Rampage ✔ by UntilWeCollide
Rampage ✔by Melissa
All Quinn Casey wants is a fresh start. She thinks that's what she gets when she moves to small city Crestfield, but she couldn't be more wrong. New friends, boys (as in...
  • prom
  • love
  • cupcake
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Six (Prologue through Chapter 3) by HilaryStorm
Six (Prologue through Chapter 3)by Hilary Storm
HOT MC Stand Alone *****Warning***** Not intended for those 18 years or younger or people sensitive to violence, strong language, or graphic sexual situations. ...
  • six
  • storm
  • risingstar
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babysitting the mafias son [COMPLETE] by magali14g
babysitting the mafias son [ magali14g
anna, a woman that has a mother that wants her to get a job, which she dose in that day. what is that job? babysitting a baby, but no ordinary baby but a mafias baby, s...
  • mafia
  • baby
  • man
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Dominant Biker (#1Dominant Series) by Becca4u2c
Dominant Biker (#1Dominant Series)by Becca
Before Lily's mother Sarah passed away, she​ confessed​ to Lily that her biological father is Jack Douglas the president of the strongest biker mc and she ran from him...
  • obsessed
  • love
  • biker
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Club Tattoo by crazy_sub1
Club Tattooby Jessica
**I wish you would have came home with me. Oh the things I could do to you.** I decide that instead of telling him I'm a virgin I'll just play hard to get. **What kind...
  • drama
  • tattoos
  • romance
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The Gang Leader  by lollifestyle
The Gang Leader by Don’t Start
"You want proof fine" Xavier said standing up from his chair and grab my throat and pulled it up. I grab his hand and he kiss my neck roughly making me moan pa...
  • tattoos
  • coldhearted
  • dominant
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His Hidden Luna  by toxic_girl2002
His Hidden Luna by I'm amazing
Maddy Smith, a 17 year old lone wolf Her mom and dad are dead as they were killed by another pack when she was only 10 years old which made her go into foster care But...
  • alchohal
  • gangs
  • drugs
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Prince Charmink (Wattys 2017) by Devilsmom
Prince Charmink (Wattys 2017)by Pearl Mae
Lilah James has never had any troubles with getting into a club, even though she was not 'of age' yet. Still, no bodyguard ever demanded to see her ID. That all seemed t...
  • school
  • happynewyears
  • nerd
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Cheering on the Badboy by amandalee14
Cheering on the Badboyby amandalee14
I watched her out of the corner of my eye. As the cheer team threw her in the air revealing more of her long luscious legs. As she landed in the arms of the girls I got...
  • chicklit
  • kitten
  • cinn
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Mr Grumpy by Im_Just_That_Awkward
Mr Grumpyby Gigi Lachowski
Somehow I managed to get myself lost in 3 minutes. I mean I know I don't have good concentration but its pretty impossible to get lost that quick you know? Well not for...
  • funny
  • wattys2016
  • teen
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My Babygirl Chloe  by YoFavEdrica
My Babygirl Chloe by Papi Dri👅
"When I seen her I just knew she was the ONE" -Xander Moretti King Chloe Banks That's all everyone talks about. Her looks, her status, and the way s...
  • wattpad
  • romance
  • maturity
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Finding Ali ✔️ (#1~Stone Knight's MC) SAMPLE by Meganfall
Finding Ali ✔️ (#1~Stone Knight' Meganfall
**COMPLETED**HIGHEST RANKING #1 ~ 10/6/17** Read this book for free on Inkitt! This book is unpublished from Wattpad and only samp...
  • romance
  • motorcycles
  • biker
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Us? Together? by EmoPunkQueen23
Us? Together?by Hiatus_Bunny
He was hot; standing at about 6'3, lean, wide strong shoulders, definitely had a eight pack, and biceps that flexed with his every movement. His beautiful blue eyes made...
  • betrayal
  • wattys2017
  • badasses
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Tattoo Heartist by iiLoveydoveii
Tattoo Heartistby A N G E L
Ingrid Rodríguez A 20 year old girl who knows almost to nothing of the outside world. Her strict parents made her see what they wanted her to see. They wanted her away...
  • secrets
  • tattoos
  • shy
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The Tattoo Affair || [Ambw] by itsxmimi
The Tattoo Affair || [Ambw]by itsxmimi
Shantel Brinks is married to Richard Brinks. Shortly after marrying, he became a complete asshole to her and treats her like shit. One day she ends up getting inked by S...
  • love
  • romance
  • angst
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Hell's Angel by eluna7757
Hell's Angelby Estrella Luna
Olivia Rodriquez was no ordinary girl. The daughter of a motorcycle club founder she was expected to devote her life to the club, unfortunately she had other plans that...
  • biker
  • jasonmomoa
  • motorcyle
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Unmarked by rain_bows123
Unmarkedby Belle☽
"I told you I'd find you." --- Jade lives in a world where everyone has a tattoo identical to their soulmates. Everyone has one...except for her, A cri...
  • girl
  • mate
  • love
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New family  by Tyler1920
New family by Tyler1920
Edward is a 17 year old girl who after many years of living with her mom she's forced to live with her father who abandoned her before she was even born. She must find a...
  • stepsiblings
  • rich
  • futa
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The Girl With Tattoos • Main Story by Roche24816
The Girl With Tattoos • Main Storyby • Jules •
A past she told no one. A present she hates. A future she doesn't want to think about. But she does know that it involves death; a death she's looking forward to. ...
  • romance
  • alone
  • golden-boy
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Loving Misty ✔️ (#3~Stone Knight's MC) SAMPLE by Meganfall
Loving Misty ✔️ (#3~Stone Knight' Meganfall
**COMPLETED**HIGHEST RANKING #2 ~ 10/19/17** Read this book for free on Inkitt! This book is unpublished from Wattpad and only sam...
  • motorcycle
  • alpha
  • protection
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