WAS 'Instagram << Yoonmin' || Jimin runs a fan account for his favorite rappers Min Yoongi, Suga and sometimes Agust D. But what happens if one day he gets noti...
Straps | yoonmin by taescum
Straps | yoonmin by ☆ V's DNA ☆ Fanfiction
"I'm gonna strap you up and fuck you princess." "Okay Daddy." Yoonmin Fanfiction © Copyright Claim ® All rights reserved
Missing Him {sequel to DM's} by cloudy_jin
Missing Him {sequel to DM's} by ꒰⑅•ᴗ•⑅꒱ Fanfiction
park_jiminie: bogoshipda Min Yoongi |sequel to DM's|