Ouija Kook || J.JK by Kookie_xo
Ouija Kook || J.JKby Baekook’s on Pausing
"I will kill you, if you don't continue play with me.." - Jungkook I and Oh Sehun are best friends. He told me that he...
  • spirit
  • jeonjungkook
  • horror
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Awakening, Dark Rituals Book 1 - Wattpad Featured/ Wattpad Prize - Best Suspense by catrinaburgess
Awakening, Dark Rituals Book 1 - W...by Catrina Burgess
:::Wattpad Featured Story & 2014 Wattpad Prize Winner - Best Suspense Story:::: In Awakening, the first installment in the Dark Rituals series, a former healer turns to...
  • ghosts
  • spirits
  • spells
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Dark eyes (Yandere!) Incubus x reader  by pizzapoo9833333333
Dark eyes (Yandere!) Incubus x rea...by Pizzapie234
(Y/n) was living a normal life... until her friend tempted her to play with a Ouija board. Her life then became a living Hell. Her life will either have to depend on a j...
  • horror
  • incubusxreader
  • yanderestory
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Don't Mess With Ouija Boards by CreepyBrat
Don't Mess With Ouija Boardsby CreepyBrat
Ciel Phantomhive is reckless. So of course he's going to join in when his best friend gets a ouija board.
  • mightsuck
  • loveyouall
  • sebaciel
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Possession - The Dark Rituals Book 2 by catrinaburgess
Possession - The Dark Rituals Book...by Catrina Burgess
2/14/17: Don't miss Possession the second installment in the Dark Ritual series. I'm posting chapters every day ....start reading today....the crazy adventure continues...
  • ouija
  • spells
  • romance
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Game Night by forgotten27c
Game Nightby Carol
They all thought it was a great idea to make the game somewhat 'thrilling'. They all took turns playing. But someone amongst the four lied and someone cheated. They comp...
  • badboy
  • suspence
  • nerd
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Possessed | Jake Dufner x Mikey Manfs (jikey) by MirrorMars
Possessed | Jake Dufner x Mikey Ma...by Shibe Hoe
It's all fun and games with the Ouija Board until someone gets possessed. Especially by an incubus. 14K words!!! There is lots of profanity! Jake Dufner x Mikey Manf...
  • fan
  • mikey
  • youtube
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CHRONICLE by xXTheWolverineXx
Five intertwining stories after which you will be completely dreaded. One after the other, you will feel the fear taking over you as you stay numb, having no control ove...
  • mystery
  • satanism
  • murder
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Two Roads Converged by platinum_writer
Two Roads Convergedby Shahzoda Vareberg
Highest Rank #212 in Paranormal ❝Something has been off about you," he said. "Don't you feel it?" I did feel it, the blackness roiling within, the same o...
  • strong-female-character
  • romance
  • ghostwhisperer
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paranormal pursuits ♱ andy biersack au by american-satan
paranormal pursuits ♱ andy biersac...by ˗ˏˋvalˊˎ˗
- "Oh c'mon Blaire, it is just a game."
  • supernatural
  • emo
  • ouijaboard
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Ouija board by AriaBlaze372
Ouija boardby Charlize hermione
Paano kaya pag na trap kayo ng mga kaibigan nyo sa loob ng haunted house tapos na may nilaro kayo na di nyo dapat laruin
  • hauntedhouse
  • ouija
DEATH GAME by aplinn
DEATH GAMEby Angela Linnardo
a group of teenagers were planning to play a game.. They realized it wasn't just a game. It's haunting them. Will they survive..?
  • death
  • deathgame
  • mystery
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One hell of a time by Lilx_ma3
One hell of a timeby lily 🥘
willow is at her first day of college she has loads to do to graduate. she meets loads of cool people on the way.
  • ouija
  • mystery
  • kissing
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Ouija (Magcon Fanfic) by LucysImaginaryWorld
Ouija (Magcon Fanfic)by ~*^.^*~
"I have no name"
  • matthewespinosa
  • ouija
  • magcon
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රෝස කුණාටු (the storm of roses) by ImaJeen_goddess
රෝස කුණාටු (the storm of roses)by nim
සමායා සහ රවීන්; අහසයි පොළවයි තරම්ම වෙනස්. ඒත් දෙන්නටම හොරෙන් ඒ දෙන්නගෙ දෛවය එකට බැඳිලා. හැබැයි ඒ අනිත් හැමෝම වගේ විවාහයෙන් නෙමෙයි. මේ කතාව වෙනස්. "ඔයා මගේ පණටත් වඩ...
  • paranormalromamce
  • samaya
  • death
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Kisshu: The Ouija Board Demon  by ShadowCutie
Kisshu: The Ouija Board Demon by TumbleDweeb
Ichigo is a normal high scool student. One day she has a sleep-over party with her friends Minto, Lettuce, and Pudding. When the party starts to get bored, her youngest...
  • prince
  • tokyo
  • mew
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Ethan Dolan - Unknow Number (ENGLISH VERSION) by moon_girl_97
Ethan Dolan - Unknow Number (ENGLI...by Moon Girl 💢
My mother always warned me not to play with the forbidden, look what gave... (Genre: Thriller, Horror, Drama ... /Copyright © all rights reserved Moon Girl /PLAGIARIS...
  • ouija
  • sinners
  • dolan
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This bts aus was created by @ouijaaubts
  • btsfanfic
  • ouija
  • btsau
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Ouija Board Sessions by katydawn22
Ouija Board Sessionsby katydawn22
This started out as a single post for a recount of a Ouija session I had with spirits who claimed to be the Columbine killers. I did a few more sessions so that people w...
  • paranormal
  • school
  • crime
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ouija |hemmings| by Ashtonspinkunicorn
ouija |hemmings|by Ashtonspinkunicorn
"What can a little board do?" Lena couldn't be more wrong about that statement. This board revealed the true colors of the world, what really hides behind th...
  • 5sos
  • ashtonirwin
  • calumhoodau
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