The Devil Inside Xmalereader by NitroplusXGame
The Devil Inside Xmalereaderby thomas sutanto
After the case of murderer, Noire now fully recover and back to her old self. Somehow, you still adventuring Gameindustri with your childhood friend. wonder how to the s...
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  • malereader
  • devilmaycry
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Neptunia | Green Heart's CPU Candidate by Xysioluc
Neptunia | Green Heart's CPU X̶̧͕͔̬̤͉͍̍̋́̌͑̈́̆̊̄͘y̵̧̫̘̣͓̤̋̚...
What if Vert had a little brother? Would he get into awkward and possibly sexual situations, or would he shut himself away from society for his for being a male? This st...
  • fantasy
  • humor
  • majic
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Male reader x harem by Voxsbane
Male reader x haremby Voxsbane
After dying, you are offered a contract in which you must killed another and in exchange, you get one wish. Of course you wish for a harem and end up in a world in which...
  • anime
  • malereader
  • bokunoheroacademia
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SuperDimension Neptunia: The Fencer of Gamindustri (STORY BEING REBOOTED!) by Scottyamas
SuperDimension Neptunia: The Scottyamas
STORY BEING REBOOTED! A Male Reader X Harem Story. F/N L/N has been living a normal life in the Earth Dimension until one day, he ends up in the Gamindustri of the Super...
  • harem
  • fairyfencerf
  • neptunia
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(OC) Roku X Uzume Tennouboshi: Golden Orange by DBZFan16
(OC) Roku X Uzume Tennouboshi: DBZFan16
Here is my OC (Roku) X Uzume Tennouboshi (Orange Heart)!! Hope you guys enjoy!!! :D
  • neptunia
  • dbz
  • hyperdimensionneptunia
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ONE PUNCH Neptunia (One Punch Man Male Reader x Hyperdimension Neptunia) by JBurks1999
ONE PUNCH Neptunia (One Punch Oppai Senpai
The adoptive son of Saitama borrowed one of King's game called "Hyperdimension Neptunia" once young Y/N started to play, a bright light appeared in front of hi...
  • neptune
  • fourthwall
  • irish
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Amazing;Dimension Raziél (Chapter 2: Attack Of Jupitune) IN PROGRESS by SilverAndNeptune
Amazing;Dimension Raziél ( Nep Silv Alliance
That's right, everyone! Raziél is BACK and with a new adventure to boot. And this time... It's legit. I realized that my others weren't really doing so well... I mean, R...
  • silverxeonic
  • plutia
  • raziel
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Darker than Purple Yandere!NeptuneXFemale!Reader by Yandere_Survivor21
Darker than Purple Yandere! Yandere_Survivor21
After the situation with Noire, you the reader, is now at peace with you new girlfriend Neptune. Everything was all laughs and good times. That is until Neptune started...
  • neptunia
  • yandere
  • neptune
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HDN - Reader Inserted Oneshots by nekosifu
HDN - Reader Inserted Oneshotsby ネコ
Hello, Neko here. This is a collection of oneshots that contain fluff and lemons. You can request an idea in the third part of this book. I will not accept over-the-top...
  • hyperdimension
  • readerxcharacter
  • xfemalereader
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The Dark side of Tsundere(Yandere!NoireXFemReader) by Yandere_Survivor21
The Dark side of Tsundere( Yandere_Survivor21
You're just an average school girl at a average highschool. Everything was just the way you wanted to be until mysterious things start to happen after you came. Students...
  • blackheart
  • tekken
  • greenheart
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Hyperdimension Neptunia X Reader by AlucardAbridged
Hyperdimension Neptunia X Readerby Alucard A.K.A The Crimson Fuc...
For you Lost Pause or anime Jon and nepsion fans who like the hyperdimension neptunia series and want more. I know that anime Jon and nepsion did this series first, but...
  • neptunia
  • insert
  • reader
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The Knight of Gameindustri (Hyperdimension Neptunia x Artoria's Son Male Reader) by KingJayJay82
The Knight of Gameindustri ( Ishtar & Ereshkigal
(Y/N) Pendragon was the son of Artoria Pendragon and the brother to Mordred Pendragon. During the Holy Grail War (Y/N) had faced someone with a Noble Phantasm that sent...
  • reader-insert
  • malereader
  • vert
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Hyperdimension Neptunia GB by OlracElgat
Hyperdimension Neptunia GBby Olrac Elgat
This is a fanfic for the Hyperdimension games, please note that any particular event is not CANON and is subject to change. Anyway lets get Neppin! Neptune a...
  • neptunia
  • lords
  • gamereferences
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Hyperdimension Neptunia Harem X Male Reader: Anime Edition. by Final-Shinji
Hyperdimension Neptunia Harem X Shinji Yamashita
I was thinking about making a Neptunia fanfic for quite sometime. Since the Desired series is a special series, I won't raid with any male OC's so it can be just you liv...
  • hyperdimension
  • neptunia
  • femaleoc
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[Hiatus] Neptunia x Reader Oneshot by Eliasion
[Hiatus] Neptunia x Reader Oneshotby Eliasion
Welcome to the Hyperdimension Neptunia x You! As the title says I, the author, will make stories where you will be paired up with a certain character of the part senario...
  • rom
  • noire
  • compa
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The Great Book of Nep One-Shots by CazTheWizard
The Great Book of Nep One-Shotsby CazTheWizard
Just a bunch of (Romantic?) one-shots involving the characters from the game/anime: Hyperdimension Neptunia. The cover belongs to Kurozero (I think...)
  • oneshot
  • neptunia
  • hyperdimension
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Book Of Scathachs OCs by ArchelausAndScathach
Book Of Scathachs OCsby Scathach
This is a book of my oc's
  • highschool
  • neptunia
  • fatezero
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Tsundere Or Yandere?XMale Reader by NitroplusXGame
Tsundere Or Yandere?XMale Readerby thomas sutanto
WARNING! this story contains 16+ and blood. proceed with any cost. the story about a true love from young boy ends with a case of murder one of their friends. Wonder w...
  • xmalereader
  • allcpucandidate
  • metalgearrisingrevengeance
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Neptunia Confessions by BALLSDEEP68
Neptunia Confessionsby JasonDeanJD
(Based off of the Twitter account of the same name),also YOU CAN DM ME IF YOU WANT ME TO POST SOMETHING HERE,NOBODY WILL KNOW IT'S YOU. -don't shoot the messenger.
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