Ever Since New York - Harry Styles Series by dontwannabelikethem
Ever Since New York - Harry Styles...by TheyDontKnowAboutUsImagines
After years of make-ups and break-ups, Harry and Y/N have been desperately trying to make their relationship work. However, after a year apart, the two met up one night...
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Timeless [ A Harry Styles Story ] by stylishmuser
Timeless [ A Harry Styles Story ]by stylishmuser
Rhea Trivedi-Williams likes being in control. But when it comes to Harry Styles, she has a history of having none. As Harry launches his solo career, he realizes perhaps...
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Apply Some Pressure  by goldenbootshersh
Apply Some Pressure by goldenbootshersh
After Layla French's life is turned upside down by the ultimate betrayal, she finds herself at square one. No husband. No home. And no Harry Styles? That's still to be d...
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Secret Love Song - Harry Styles Series by dontwannabelikethem
Secret Love Song - Harry Styles Se...by TheyDontKnowAboutUsImagines
Boy meets girl. Boy and girl fall for one another, but there's a catch. In order to be together, the two must keep their relationship a secret because of Y/N's job as a...
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The Other Man by goldenbootshersh
The Other Manby goldenbootshersh
Layla French is nearing 30 and in a marriage that lost its spark years ago. Ignored by her husband, loathed by his mother, and pitied by his friends, will a run in with...
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Breaking The Ice by sarbearfive
Breaking The Iceby Sarah
All Harry Styles ever wanted to do was play hockey. It was his passion in life, and the only thing he ever really felt he was good at. Without it, he was lost. After a...
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hate & other words || h.s au by cupsoffics
hate & other words || h.s auby cupsoffics
At sixteen, every person on earth is destined to get a tattoo on each arm: one that matches their soulmate and one that matches their worst enemy. The day Harry's name s...
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Behind The Tour (Sequel to Behind The Album) - Harry Styles Fic by dontwannabelikethem
Behind The Tour (Sequel to Behind...by TheyDontKnowAboutUsImagines
Harry and Y/N's relationship is stronger than ever. With Harry's tour coming up, he needs a videographer, so of course, he hires his girlfriend for the job. However, the...
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Fireproof - Dunkirk Series (H.S) by dontwannabelikethem
Fireproof - Dunkirk Series (H.S)by TheyDontKnowAboutUsImagines
*Based on Harry's character in Dunkirk, Alex. Pairing: Alex x Reader (Y/N) Alex knew joining the British Army would change his life forever, but what he didn' t realize...
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Brutality | Harry Styles by shreddedhearts
Brutality | Harry Stylesby Laney
Melody is a struggling writer working toward a degree. By chance, she is reacquainted with Harry, a boy from middle school whose life has shifted drastically. Instead of...
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Cold Reads | H.S. by allywriteswp
Cold Reads | H.S.by ally
"Is Harry Styles Done with Acting? According to our sources, it would seem so. Harry Styles has rocked the silver screen for the past three years now, leaving us o...
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Princess and the Popstar | Harry Styles by kasiopeiae
Princess and the Popstar | Harry S...by kasi
What happens when a princess meets a popstar? Well, besides lies, deceit, and a media frenzy for the ages--maybe true love. Strangers to each other, but not to the worl...
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Behind The Marriage by dontwannabelikethem
Behind The Marriageby TheyDontKnowAboutUsImagines
You first met in Behind the Album, where you two tried your best to keep your attraction out of your business relationship, but that didn't work. Then in Behind The Tour...
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Slow Burn | H.S. by allywriteswp
Slow Burn | H.S.by ally
For Joelle Katler, life's been all right. She's at school in her favorite state, she's living with her best friend, and there's always a bottle of wine ready to be popp...
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Harry Styles Oneshots (Reader Insert) by stylishmuser
Harry Styles Oneshots (Reader Inse...by stylishmuser
Harry Styles one shots from my tumblr. These stories are original works of mine, if you see them reposted by any others users on here please let me know. Some of these a...
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Rebellious Hearts | HS  AU by fxcklou
Rebellious Hearts | HS AUby belle ♀
"The only way to deal with an unfree world, is to become so absolutely free, that your very existence is an act of rebellion." -Albert Camus It seemed as if th...
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Family Ties by sarbearfive
Family Tiesby Sarah
Harry and Hannah have been through hell and back, proving that they can survive just about anything as long as they have each other. It appears they are about to get the...
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A Week Of Harry (Harry Styles One-Shots) by dontwannabelikethem
A Week Of Harry (Harry Styles One...by TheyDontKnowAboutUsImagines
All Harry-themed One-Shots. I'll be posting a new one every day until Sunday, June 24th!
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Destiny (H.S) (N.H) by 1_Dlovers
Destiny (H.S) (N.H)by 1_Dlovers
Two girls with supernatural powers,living their life for decades. They were alone,the only friend of each other,hiding themselves from the world. But they never knew tha...
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out of the blue || h.s au by cupsoffics
out of the blue || h.s auby cupsoffics
ramona beatriz hadn't seen harry styles in five years and she didn't think she'd see him ever again - which was exactly what she needed because she had been hiding a rat...
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