My Possessive Alpha Mate by Tayzykinz
My Possessive Alpha Mateby Taylor
He digs the knife into my arm, painfully deep. I cry out and as I lift my head to scream out to the moon goddess, we make eye contact. We both are so shocked by what's h...
  • humor
  • possesive
  • luna
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Climax: Erotica One-Shots by beautifullybrutal
Climax: Erotica One-Shotsby 🐥
Kinky one shots for all you nasty people. *Requests are opened!*
  • ratedr
  • shortstorycollection
  • oneshot
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Our Daddy [Bottom BTS] Male reader X BTS by Savage_Lifeu
Our Daddy [Bottom BTS] Male reader...by Closed
7 Hybrid boys who becoming Jaewoon's baby boys. 7 Baby sharing 1 Daddy with 7 different attitude..wouldn't it be though? but Their daddy didn't mind he loves them. &quo...
  • ratedr
  • bottomhoseok
  • bottomjungkook
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Stephano by eroticlee
Stephanoby l e e
❝ find what you love and let it kill you ❞ ••• Riley Owens, was the innocent, and beautiful girl who was smart and caring. She has always had a great life especially whe...
  • wattys2017
  • lust
  • kidnap
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Xavier and Me by Heart_Crush65
Xavier and Meby Poof Carpet
Callie and Xavier are dating and like to explore the kinky side of relationships. WARNING- Very mature content
  • romantic
  • humor
  • gfandbf
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Dr. Brown || Chris Brown  by JayCaprio
Dr. Brown || Chris Brown by Jay
Chris may have taken an advantage of the girl of his dreams, he thinks the world revolves around him. He may have had the wrong job, but he soon comes to reality as soon...
  • fantasy
  • chrisbrown
  • rated-r
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Sacred Tears of Love (RWBY Blake X Shin Godzilla Male Reader)  by MothGoji
Sacred Tears of Love (RWBY Blake X...by G-Moth
(My 2nd Book of RWBY X Male Readers) Enjoy the book! (I do not own Shin Godzilla or RWBY. The Toho Cp owns Shin Godzilla and Rooster Teeth owns RWBY) Includes- -Ice Pla...
  • rated-r
  • crossover
  • adventure
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[✓] kinky couple ↠ jungkook by JIMINATION
[✓] kinky couple ↠ jungkookby his' ♡
❝we are not a kinky couple, we just love each other.❞ ㅡ ©jimination ; 160823 All Rights Reserved
  • kinky
  • jungkooksmut
  • ratedr
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I Thought He Was Older. by BailiesShittyStories
I Thought He Was Older.by Bailey DeAnn W.
I wanted him to suffer, not physically but emotionally. I want him to scream my name in his every last nightmare as he wakes up in a puddle of his own sweat. That poor...
  • selfhate
  • brutal
  • abusiverelationship
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The proposition. by IWriteForOthers2012
The proposition.by NameChange24/7
She was only a teen two months from being eighteen years old, she took care of five others, Alberto, Cecilia, Bruno, Giovanni, and Riccardo. One day her drug addict fat...
  • drink
  • marriage
  • sister
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Teach Me How To Kill by ScarletBeast
Teach Me How To Killby ScarletBeast
[Book 1 of the TMHT series] Mileyna wants to be an assassin and it has always been her dream ever since a tragedy happened when she was younger. After she fails three ti...
  • death
  • heartless
  • fighting
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Sinning • A.A. Fanfic  by yumgucci
Sinning • A.A. Fanfic by Mother of 2k+ ❤️
Janice Jones is a 18 year old preacher kid who has always been in her daddy church. She's always home, never party's, never drinks, because she's daddy lil angel, but so...
  • highs
  • new
  • church
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i won't bite :: namjin by namjiniquity
i won't bite :: namjinby fuck neighborhood
juz read the damn story baes
  • boyxboy
  • ratedr
  • namjoon
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Linear equations random thoughts by Theeffingunicorn
Linear equations random thoughtsby Camila’s Wife
Just a dumb trashy blonde fangirling over people and talking about shitty things.
  • funny
  • book
  • rated-r
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The wolf's tale by Brandon688
The wolf's taleby Brandon688
In this story its going to be told in first person by a young 16 year old wolf named Jake when he was younger he was named Fluffy and as his story continues.. you should...
  • rated-r
Love On The Brain by JanesiaYoung
Love On The Brainby Janesia Young
However many Imagines upon request just message me in advance. You've allowed me to experience something very hard to find: u...
  • offset
  • rated-r
  • imagines
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Renegade by badbrits
Renegadeby M
Mission: Tracking down the most infamous, elusive, and deadly assassin in the United States and making her pay for her crimes. Target: Adelina Cordova; highly intelligen...
  • starcrossedlovers
  • enemies
  • betrayal
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STAY WITH ME (BOOK II) by GoldennMelanin__
(SEQUEL TO MAKE ME SIR) Never show anger at slight, tell nothing. Earn respect from everyone by deeds, not words. Respect the members of your Blood Family. Gambling was...
  • lovestory
  • ratedr
  • revelation
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Hard Success by TiyaMia
Hard Successby Tiyyyamia
Young Faith, 20 years old, from Harlem, NYC, is trying to successfully get to where she wants to be in the music industry, she is a plus size. Lots of people that she te...
  • wattys2017
  • hiphop
  • thick
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Bruno Mars Imagines  by Seriouseffect12
Bruno Mars Imagines by Seriouseffect12
If you are a Hooligan...join me in an adventure with Bruno Mars and well...of course yourself
  • romantic
  • ratedr
  • imagines
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