Adopted// d.w (BOOK ONE) by sorryweekes
Adopted// d.w (BOOK ONE)by idk
{COMPLETED} If you are reading this, then it means that you are really stupid to read this. I am kidding (maybe, maybe not). I am Pheonix and this is my story about how...
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[Eddsworld] Love Triangle [Tord X Reader X Tom] {#WATTYS 2017} by _-SA-GE-_
[Eddsworld] Love Triangle [Tord 🌌Swimming in the space, sipp...
ΠΟΤ ΤΗΣ ΒΞSΤ, SΟΜΞΤΙΜΞS ΤΗΣ ΜΟSΤ ΣΑGΞR WΙΠS... [Love Triangle|Triology] Best Rank: #330 in Romance
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here | c. evans [slow updates] | 02 by -onyourleft
here | c. evans [slow updates] | 02by ❝melanin princess❞
au :: christopher learns some new lessons of life when bumping into a bountiful soul and their lives change forever. ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━ boom two of the TRAGEDY trilogy. [...
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❝ ACHILLES ❞ㅤᴘᴏᴇ ᴅᴀᴍᴇʀᴏɴ by BENSOLOVEVO
❝ ACHILLES ❞ㅤᴘᴏᴇ ᴅᴀᴍᴇʀᴏɴby ✿ A L I S H A ✿
❝ and that was the tragic downfall of the resistance pilot poe dameron ❞ ㅤ© 2018 BENSOLOVEVO [ alisha ]
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BTS Kidnapped! by user06371384
BTS Kidnapped!by LadyMidnight
Kpop fans and the world at large are thrown into turmoil when the rising global sensation BTS, Bangtan Sonyeondan are kidnapped in the dead of night. As the world reels...
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Additional One-Shots by UnchainedHeart
Additional One-Shotsby Kat
Just a collection of one-shots, both requested and spur of the moment, involving characters from my fanfictions. If you like the stories, check this out and see if you c...
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Fearless [Naruto] by UnchainedHeart
Fearless [Naruto]by Kat
From the beginning, their fates were intertwined. No matter how long they fought, no matter how hard they struggled, it was inevitable that in the end, they would have t...
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The Noah Bradford Project by mimi4life19
The Noah Bradford Projectby Mimi M.
Previously Known As : Project: Turning Noah Bradford Into A Bad Boy He walked through the school's door looking emotionless as ever. He had no heart. He didn't care. He...
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Grey Skies (Fifty Shades Trilogy fanfiction) (on hold) by Daisy-N
Grey Skies (Fifty Shades Trilogy Daisy Nielson
*You don't have to have read the Fifty Shades books to read this!* Avery Rose is a university student with medical bills and student loans through the roof. She's strug...
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The Chronicles of the Eagle Bloodline by krialke
The Chronicles of the Eagle Krialke
In another reality, during the Golden Time of the kingdom of Endelos, a young prince is finally introduced. His name is Christopher Noirland and this is his story. Raise...
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Broken Love (Book 3 Of Started as a dare series) by Shipping_Trash23
Broken Love (Book 3 Of Started Shipping_Trash23. Where sinni...
'I love you, Abby.' Abby, what about us? 'We are a case of Broken Love.' After two years, Jon woke up. The doctors were wrong, he remembered everything. The one who di...
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Death in Idris (Alec/Magnus, Mortal Instruments) by misadventures
Death in Idris (Alec/Magnus, Phoenix Rose
"Calm down, Alec. Breathe, just breathe," Magnus whispered, running his hands slowly up and down the boy's back. Alec felt himself coming unraveled..." Ta...
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Feelings! [Tom Riddle Fanfiction] by ArabellaLowe
Feelings! [Tom Riddle Fanfiction]by ArabellaLowe
"Look at that handwriting" he tsked. I ignored him like I did for all the Slytherins. My Quill's point breaks Thanks to my Anger. "Here let me help you&qu...
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Echo by falloutmadcat
Echoby falloutmadcat
Pete wakes up in a city. A city with no people. A city that is slowly being enveloped by a mysterious black smoke. With no one around him, trapped in his own mind what w...
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Logan's Kiss of 'Life' by Wolvie_Girl16
Logan's Kiss of 'Life'by Wolvie_Girl
This Fan-fiction is usually Based On the very famous X-men Trilogy (Jean-Logan-Scott) basically based on Jean-Scott's married life, & Logan's entry in Jean's life.. th...
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Opposite ~Elijah Mikaelson~ by LapisPrincessLibby
Opposite ~Elijah Mikaelson~by Libby Hughes
Libby Ziems was a human turned vampire. After an intense battle with herself, her true self and a doppelganger, she died. Born again human, she fell for her true love's...
  • vampire
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rebuilding us. ━ shattered series.  by BEAUTYOMG
rebuilding us. ━ shattered series. by babygirl.
"i feel weak, we've been here before. cause i feel we keep going back and forth, maybe it's over, maybe we're through. ━ maybe we can start over, give love another...
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