Adopted// d.w (BOOK ONE) by sorryweekes
Adopted// d.w (BOOK ONE) by idk
{COMPLETED} If you are reading this, then it means that you are really stupid to read this. I am kidding (maybe, maybe not). I am Pheonix and this is my story about how...
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  • weekes
  • danpawlowich
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The Noah Bradford Project by mimi4life19
The Noah Bradford Project by Mimi M.
Previously Known As : Project: Turning Noah Bradford Into A Bad Boy He walked through the school's door looking emotionless as ever. He had no heart. He didn't care. He...
  • book-one
  • franciscolachowski
  • consequences
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The Dom's Wife (Triology)(2016) by Miss-Mysterious1
The Dom's Wife (Triology)(2016) by Miss-Mysterious1
Chris and Jana are now happily married with two children, but what happens when the past tries to haunt them? Will they stay together through it?
  • nay
  • triology
  • chris
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Avatar: The Legend Of Miraculous [Book One: Water]  by MIRACULOUSNESS
Avatar: The Legend Of Miraculous [... by 🖇
[HIGHEST RANKING: #6] Water. Earth. Fire. Air. Long ago, the four nations lived together in harmony. But then everything changed when the fire nation attacked. Only the...
  • chatnoir
  • ladybug
  • water
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Fifty Shades Of You And Me (✔) by carcrash15
Fifty Shades Of You And Me (✔) by Rheema Sarkar
The story will go on like the story of Fifty Shades Of Grey by changing the characters by putting Prabhas in the place of Christian Grey and Anushka Shetty in the place...
  • romance
  • love
  • prabhas
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Grip III by wolfsavyproduct
Grip III by asshole
Wolfsavy Copyrights © works #4 Cover by @Colorful-me THE KIDS ARE BACK Simba , Valerie, Kingdom , Keem , Chay Chay , Kay Kay also with the new additions to the famil...
  • urban
  • love
  • justineskye
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The Chronicles of the Eagle Bloodline by krialke
The Chronicles of the Eagle Bloodl... by Krialke
In another reality, during the Golden Time of the kingdom of Endelos, a young prince is finally introduced. His name is Christopher Noirland and this is his story. Raise...
  • book-like
  • kingdoms
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More Of You And Me by carcrash15
More Of You And Me by Rheema Sarkar
It is the second part of my story 'Fifty Shades Of You And Me' a Pranushka Fanfiction based on the story 'Fifty Shades Darker ' with little changes in the story. It is a...
  • pranushka
  • anushkashetty
  • prabhas
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The Evil Within...(Trioligy #1) (Byun Baekhyun FF Ambw) by Jungkook4life2000
The Evil Within...(Trioligy #1) (B... by Jungkook4life2000
A person who bears a mark, which automatically determines her fate... A person who cannqot walk on holy ground, without feeling immense pain due to the pureness it provi...
  • war
  • exo
  • abomination
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Grey Skies (Fifty Shades Trilogy fanfiction) (on hold) by Daisy-N
Grey Skies (Fifty Shades Trilogy f... by Daisy Nielson
*You don't have to have read the Fifty Shades books to read this!* Avery Rose is a university student with medical bills and student loans through the roof. She's strug...
  • trilogy
  • theodore
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The Chronicles of the Moon and the Sun - reunion • moonsun by milkydaze
The Chronicles of the Moon and the... by !! mk !!
book 3 of CoMS- i was right, solar. i'm with you. but this isn't really what i expected..
  • gay
  • moonbyul
  • moonsun
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Additional One-Shots by UnchainedHeart
Additional One-Shots by Kat
Just a collection of one-shots, both requested and spur of the moment, involving characters from my fanfictions. If you like the stories, check this out and see if you c...
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  • kabutoxoc
  • kakashixoc
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Fearless [Naruto] by UnchainedHeart
Fearless [Naruto] by Kat
From the beginning, their fates were intertwined. No matter how long they fought, no matter how hard they struggled, it was inevitable that in the end, they would have t...
  • babies
  • kabutoxoc
  • triology
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King of the fall by xtargaryenxairesx
King of the fall by reahlyaXo
A futureistic weeknd story about love lust war drugs and abel
  • theweeknd
  • abel
  • weekndfanfiction
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One With the Flames by jayfirel13
One With the Flames by JzzyWrites
"The Solar Flare...." Seraphia murmured. "An amulet, right?" "Yes. This amulet lets the holder access the powers of fire and mind manipulation...
  • mindcontrol
  • journey
  • allthatfancyshmancystuff
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The Girl Who Hated Her Step Brother ( COMING SOON ) by mimi4life19
The Girl Who Hated Her Step Brothe... by Mimi M.
He grabs my bare thighs and pulls me so my legs are wrapped around his waist. My body pressed against his, his forehead against mine, and his hands gripping my thighs ma...
  • teenromance
  • triology
  • chicklit
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Battle of the Bands | Rachel's Journey Book 1 | Original Story | by Shadowclawer
Battle of the Bands | Rachel's Jou... by BTS_Shadow
I was just a little girl with dreams of becoming a singer. Meet 6 girls who have their heart set on music. Once the annual Battle of the bands competition rolls around...
  • dancing
  • singing
  • storytelling
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