You're My Rose (Niam Soulmate AU) (Boyxboy) by niamandstuff
You're My Rose (Niam Soulmate AU)... by niamandstuff Fanfiction
Everybody is born with a tattoo on their wrist, it's a seed. The closer they get to meeting their soulmate, the more the tattoo grows. Once they fall in love, it turns i...
This Means War by bonjourziall
This Means War by Michelle-Ann Fanfiction
Zayn and Liam have been best friends ever since the first day of high school and nothing has separated them. Yet. They both have been unlucky in love. Liam, father of a...
Little Nialler (Niam BoyxBoy Smut) by FanNiamFiction
Little Nialler (Niam BoyxBoy Smut) by FanNiamFiction Fanfiction
Niall's feeling homesick, but he's Liam's 'Little Nialler' and Liam knows just how to cheer him up. They have to be quiet though because they're on the tour bus with the...