FAITH (Martin Garrix) by PierceWithKellic
FAITH (Martin Garrix)by Erika Anestedt
"Hi." The outlines of the words that he's forming with his lips that I can't hear but I so clearly see when he waves a little makes my cheeks heat up, I'm sure...
  • love
  • concert
  • complicated
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Tell Your Friends [Martin Garrix] by somewherehlse
Tell Your Friends [Martin Garrix]by that weird teenager
#1 in #garrix (highest rank). Thank you so much! Aline is just a nineteen year old girl, but she has already made mistakes in her life. She has nearly given up, until sh...
  • fanfiction
  • romance
  • garrix
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Next to Me by lonelyypotato
Next to Meby Anomaly
Sasuke Uchiha is a normal college student. He is popular with the girls, has decent grades, a good amount of friends, a loving family, and loves soccer. One day, he gets...
  • sakura
  • sasusaku
  • âu
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Living with the Garritsens. ( Martin Garrix Fanfic) by king_luci98
Living with the Garritsens. ( Mart...by Luci.
Blaze Roservelt is sent to Amsterdam to live with the Garritsens through a language exchange program. As soon as she meets a certain dutch boy her life changes forever...
  • edm
  • martingarrix
  • fanfic
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Heaven On Earth - A Martin Garrix FanFic  by thegarrixer
Heaven On Earth - A Martin Garrix...by P A P
"Oh come on Martin, we both have egos the size of outer space, do you think I would just walk up to you and tell you that I like you?" "Speak for yoursel...
  • fanfic
  • julianjordan
  • teen
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Little Boy Tristam by PixlHeartz
Little Boy Tristamby PixlHeartz
A story of the life of Little Boy Tristam.
  • tristam
  • braken
  • rogue
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more than you thought  - dillon francis fanfic by yesiamlea
more than you thought - dillon fr...by lea
mad decent boat party 2014. a dj named dillon francis and a captivating girl named robin bello.
  • dillonhartfrancis
  • djsnake
  • diplo
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In an instant  by mynameisnotjeff22
In an instant by mynameisnotjeff22
Who knew one person could change their lives forever.
  • jordan
  • music
  • martingarrix
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All is fair in love. (Skrillex) by sonnyalien
All is fair in love. (Skrillex)by sonnyalien
Ally Forbes takes the spot to a photographer of a world famous produer and a DJ Skrillex. They fall for each other soon enough, but there is always someone or something...
  • story
  • romance
  • moore
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DJ (Editing/ In Progress) by DJ_LowKey
DJ (Editing/ In Progress)by D. Mendoza
Diana Johnson, or DJ, is a music producer at the age of 18; still attending high school and as a senior. She performs at clubs but her dream is to be known in the rave w...
  • crush
  • raver
  • teenager
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A DJ's Guide to Dating a Fan (Part One: Porter Robinson) by milleia
A DJ's Guide to Dating a Fan (Part...by Milleia
Part 1 of 4 series. What is it like to date the popular girl from school, the adventurer, the fanfiction writer, or the sporty college girl? Porter Robinson, Madeon, Zed...
  • martingarrix
  • edm
  • zedd
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Don't Look Down by NaomiGarzia
Don't Look Downby Naomi Garzia
When Naomi meets a klutzy boy named Martin Garrix, will she concur her fear and fight for her happiness, or will she look down and walk away?
  • garrix
  • martingarrix
  • fanfiction
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Good music  by DevonDenight
Good music by electric hippy
This is just some music from my playlist that I thought some people could use for there stories or just plainly add and see if any of the music applies to there style. I...
  • happy
  • rock
  • music
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Once a dream, then a reality(Zedd/Anton Zaslavski fanfiction) by JRehbein
Once a dream, then a reality(Zedd...by Joana
Katherine William, is a normal 18 years old girl, whose about to get to college when her dream comes true and her world changes. But is it all good? Or there will be thi...
  • skrillex
  • zedd
  • edm
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Little Boy Joel - Return of The Fallen by PixlHeartz
Little Boy Joel - Return of The Fa...by PixlHeartz
(Monstercat Fanfic) Sequel to Little Boy Tristam.
  • rogue
  • edm
  • braken
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dreams | Martijn Garritsen ✔️ by taytaylikestowrite
dreams | Martijn Garritsen ✔️by Taylor
Some dreams are so powerful they become real. (short story)
  • teenfic
  • fanfiction
  • djmarty
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Addicted to You | Martin Garrix  by JessCath
Addicted to You | Martin Garrix by JessCath
Martin Garrix is a famous dutch DJ. Everybody knows him of course, he has handsome face, very talented also very charmer and that's why the public know him as the playe...
  • song
  • martingarrix
  • fashion
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Monstercat High (Fanfic of a Fanfic) by Pointlesscensor
Monstercat High (Fanfic of a Fanfi...by Sonder
Welcome to Monstercat high; the school of EDM! Original version by: @TheTrueAmericanGamer
  • braken
  • tristam
  • monstercat
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My Beautiful Falling World (Skrillex Fanfic) by therealskylarrose
My Beautiful Falling World (Skrill...by Skylar Rose
Shatter is an alien girl, kept secret, only she and her parents know. Skrillex, her idol, just broke up with his girlfriend. What happens when their two worlds collide...
  • edm
  • demons
  • irkens
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Not Alone (Porter Robinson & A-1 Fan-fiction) by neikeion
Not Alone (Porter Robinson & A-1 F...by neikeion
Someday I will see you again, just as I promised when you left.
  • voices
  • porter
  • alone
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