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RWBY x Reader One-Shots by _FashionDreamer_
RWBY x Reader One-Shotsby Kandy Kat
the title is pretty self explanatory, but this is filled with RWBY Character x Reader One-Shots! Warning: Slow/Inconsistent Updates! Cover By: @PrincessLiLi444
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A Trading of Hearts: Cold becomes Warm, and Warm becomes Cold by BlueAceTrinity
A Trading of Hearts: Cold BlueAceTrinity
A male reader x Cheater Weiss Schnee book. DISCLAIMER: RWBY BELONGS TO ROOSTER TEETH YOU BELONG TO YOURSELF STORY PLOT BELONGS TO ME Why did she do this?........ How lo...
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Cloud Nine ↠ Remus Lupin  by gentleblues
Cloud Nine ↠ Remus Lupin by 𝑵𝑰𝑵𝑰
"My dear, the problem is that you love him so much, you would allow him to drag you all the way to hell if it meant you could hold his hand on the way down." [...
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The Incredible Neptunia (Hulk Male Reader X Hyperdimension Neptunia) by Heroesfan10009
The Incredible Neptunia (Hulk TheHeroicLegend2005
My First Marvel Story! Enjoy! Hulk Belongs to Marvel Comics, Jack Kirby, and Stan Lee Hyperdimension Neptunia Belongs to Idea Factory, Compile Heart, and Tsunako
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Hyperdimension Neptunia:Dx × (X Reader.)  (100% Complete) by SamuelBempong
Hyperdimension Neptunia:Dx × (X Sans.
An X reader Story. When a strong robot arrives in Planeptune mysteriously and the Neptune and her gang discover the robot, it's up to them to raise it as one of their ow...
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Neptune by todestroy
Neptuneby Enya.
"My mother called me Neptune, after the roman god of the sea. She had no idea..." 63 in Poetry on September 27th 2015.
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B1~ Keeper of the Seas (BxB) by BeAuthentic
B1~ Keeper of the Seas (BxB)by BeAuthentic
Five Keepers. Water, Fire, Nature, Sky, and Darkness. All powerful beings that were put to sleep long ago by humans. Tide, the ancient keeper of water, awakens to find h...
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Muserfruit/Loselk- A Muselk x Loserfruit fanfiction by Muserfruit
Muserfruit/Loselk- A Muselk x Muserfruit
The best thing alive.
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Five Nights at Neptunia 2. by SamuelBempong
Five Nights at Neptunia Sans.
The sequel to the series. After the events of the first five nights, you and a buddy in need of money head to another Pizzeria to survive another five nights in there fo...
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Chaotic Adventures  by boombabylololol
Chaotic Adventures by jirenthegrey
A young child by the name of (y/n) who lives a perfect life with his brother and friends,life was perfect,until, a couple of people came in and killed everyone in his ho...
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Zero Promises (Hyperdimension Neptunia X Male Reader) by UndesiredLeftovers
Zero Promises (Hyperdimension UndesiredLeftovers
When two certain goddesses fell into another world, they discover another person that was caught in the same situation.
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Trickster's Tail ~ Loki Laufeyson [COMPLETED] ✓ by TheRandomRhia
Trickster's Tail ~ Loki 𝔘𝔫𝔟𝔲𝔯𝔫𝔱
Ariel has grown bored with her life in Atlantis. Daughter to King Triton, Poesidon's only son, she's got big boots to fill - well, a tail to fill - but it's simply not t...
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RWBY CHIBI x Male reader by JDthebeast
RWBY CHIBI x Male readerby J. L . Donnelly
This is a spin-off from my male reader x Yang storyline. This is a Yang x male reader story! Enjoy this spin-off and have a great day! :) Please note that I don't own an...
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Thawed: Weiss x Male Reader by Arashi_Stories
Thawed: Weiss x Male Readerby Arashi
After a few hard years of life you have been invited to come to Beacon Academy. Though you joined the school a bit late you are doing everything in your power to catch u...
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Keep fighting  by ShippingOtakus
Keep fighting by ShippingOtakus
This is a collage AU about Weiss and Ruby. They start off hating each other but what happens when they both fall in love and become roommates. They meet a lot of great p...
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The Knight of Gameindustri (Hyperdimension Neptunia x Artoria's Son Male Reader) by KingJayJay82
The Knight of Gameindustri ( Just Anxther Lazy Authxr
(Y/N) Pendragon was the son of Artoria Pendragon and the brother to Mordred Pendragon. During the Holy Grail War (Y/N) had faced someone with a Noble Phantasm that sent...
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Oh, Brother of mine! by Doorknob986
Oh, Brother of mine!by Doorknob986
Vert has always been known to have a desire for one thing, a sibling. So, why not give her just that?
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Dimension Traveler ( A Hyperdimension Neptunia Story) by DekkaBacara
Dimension Traveler ( A Dekka Bacara
Dekka is a young man who just started to live his life as an adult. One day, he got transported to Gamindustri through a portal caused by an experiment that went wrong i...
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the forgotten friend ( male broken reader x massive Neptunia harem) by Arthurpendragon285
the forgotten friend ( male Arthur Pendragon, el avenger
Y/n L/n a Rookie who had a tough life alone and arrive few weeks only bump into nepgear the cpu candidate of planetune who quickly become friends along with rest, but on...
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The Mark of Athena by maishashaque
The Mark of Athenaby maishashaque
NOT REAL STORY AND ALL RIGHTS GO TO RICK RIORDAN: This is when they reunite. Percy Jackson and Jason Grace are here to make up the Prophecy of the Seven to defeat Gaea o...
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