{Ninja World} by TheEvilTomKat
{Ninja World} by TheEvilTomKat Fanfiction
[Name] is a tomboy. She is a powerful, smart, badass. Nobody seems to be able to recognise that she's a girl at first. She gets anxious and awkward about not fitting in...
She's Mine! (Sasuke x Reader x Gaara) by chasinqstars12
She's Mine! (Sasuke x Reader x Gaa... by Tobiyolo_Swageyama!! Fanfiction
"She's mine!" -Uchiha Sasuke and Gaara [Chapter Four] >>> (Y/N) (L/N) is the survivor of the (L/N) clan. The clan has the most powerful Kekkei genkai...
The Second Jinchuuriki || Sasuke x Reader || by CommandoCookie
The Second Jinchuuriki || Sasuke x... by Ravenegan Fanfiction
The attack of the Nine-Tails left Konoha in ruins leaving all of its citizens in fear and despair. The two heroes that left the world too soon in order to save their vil...
Ya Know? 【Naruto Various x Reader 】Under Heavy EDITING  by bbyshownu
Ya Know? 【Naruto Various x Reader... by mina (: Fanfiction
[ NarutoVarious x Reader ] [Reader is Naruto's sister ] __________ 《 A story in which two clumsy ninjas find their way to the top. 》 The two are inseparable, they are th...
Sasuke X reader by Mimi3359442
Sasuke X reader by Mimi3359442 Fanfiction
Sasuke was a popular kid but one day in school you two were paired together, later that day you slept with him, you were pregnant and Sasuke denied the baby. What happen...
Naruto's sister (Sasuke X Reader) by storm_uzumaki
Naruto's sister (Sasuke X Reader) by storm_uzumaki Fanfiction
hi, well this is just a thought I had in my head. Hope you like it and already saying this isn't a 'sasuke bumped into me and we made out' fanfiction there is an actual...
Kakashi's Little Sister (Sasuke Uchiha x Reader) {DISCONTINUED} by JiminsWifeyMickie
Kakashi's Little Sister (Sasuke Uc... by Mickie Fanfiction
{Discontinued} (Name) Hatake, younger sister of the Copy-Cat ninja, Kakashi Hatake. As (Name) approaches the Hidden Leaf Village once more after training for a month, sh...
Annoying (Sasuke x Reader x Itachi) [Naruto MODERN AU] by MsNerdy-Author
Annoying (Sasuke x Reader x Itachi... by Danielle de Leon Fanfiction
Being "bestfriends, School-mates, Neighbors" with the Uchiha brothers are very hard but fun and nice for you. You love them fullest, mostly the young Uchiha. B...
Sasuke x Reader - Slow Love by Fraistel24
Sasuke x Reader - Slow Love by Fraistel24 Fanfiction
(Y/N) Aiyakami, a girl with whom the whole village is in love. Her parents left her at a young age, but she had everyone from the village, at least she thought so. Then...
Naruto X Reader Oneshots by Fanfunctional
Naruto X Reader Oneshots by Fanfunctional Fanfiction
Get your pervy sage on with these long and intense Naruto oneshots! Warning- steam ahead. Kakashi would be proud.
(Sasuke X Reader- Modern AU)- COMPLETED by heartbeats_forU
(Sasuke X Reader- Modern AU)- COMP... by Heather Valentine Fanfiction
Sasuke X Reader (Modern AU) - Be my Valentine A friendship that'll eventually lead to something deeper but would be separated in such a short time together. Love, career...
Fifty Shades of Sasuke [Sasuke Uchiha X Reader] by pumacchi
Fifty Shades of Sasuke [Sasuke Uch... by jo Fanfiction
[Modern!Sasuke X Reader] He's the successful CEO of Uchiha Enterprises, while you are just a normal citizen of Japan, however, when you two meet on n interview you find...
I married a man who can never forget his first love. by amee0305
I married a man who can never forg... by ヾ(〃^∇^)ノ Fanfiction
(Sasuke Uchiha x Reader) Living to it's title, the story is about a woman who married and loved a man with her whole heart. They were happy... or at least that's what s...
Sasuke X Reader by SecretlyDyingSlowly
Sasuke X Reader by 🅰🅽🅾🆃🅷🅴🆁 🅴🆃🅴🆁🅽🅸🆃... Fanfiction
When you and Sasuke finally get closer to each other you loose him months/years after. But the thought of him leaving without an apology your feelings for him were slowl...
Naruto boyfriend scenarios  by Dancer_girl_2004
Naruto boyfriend scenarios by Dancer_girl_2004 Fanfiction
What the title says😄 Enjoy Naruto Sasuke Kiba Shikamaru Kakashi
My Moonlight [Sasuke x Reader] by sweeven_2
My Moonlight [Sasuke x Reader] by Scenic Fanfiction
[Sasuke x Reader] Your touch so cold, yet it sends waves of electricity through me. Your breath ever so close, sends shivers through me. Your eyes so vivid, telling an u...
Don't Test Me (Sasuke x Reader) ✔️ by punksuga
Don't Test Me (Sasuke x Reader) ✔️ by Pamela Fanfiction
Hotaru Hamasaki is a ninja from the Village Hidden in the Leaves. Her clan, the Hamasaki clan, is well known for their long, blue hair and their kekkei genkai, Star Styl...
Konoha's Best• Naruto! Various x reader by sterotypic
Konoha's Best• Naruto! Various x r... by Animeaddictz Fanfiction
She came from Hidden Village in the The Stone. She was born a forbidden child from the Rieka clan and Oluwa clan that are born into being genjutsu and ninjutsu users Sh...
The Cheater And Cheated (Husband Sasuke x Wife Reader) by amee0305
The Cheater And Cheated (Husband S... by ヾ(〃^∇^)ノ Fanfiction
(Your Name) Uchiha and Sasuke Uchiha had been married for 2 years now. They were the epitome of happiness to everyone. There's no other couple that's like them. They wer...
No Need for Love by Anime__5580
No Need for Love by Zumoshi Fanfiction
Sasuke X (Fem)Reader [ONGOING] You come from a clan that's been supposedly "wiped out". Now on your own, you meet someone who's been through the same thing you...