If I Let You Know... [N.H.] by hotel-californiall
If I Let You Know... [N.H.] by GiJi. Fanfiction
If I told you this story begins with a contract to be one of the members of One Direction's girlfriend, you probably wouldn't even press the 'Read' button. I wouldn't do...
If You Let Me Know... [N.H.] by hotel-californiall
If You Let Me Know... [N.H.] by GiJi. Fanfiction
Sequel to If I Let You Know... It's a completely different story and you can read it without having read the previous one (although you'll be able to understand some thi...
You've Changed by FanFicChic
You've Changed by FanFicChic Fanfiction
He changed for the better, She changed for the worse...
You & I by EternallyYoursLove
You & I by EternallyYoursLove Fanfiction
Roxanne Styles, a bartender and sometimes a provocative dancer on the bar with a dark past. She is desperate to feel free and has her walls up when it comes to love. It...
Niall Horan Sickfics by Lisztomania_Gold
Niall Horan Sickfics by ~~~~~~~ Fanfiction
Just a collection of Niall sickfics and fanfic. I am not a crazed fan but I need some short stories to write and I actually really like Niall and his music. I will take...
Before You Leave Me by hotel-californiall
Before You Leave Me by GiJi. Fanfiction
The 3rd and last story of the IILYK series. All you thought you knew. All the things you didn't. From Dan's POV.
Dark & Shaded// Niall Horan by AmeRoselia
Dark & Shaded// Niall Horan by AmeRoselia Fanfiction
Joyce is a undercover detective and a femme fatale. Her job is to kill, seduce, gain. Then how does she end up falling for the one and only Niall Horan?
Timeless (Niam) by niamandstuff
Timeless (Niam) by niamandstuff Fanfiction
"Liam, we only have a little time left." "But our love is timeless." Cover by @lanadelkings ⓒniamandstuff
Unexpected || niallhoran. by _booniall_
Unexpected || niallhoran. by angelinetan🌻 Fanfiction
Niall horan is forced to marry a person that he didn't even know. His mom just want help him to has a beautiful life and a beautiful love story. But what happened next i...
Walking in the Wind by hotel-californiall
Walking in the Wind by GiJi. Fanfiction
One Accident. One Direction. One Band. One Dream.
niall horan imagines by EmMusic13
niall horan imagines by Emily T Fanfiction
Many romantic and crazy imagines with Niall Horan from One Direction. All of them are written by me.
You're My Rose (Niam Soulmate AU) (Boyxboy) by niamandstuff
You're My Rose (Niam Soulmate AU)... by niamandstuff Fanfiction
Everybody is born with a tattoo on their wrist, it's a seed. The closer they get to meeting their soulmate, the more the tattoo grows. Once they fall in love, it turns i...
he's mine [ niam ] ON CONSTRUCTION by HaveYouSeenNiall
he's mine [ niam ] ON CONSTRUCTION by ° Fanfiction
❝ You need a hand, and I'm right there beside you. You in the Dark, I'll be the bright light to guide you. ❞ ON CONSTRUCTION! PLEASE DONT READ, JUST PUT IT IN YOUR LIBR...
Ukradnuté Srdce (One Direction fan fiction) by natywhite
Ukradnuté Srdce (One Direction fan... by Nathalie Fanfiction
Obyčajné dievča z mesta. Prekonala smrť svojho otca keď mala 3 roky. Jej matka otcovu smrť zvláda veľmi ťažko a je na alkoholickom liečení. Navštevuje ju každý víkend. N...
Shadowplay by ayefratboyniall
Shadowplay by Jenna Fanfiction
Niall Horan is king of the campus at Rhoden University. As the senior star of the school's soccer team, president of the largest frat on campus, and socialite son of the...
Little Nialler (Niam BoyxBoy Smut) by FanNiamFiction
Little Nialler (Niam BoyxBoy Smut) by FanNiamFiction Fanfiction
Niall's feeling homesick, but he's Liam's 'Little Nialler' and Liam knows just how to cheer him up. They have to be quiet though because they're on the tour bus with the...
One Direction Imagines by zoe32123
One Direction Imagines by zoe32123 Fanfiction
just a bunch of imagines i put together, i take request, so just hmu if you want one :) thanks for reading! love you all, and it means a lot! xx
Are you happy Horan ??! FF by saskqaaaa
Are you happy Horan ??! FF by saskqaaaa Fanfiction
Taká jednodielovka ... ☺️☺️ Veľmi jednoduché a popis netreba Venované všetkým čo čítajú :3 Prijemne čítanie☕️
Mile High Club by XX1dbabeXX
Niall Horan ~ Imagines by niallsgalwaygirl