How About Now (A Martin Garrix Fanfic) by DatAussieDJ
How About Now (A Martin Garrix ↠silver III trash↞
Its that time of year where all party goers suit up for the biggest clubs and festivals for the summer, and 19 year old Victoria Reynolds just so happens to be one of th...
  • afrojack
  • porterrobinson
  • steveaoki
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Dj Imagines (requests closed) by Earldagurl
Dj Imagines (requests closed)by Earl Jonnor
COVER MADE BY THE AMAZING TEARDROPS23! This is going to be a book full of EDM imagines! Already written imagines : Shit load of different djs from Julian Jordan to Danni...
  • zedd
  • tiesto
  • imagines
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KUMPULAN LIRIK LAGU BARAT (1) by coffe_redvelvet
  • shawnmendes
  • jonasblue
  • justinbieber
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All is fair in love. (Skrillex) by sonnyalien
All is fair in love. (Skrillex)by sonnyalien
Ally Forbes takes the spot to a photographer of a world famous produer and a DJ Skrillex. They fall for each other soon enough, but there is always someone or something...
  • love
  • romantic
  • dubstep
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The Travel by SamukaTapedOut
The Travelby LEUMAS
The Travel é uma história que atravessa séculos, e que conta uma forma histórica, romântica, e emocionante de Lauren Jauregui e Camila Cabello, não vou contar muito, lei...
  • vero
  • skrillex
  • adventure
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Glow Forever 2 (Sonny Moore/Skrillex X Reader) by _dark_sky_x
Glow Forever 2 (Sonny Moore/ Dark Sky
PLEASE NOTE: This is the sequel to Glow Forever so please read that first if you haven't already, thanks. It still makes you think every night, how did a girl like you e...
  • xreader
  • skrillex
  • sonnymoore
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When I Met You: a Diplo Fanfiction by Diplosbae
When I Met You: a Diplo Fanfictionby Diplosbae
Kyla was just a young girl when she began idolizing DJs such as Diplo and Skrillex. One day, out of nowhere, she gets a call from Diplo, and before you know it, she's to...
  • fanfiction
  • edm
  • wesley
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Marshmello x Taylor by GreyRoses654
Marshmello x Taylorby Kaycee Rose
Taylor is a high school girl with her own problems but when she hears EDM it changes her life! She listens to a youtuber who creates these songs. She tries everything to...
  • marshmello
  • skrillex
  • music
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My Mentor, Sonny Moore (Skrillex Fanfic)  DISCONTINUED by _lost_and_confused__
My Mentor, Sonny Moore (Skrillex Aria Parker
Ashley Monroe, A popular texas DJ gets an un-expected trip to california for an EDM Festival. Guess who she meets? My second story! Yay! Please dont steal! thx! ~Night W...
  • skrillex
  • moore
  • ashley
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💖 ZODIACO DJ 💖 by glaurasofia
Aca vas a ver lo que te podria pasar en el futuro segun tu signoZodiaco
  • martingarrix
  • skrillex
  • alanwalker
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Alone {Marshmello y tú} by -marshmello
Alone {Marshmello y tú}by Marshmello girl
Chris Comstock, alías Marshmello, es rechazado por toda la escuela. Lo clasifican como alguien raro por llevar la característica máscara que lo representa. No tiene amig...
  • mello
  • marsh
  • amor
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Fifty Shades of Moore (Skrillex xxx fanfic) by xxSkrillestxx
Fifty Shades of Moore (Skrillex Skrillestxx
A very innocent girl named Angel finds herself with a man that looks familiar to her but she doesn't know what he is gonna do with her Warning: IF YOU ARE YOUNGER THE...
  • music
  • edm
  • shades
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I Never Knew (Skrillex X Deadmau5. Skrillmau5 lemon) by SunriseTheAuthor
I Never Knew (Skrillex X sunrise cat
after sonny and wesleys break up, sonny turns to his best friend joel for comfort, but with sonny crushing on him so hard how long will he be able to last before breakin...
  • sonnymoore
  • dubstep
  • deadmau5
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EDM FANS ONLY! by isometricbeings
EDM FANS ONLY!by g r a c e ☪
➳ FIRST EDM BOOK ON WATTPAD ➳ #1 IN EDM in this book, i'll be updating you all on all things EDM! enjoy! -gracelyn
  • garrix
  • skrillex
  • robinson
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Bangarang {Sonny Moore/Skrillex} by QueenZ14
Bangarang {Sonny Moore/Skrillex}by Nicola Jack J. ➳
Meet Sophie, a seventeen year old girl that's never been looked at twice and is the social outcast of the world. She's been fine with it, ever since she started Middle...
  • sonny
  • fanfic
  • skrillex
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It's So Sonny Out (Skrillex FanFiction) by Voyager221141
It's So Sonny Out (Skrillex Georgia Brown
"She, the awkward, shy and clumsy 18 year old British girl, had wound up in LA, on her way to dinner with a world-class DJ." Oh, how life can throw these thing...
  • edm
  • sonny
  • skrillex
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Random Fandom Stuff by QueenOfQuirks
Random Fandom Stuffby The Queen 👑
⚠️BE WARNED: may contain spoilers and swearing. And definitely absolute fandom nonsense.
  • nekoatsume
  • spongebob
  • randomfandom
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First Time for Everything {Skrillex} by angelicpeachess
First Time for Everything { ?finlee?
Quinn had a pretty boring life before her best friend managed to get two tickets to a Skrillex concert. She goes, has fun, and goes back home. On her eighteenth birthday...
  • skrillex
  • owsla
  • fanfiction
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I Hate Myself For Loving You:A Skrillex Imagine by CrazyVampeteforever
I Hate Myself For Loving You:A Fallen Angel
Sonny and Daniella. Two eternal enemies that were never meant to be friends. What will happen when Sonny will uncover the way that he feels about her?
  • skrillex
  • dj
  • fanfic
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Sonny's Cute Moments  by skrillex_ismydaddy
Sonny's Cute Moments by skrillex_ismydaddy
Cute moments of the king of EDM himself.
  • moore
  • skrillex
  • sonny