My Girlfriend Is A Racer  (COMPLETED) by Iheartjoanna
My Girlfriend Is A Racer (COMPLET... by YenOh
Sa unang tingin di mo aakalain na magling syang humawak ng manibella, addict din sa race per0 paan0 kaya makukuha ang pus0 niya kung gan0n na lamang sya kahirap lapitan...
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AKEMI-TANTEI HIGH  by erryljoy
  • wattpad
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The Jock and the Loser by Talia_Brandeis
The Jock and the Loser by Mags
Not all stories begin with love at first sight. Maddie has always grown up being picked on. She never wore the latest clothes, was dubbed the "nerd" of her s...
  • romance
  • loser
  • fiction
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Moon Goddess Book 2 (Will I Learn To Ever Love) by Awesomesaucejasy
Moon Goddess Book 2 (Will I Learn... by Jasmina
Hope is a hybrid of Witch and Werewolf, she was born this way. Her parents left her at the age of 13. The pack abused her, along with the Alpha, Beta and Third in Comman...
  • vampire
  • alpha
  • luna
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The Girl I Cheated On by Abhilasha_Sinha
The Girl I Cheated On by Abhilasha Sinha
She was crying her heart out. She was screaming and begging for me to come back. She loved me. More than anybody in her life. More than anybody can ever love. But I just...
  • onesided
  • forever
  • romance
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Do You Remember Me?//Jungkook     by _sarang_tae_
Do You Remember Me?//Jungkook by Timara
Jungkook x Reader fanfic: You and Jungkook where great friends before he became an idol, and you've lost touch over the years. But when you meet Bts in person, will Jung...
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MERI BHABHI (MY SISTER-IN-LAW) under editing by Bushrafaheem2018
MERI BHABHI (MY SISTER-IN-LAW) und... by bushra faheem
UNIQUE RELATION OF BHABI [SISTER-IN-LAW] AND DEVAR [BROTHER-IN-LAW] How laksh(devar) go against the society for the rights of ragini his widow bhabi. There will be a lot...
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Little Leopard Boy! by JamesRift
Little Leopard Boy! by Sleepy
What it's like to be a leopard boy. Slave to the meanest king in the world and be abused by the princess that forces to you into love affairs. Will the war free you or k...
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What You Didn't Know  by andyforzizi307
What You Didn't Know by Andy Zeeh
You may think you know a person only to find out you have known nothing at all. Four best friends who pretty much grew up together thought they knew everything about eac...
  • beach-house
  • vampire
  • hate
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I'm The Badboy's Girlfriend(#Wattys2017) by Chaichaniee
I'm The Badboy's Girlfriend(#Watty... by ☆elabmayselp☆
The gangster with amazing story,can you believe that the man who never been to have a serious relationship can caught an attention to the girl?Yeah,he's not yet playboy...
  • wattys2014beginnersluck
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Silent Love by taryngower
Silent Love by Mack Gower
"Every time you're near him he smiles, his whole face lights up, and he is constantly worried about you. When you screamed when we first met these people he yelled...
  • slivko
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Enoch X reader  by abiruthxoxo
Enoch X reader by abiruthxoxo
(Based on the movie, also Olive doesn't have a crush on Enoch she's just good friends with him) Y/N has always been different but when she meets Miss Peregrine, things...
  • missperegrine
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Rucas (Pregnancy story) by brooke5373
Rucas (Pregnancy story) by Brookie Cookie
Riley and Lucas start dating, but that may come with some consequences. Don't forget to leave a comment on names.
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(His Σx) Feitan x Reader {Phantom Troupe}  by Harley874Quinn
(His Σx) Feitan x Reader {Phantom... by xxxHarleyxxxQuinnxxx
In the beginning, you were just another innocent, another person, another girl, but when you meet him it's like everything that made you, you changed in a way. He's defi...
  • hxh2011
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Strings In Between by marshmallowbea
Strings In Between by Beng-Beng
Malayo,imposible at di mapang-abot. Yan ang mga salitang tamang itawag/description sa amin. Kumbaga ako ang Hilaga at sya ang Timog. Ako ang araw at sya ang gabi. Ako an...
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Secretly married to my childhood teacher(On-going) by vkes1997
Secretly married to my childhood t... by Cuitteeepink
Hi! Hope you like my story don't forget to vote and comment that give more energy to wrote a story 😍😍😍
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The Naughty Sang'gre by WinnieLennLee
The Naughty Sang'gre by winnielennlee
Kwento eto tungkol sa isang prinsesa "sang'gre" na itinakas ng kanyang inang reyna patungo sa mundo ng mga tao dahil sa nakaambang panganib dito. Mula sa mund...
  • wattys2014beginnersluck
The day all except one came back (nalu) by yvuvucuccuvuvuv
The day all except one came back (... by yvuvucuccuvuvuv
Fairy tail fanfiction This is my first book thingy so don't expect any thing perfect to come out of this I don't own anything besides the plot of this story fairy tail...
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Flares | Peter Parker by unfortunatelyal
Flares | Peter Parker by alisha
"You're that spider-kid!" I exclaimed, clutching my heavy Jansport backpack to my chest. My eyes had nearly bugged out of my head. I was just "rescued&quo...
  • relatable
  • highschool
  • tomholland
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The Rogue (On Hold) by M0randa
The Rogue (On Hold) by Moe
Ivy became a rogue after being kicked out of her pack. She thought that her life couldn't get any worse, but it does. Her life takes a turn for the better and for the wo...
  • werewolves
  • alpha
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