Dedicated To You (BoyxBoy) by NyColeThomas
Dedicated To You (BoyxBoy) by Nyck Werewolf
What would you do if you were mated to a vampire. Impossible right? Or so you thought. But what if they were male? Where does that leave a freak like me? Will there be a...
How About Now (A Martin Garrix Fanfic) by DatAussieDJ
How About Now (A Martin Garrix Fan... by ↠ boop ↞ Fanfiction
Its that time of year where all party goers suit up for the biggest clubs and festivals for the summer, and 19 year old Victoria Reynolds just so happens to be one of th...
Smile by user70768715
Smile by Barbora Latislavová Teen Fiction
Příběh o 14ti-leté dívce jménem Barbora (ego up), které bude unesena psychopatem, a ten ji u sebe ve sklepě bude věznit půl roku. Po půl roce se Barboře podaří utéct do...
MAU5 by xABXDx
MAU5 by ---- Fanfiction
ABXD finished her last song from her album 'electrolight' when she stepped off the stage. she spent ovr half an hour trying to stop the audience from heckling. she walke...
Skrillex y Elisa  by ElisaSkrillera09
Skrillex y Elisa by Elisa Exiliada Fanfiction
Solo espero que te guste la historia
KUMPULAN LIRIK LAGU BARAT by oliviaabadiah06
KUMPULAN LIRIK LAGU BARAT by Olivia Abadiah Random
Dj Imagines (requests closed) by Earldagurl
Dj Imagines (requests closed) by Earl Jonnor Fanfiction
COVER MADE BY THE AMAZING TEARDROPS23! This is going to be a book full of EDM imagines! Already written imagines : Shit load of different djs from Julian Jordan to Danni...
Joker's Chatroom by whyharley
Joker's Chatroom by Fear My Weirdness Random
Joker makes a chatroom. It gets hacked by many superheroes and two gods. Joker marry's harley. Loki falls for poison ivy. Thor's obsession for Poptarts grows strongly. D...
Family Reunion [A Skrillex Fanfiction] by pinkius
Family Reunion [A Skrillex Fanfict... by kate Fanfiction
Julie is a 16 years old girl which likes shopping, texting and all those girly things. One day her parents told her she is going to a large family reunion in countryside...
Bad Romance (Suicide Squad) by _Ziggy-Stardust_
Bad Romance (Suicide Squad) by ☆Marley☆ Fanfiction
◇I want your horror, I want your design Cause you're a criminal As long as you're mine◇ ...
With You (Skrillex) by superkids
With You (Skrillex) by Coraline Fanfiction
Baylee had plenty of encounters with Sonny Moore before his career blew up. They were falling for each other but he was whisked away by work. Will she fit into his new l...
Behind the Fake Smile *completed* by MouldyBanana
Behind the Fake Smile *completed* by Saarah Teen Fiction
Joanne Alker, lives the life that every teenager lives. Mundane and routine in every way, she finds that the only thing that brings adventure to her life is the same thi...
From A to Zedd by deadpuppySkrill
From A to Zedd by deadpuppySkrill Fanfiction
14 year old Amber Frené has been living on the streets for over a year. She ran away from home after the abuse became too much and has got by with small amounts of money...
EDM Imagines  by AAAhockey
EDM Imagines by AAAhockey Fanfiction
A book filled of DJs Imagines
LA CANTANTE by LuisaFernandaCastae5
LA CANTANTE by luisa -,- Adventure
Se trata de una adolecente que quiere ser cantante,dj,actriz cuando termine sus estudios pero su ''madre'' no quiere que se famosa quiere que sea abogada pero ella no s...
Letras de electrónica 2.0! by LITTLEGarrixJordan
Letras de electrónica 2.0! by Hard Vibez (Niki) Non-Fiction
Esta es la segunda parte de mi primer libro de letras y traducción de canciones de electrónica! Aquí todos los géneros disponibles. Recomiéndame canciones y te las dedi...
I Hate Myself For Loving You:A Skrillex Imagine by CrazyVampeteforever
I Hate Myself For Loving You:A Skr... by Fallen Angel Fanfiction
Skylar Clarks And Sonny Moore...Two persons who hate each other. What happens when Skrillex used to be your old classmate in High School? Will they keep hating each othe...
My idol is my classmate [Skrillex fanfiction][COMPLETED] by SmoshMilena
My idol is my classmate [Skrillex... by milena Fanfiction
I've been a Skrillex fan for over 8 years. He's been my biggest idol ever since. Ian and Anthony have been supporting me every time. I've never been to his concert. Unti...
Cuando Se apagan las luces by skinpurple
Cuando Se apagan las luces by skinpurple Fanfiction
Siempre quise conocer a Skrillex y a muchos otros artistas, pasamos un rato juntos, lo que paso después de unas copas de mas nos dejamos llevar.... punto de vista en...
Beat (Zedd / Anton Zaslavski fanfiction) by itgoeswithdaflow
Beat (Zedd / Anton Zaslavski fanfi... by al Fanfiction
Kaylnn is one of the famous new electronic music producer, she is Ellie Goulding and Sonny Moore best friend, and she is an aspiring musician who had a beautiful voice...