FAITH (Martin Garrix) by PierceWithKellic
FAITH (Martin Garrix)by Erika Anestedt
"Hi." The outlines of the words that he's forming with his lips that I can't hear but I so clearly see when he waves a little makes my cheeks heat up, I'm sure...
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Alan Walker my Hero  by Mayflower5492
Alan Walker my Hero by Maya Rayich
Clara Andrews is 19 years old. After her boyfriend cheated on her, she cut her veins for the first time.After that her brother sends her to Bergen,Norway,to live with he...
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Next to Me by lonelyypotato
Next to Meby 🤙🏼
Sasuke Uchiha is a normal college student. He is popular with the girls, has decent grades, a good amount of friends, a loving family, and loves soccer. One day, he gets...
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FAKE HAPPY (Martin Garrix) by PierceWithKellic
FAKE HAPPY (Martin Garrix)by Erika Anestedt
Sequel to FAITH He asked me if it would be too much to ask for and I said no, I said I would gladly do it. Why? Because truth is no matter what I want him to be happy, I...
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Rebel: A Monstercat Fanfic by DragonSwirl
Rebel: A Monstercat Fanficby DragonSwirl
Phantoms and Monsters; those are all who fight. Those are all who rebel. North America is at war with music - especially EDM. The MI has threatened to imprison or even...
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Martin Garrix Imagines by garrixlicious
Martin Garrix Imaginesby stealingyourpizza
(Currently editing) Some imagines and short stories about Martin Garrix. :)
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EDM Imagines  by AAAhockey
EDM Imagines by AAAhockey
A book filled of DJs Imagines
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How I Met Alan Walker (A Fan Fiction Of Alan Walker)  by ArmyWalkzz
How I Met Alan Walker (A Fan Ficti...by Army×Walker
Written by : @ArmyWalkzz Y/n is a huge and epic fan of Alan Walker. Yeah one of the legendary EDM producer. Y/n makes cover songs and posts it on yt. She has 20K subscri...
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instagram ༄ garrix by coutinholy
instagram ༄ garrixby julia
❝@martingarrix liked your photo.❞
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tinder ; m.g by nenehtjitske
tinder ; m.gby neneh ✨
it started on tinder ; mg copyright.
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The Broken Champion by DemonSlayerShadow666
The Broken Championby King Mathers
At age 12 Johnathan Mathers lost his parents in a deliberate arson attack on his home by Team Shadow. He overcame this and hid out in the long forgotten Alolan Island of...
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EDM PREFERENCES by 1-800-Otaku
After listening to EDM music, and looking at cute dj gifs, I knew I had to make this story. I DONT OWN ANY PICTURES OR GIFS, JUST THE COVER. This includes: -Avicii -Calv...
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aTRACKion by KBMallion
aTRACKionby KBMallion
The stage used to be a place that felt like home. It's where I thought I would always belong. But that was then. Before my confidence was stripped so publicly away from...
  • couple
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Tell Your Friends [Martin Garrix] by somewherehlse
Tell Your Friends [Martin Garrix]by that weird teenager
#1 in #garrix (highest rank). Thank you so much! Aline is just a nineteen year old girl, but she has already made mistakes in her life. She has nearly given up, until sh...
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Marshmello x Reader by goodbye-everyone
Marshmello x Readerby hello for now
Oml I can't believe I'm the first one to create a Marshmello x Reader! XDDD Hopefully you guys enjoy this story as much as I created this! It's so fun making stories and...
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Come, mess me up by Capturethis__
Come, mess me upby T. J. Dakin
Isaac Mellors' life is made from a collection of sneakers, drugs and bass lines. Everything he has ever dreamed of begins and ends with the music he produces on his lapt...
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My Short Stories (English Version) by bunny197_
My Short Stories (English Version)by 박성영 (Tari)
1. Just all my short stories collection that I written in English. 2. Just not fanfiction, I write a short story which have a fiction character. 3. I'm multifandom, so...
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I Am The Mistake Child by DavidMiller7
I Am The Mistake Childby DavidStorm88Love
Depression , life, and whatever else bugs the hell out of me in the form of poems.
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Only One(Alan Walker Fanfic) by IAmNotWalker
Only One(Alan Walker Fanfic)by Frums
There are just some people she can't ignore Ask Rin Colline who just moved to Northampton England to start her university life,due to her introvertive nature she tries h...
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Instagram ·Martin Garrix· by VasiliaGarrix
Instagram ·Martin Garrix·by Vasilia Moschou
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