My Girlfriend Is A Racer  (COMPLETED) by Iheartjoanna
My Girlfriend Is A Racer (COMPLET...by YenOh
Sa unang tingin di mo aakalain na magling syang humawak ng manibella, addict din sa race per0 paan0 kaya makukuha ang pus0 niya kung gan0n na lamang sya kahirap lapitan...
  • humor
  • lydon
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The Girl I Cheated On by Abhilasha_Sinha
The Girl I Cheated Onby Abhilasha Sinha
She was crying her heart out. She was screaming and begging for me to come back. She loved me. More than anybody in her life. More than anybody can ever love. But I just...
  • depression
  • love
  • hate
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The Adventures Of The Fat Girl by The_only_Emma
The Adventures Of The Fat Girlby Emma
#wattys2017 Being the new girl, sucks. Being the new girl,PLUS BEING FLUFFY. Sucks even more. I moved here because of my bullying problems. My life, as you can guesse...
  • comdy
  • badboyfatgirl
  • romantic
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The Jock and the Loser by Talia_Brandeis
The Jock and the Loserby Mags
Not all stories begin with love at first sight. Maddie has always grown up being picked on. She never wore the latest clothes, was dubbed the "nerd" of her s...
  • school
  • littlebrother
  • romance
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Adrenaline ✔️ by waffleSquats
Adrenaline ✔️by Aiyana🌻
"Listen to me kiddo! Your getting on that horse and your GOING to race!" "No," Holly growled trough gritted teeth. "Well then, I'll just sell th...
  • wattys2014beginnersluck
  • horses
  • orphan
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THE PAST | √ by arainade_
THE PAST | √by Araina Yash
her: I had a family. A happy one. I was happy, mamma was happy, papa was happy until... that thing happened. The thing that wrecked us, wrecked me. It took away my every...
  • billionaire
  • voyage
  • beast
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Vitani's Story by InfiniteWolfz
Vitani's Storyby InfinteWolfz
"No! Daddy!" I watched in horror as she dragged me away from it all. My rainy blue eyes were coated in tears as I watched everything I've ever known shatter r...
  • simba
  • animals
  • stories
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The Wounds That Never Heal by PheonixSalvatore
The Wounds That Never Healby PheonixSalvatore
I could breathe. I could breathe in the crispy frozen air biting at my skin. I could feel. I could feel the hours of pain I endured. I could see. I could see nothing but...
  • fear
  • wattyawards
  • pain
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MERI BHABHI (MY SISTER-IN-LAW) under editing by Bushrafaheem2018
MERI BHABHI (MY SISTER-IN-LAW) und...by bushra faheem
UNIQUE RELATION OF BHABI [SISTER-IN-LAW] AND DEVAR [BROTHER-IN-LAW] How laksh(devar) go against the society for the rights of ragini his widow bhabi. There will be a lot...
  • wattyawards
  • sister-in-law
  • ragini
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Living with an endless love (Slow Update) by Suganess_infires
Living with an endless love (Slow...by peachxaxivill
"Matinong babae, mahirap ligawan. Ang tunay na lalaki marunong maghintay" Is that true well kung ganon let's go further with our ...
  • opinions
  • friendfiction
  • wattyshort13
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Silent Love by taryngower
Silent Loveby Mack Gower
"Every time you're near him he smiles, his whole face lights up, and he is constantly worried about you. When you screamed when we first met these people he yelled...
  • royalawards
  • kong
  • conrad
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Secretly married to my childhood teacher(On-going) by vkes1997
Secretly married to my childhood t...by B.cuutieee
Hi! Hope you like my story don't forget to vote and comment that give more energy to wrote a story 😍😍😍
  • boyxgirl
  • book
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Strings In Between by marshmallowbea
Strings In Betweenby Beng-Beng
Malayo,imposible at di mapang-abot. Yan ang mga salitang tamang itawag/description sa amin. Kumbaga ako ang Hilaga at sya ang Timog. Ako ang araw at sya ang gabi. Ako an...
  • yuinayasui
  • love
  • stringsinbetween
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Dream Yet Reality: Virgin by RiyokoSumara
Dream Yet Reality: Virginby A. J. PosNer
"I don't know what the definition of love can really fit into. I consider my love for both my friends and family equal... Its just they don't understand. " W...
  • wattys2014shortstory
  • onedirection
  • wattys2014fanfiction
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The Assassin Professor by Raven-Snape
The Assassin Professorby Kimberly Hier
What if Professor Umbridge didn't even become a teacher at Hogwarts? What if it was an Assassin instead? read this story and find out. ***ALL THE HARRY POTTER CHARAC...
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A Fairy Tail by Kitten18jl
A Fairy Tailby Jade Lyons
Once upon a time... An angel and a devil fell in love. It was said she was more beautiful than Venus, the goddess of beauty, with long warm brown hair adorned with...
  • romance
  • wattys2014beginnersluck
  • greekmythology
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I Was Sent to Kill Her by DrugInfluencd
I Was Sent to Kill Herby The Werewolf Profile
Test Subject D-290. Better known as Dalton. A genetically engineered human-wolf hybrid, the first successful experiment from fifty seven years of work from the infamous...
  • murder
  • human
  • love
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The Bet {E.D.} *slow updates* by xxsweetxxcakexx
The Bet {E.D.} *slow updates*by TeenageDirtbag
"Honestly, I don't understand why you can't leave me alone. I've made my decision. I don't want you anymore, I don't want you Ethan!" Sammy yelled, tears formi...
  • wars
  • wattys2014beginnersluck
  • ethandolan
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August Alsina daughter (remake) by chantayaa
August Alsina daughter (remake)by Precious Monique
Aniyah sees her lifeless mom in the bed and her mom finally wish to say to daughter Is August Alsina is your dad and if he don't believe u tell him remember that girl L...
  • wattys2017
  • august
  • wattys2014beginnersluck
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Yona of the dawn (reader x ??) by jessicalovesfanfic
Yona of the dawn (reader x ??)by jessicalovesfanfic
You are ivy,you are nothing special...well in your eyes you aren't,you can make plants willingly grow at your command,you live in a tree deep into the forest.What happen...
  • yonaofthedawn
  • kija
  • hak
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