HOW TO TREAT A GIRL. by ☽ Fanfiction
+Since Yoongi's not able to get himself a girlfriend, his kind flatmate, Jimin, offers to help him+ +completed : 160917+
We Meet Again ( vkook/kookv ) by mlpparty
We Meet Again ( vkook/kookv ) by KookiesWithTae Fanfiction
" So, we meet again, Kim Taehyung " " I was hoping we wouldn't " " I guess your not very lucky then...
Truth Or Dare ~ YoonMin (BTS fanfiction) by buzzbees
Truth Or Dare ~ YoonMin (BTS fanfi... by Ash Fanfiction
When the members decide their Jimin is too innocent and put Yoongi and Jimin in an intense game or Truth or Dare. WARNING: Smut Fluff Boy x Boy Top!Yoongi Bottom!Jimin S...
Hashtag Yoonmin Is Real by pumpkinofmyeye
Hashtag Yoonmin Is Real by JINius I Am Fanfiction
What if the whole world starts crazily shipping yoonmin because of that one little thing idiot Park Jimin did in an interview of BTS? Or, maybe it was Yoongi's fault. He...
duality by yoonmining
duality by saba™ Fanfiction
"Oh..so that's why it's called a crush." ©yoonmining A yoonmin fanfiction
"You're Mine" ー yoonmin ⚣ by taesthestic
"You're Mine" ー yoonmin ⚣ by mochi man Fanfiction
"The night I saw you, you were perfect and I knew you had to be mine." top!jimin bottom!yoongi ©taesthestic
Funny How It Works by pumpkinofmyeye
Funny How It Works by JINius I Am Fanfiction
Park Jimin had never met anyone as obnoxious and jerk as one Min Yoongi. Yes, Jimin might just be a simple waiter. And yes, Min Yoongi might be a rich Department Head...
RIVALS ↻ YOONMIN by jjskth
RIVALS ↻ YOONMIN by — j Fanfiction
christianchimchim: hey I have another bet let's see who can get a girlfriend first ;) © JJSKTH 2017 COMPLETED.
21 Days With Him?! (YoonMin) by BangtanBurger
21 Days With Him?! (YoonMin) by Wнαlιeɴ Fanfiction
Fanfiction Yoongi was forced to go on a vacation with Jimin's family to Florida. "THREE WEEKS?!" #887 In Fanfiction 25/02/17
online。 yoonmin  by whaelien
online。 yoonmin by $ Fanfiction
☾in which an orange haired boy falls in love with his mint haired friend.☽ © whaelien 2016 #103 in fanfiction-06.19.16 started-05.14.16 completed-06.26.16
All Mine  (vkook) by PotatoesAndJams
All Mine (vkook) by kookiesandcream Fanfiction
What happens when the bad boy falls for his bestfriend's baby brother?💘 vkook~
ᴅᴀᴅᴅʏ | Yoonmin by -unoriginal-
ᴅᴀᴅᴅʏ | Yoonmin by ♬ Fanfiction
• Where Park Jimin accidentally outs himself as a little to his new roommate Min Yoongi • Started: September 24, 2017 Ended: #8 in Fanfiction
Oops, Wrong Letter | YoonMin (Slow Updates) by MyungJiBaek
Oops, Wrong Letter | YoonMin (Slow... by 👑윤민👑 Fanfiction
Jimin was dared by his bestfriend to prank his crush using a letter that Taehyung wrote but what happens if he slips a love letter instead of the prank letter to his cru...
Agent S by pumpkinofmyeye
Agent S by JINius I Am Fanfiction
♠Many people knew him, but only a few knew who he really was.♠ -Yoongi was just doing his job, but he's now pissed off to the core and his patience was wearing off. -J...
Forbidden (Yoonmin) by Aesthetic_BTS_Trash
Forbidden (Yoonmin) by You're excused Fanfiction
~Yoonmin Teacher x Student "Age is just a number." I WILL TRY TO UPDATE WHENEVER IM FREE
ROLLIE ☁ YOONMIN | COMPLETED by josh peck Fanfiction
"will you buy me that rolex, yoongi?" "im your pretend boyfriend, not your sugar daddy, jimin." #100 IN FANFICTION 112117 #107 IN FANFICTION 111017 #...
teach   m e - YoonMin  by yoongisdicc
dangerous | j.jk + k.th by ajarfullofkookies
dangerous | j.jk + k.th by matching w/ skippy Fanfiction
❝Let go of me!❞ ❝You know that's not gonna happen.❞ Jungkook is a ruthless criminal. Taehyung just wanted to have a normal day, but getting kidnapped certainly wasn't hi...
【Fighter 》Taekook】 by -chocohyung
【Fighter 》Taekook】 by ⁕❀Jessy❀⁕ Fanfiction
+ Kim Taehyung is your not so average omega, and alpha Jeon Jeongguk, can't seem to find his mate ©-chocohyung
Hybrid by May_Lee27
Hybrid by Pastel lover 💕 Fanfiction
Kim Taehyung adopts a cute cat hybrid named Jeon Jungkook Top! Tae Bottom! Kookie ❌ Do not plagiarize ❌ © To the memes, gifs, and photos