Reckless // Matthew Espinosa by ayecalifornia
Reckless // Matthew Espinosa by ayecalifornia Fanfiction
"Yeah, But-" I tried to say. "No more buts. Just get your cute little butt to bed so we can cuddle." He commanded. People do crazy things just for th...
Jack Gilinsky's sister||M.E. by msnoodlesd
Jack Gilinsky's sister||M.E. by snoodles Fanfiction
Jack Gilinsky has a little sister? Kelsey Gilinsky is going to live with her brother for 2 months. In a house. Full of boys. Including Matthew Espinosa. Will they fall f...
Bullied (o2l / viners fanfic) by vianana_
Bullied (o2l / viners fanfic) by delatrinidaddy Fanfiction
Christine Pottorff , a 17 year old girl , is Sam Pottorff's sister. She had a wonderful life until she was forced to move in with her brother & his friends. She's been b...
Shawn Mendes Imagines by --riverphoenix
Shawn Mendes Imagines by ˗ˏˋ lo ˎˊ˗ Fanfiction
Imagines for the one and only Shawn Mendes. ♡ ------ All rights reserved @-Schistad 2015 [Number #90 in fanfiction 12-25-16]
Popular Girl ~ j.g by megan25__
Popular Girl ~ j.g by m Fanfiction
Being the most popular girl in school isn't all it's made out to be. Indigo Bartoli- leader of the popular gang finds that she has to make a hard choice on being what ev...
cameron dallas little sister • book 1 of cdls by RidinOnJerry
cameron dallas little sister • boo... by RidinOnJerry Fanfiction
Highest Rank: #19 First Book: Badly Written!! Read at your own risk LOL! Kaye is Cameron Dallas little sister. What happens when a few of the Magcon boys spend summer in...
step brother • {g.d} by cutedols
step brother • {g.d} by -r Fanfiction
im not supposed to like you this way
Roommates by Storywriter3736
Roommates by Storywriter3736 General Fiction
"Who are you?" I asked. "I'm your roommate." he said. Highest Rank: #1 in General Fiction on 10/8/17 Started: Apr. 23 2:47 p.m. Finished:
Magcon Groupchat by cali_chix
Magcon Groupchat by cali_chix Fanfiction
You have been added into a group chat. {O.G MAGCON GUYS}
publicity stunt | s.m by fuckyeahreddie
publicity stunt | s.m by a. Fanfiction
"nothing lasts forever nothing stays the same"
Instagram S.M by katpeterraul
Instagram S.M by katpeterraul Fanfiction
just read it lmao....
Running With The Boys{OG Magcon} by NiallsChonce14
Running With The Boys{OG Magcon} by .happy. Fanfiction
Lauren Bordelon is the daughter of Bart Bordelon. CEO of Magcon. She is faced with the choice of either going with her mom and her new boyfriend to see vineyards in Mexi...
Stay ≫ Jack Gilinsky by fxckgilinsky
Stay ≫ Jack Gilinsky by tash Fanfiction
its funny how sometimes the thing that we love the most can be the thing that kills us
Adopted By Magcon (completed) by paigedallas
Adopted By Magcon (completed) by paige Brooks Fanfiction
Warning; inappropriate language, sex, sex reference, suicidal thoughts and actions, self harm, cussing, physical abuse, and verbal abuse. Our second life is featured al...
Had Me at Hello (Shawn Mendes) by wildxminds
Had Me at Hello (Shawn Mendes) by ✌🏼 Fanfiction
♔ Had Me at Hello | s.m. ♔ One hello can bring a lifetime of happiness and an eternal fear of goodbye. warning: this story is trash. ***THIS STORY IS BEING EDITED. NO MA...
Texting magcon by -Cherry-Bombs-
Texting magcon by 🍒 Fanfiction
"Are you a whale? Cause we can hump back at my place." • [©] • -cherry-bombs- • 2017 •
instagram; multi ✔️ by bbabyhayleyy
instagram; multi ✔️ by hayley Random
karman becomes best friends with madison beer and the whole gang
Instagram // Colby Brock by magcon_bruh
Instagram // Colby Brock by magcon_bruh Fanfiction
Scotland James is a 17 year old youtuber and model who grows up on social media. But she meets a boy who changes her life. For the better? For the worst? d...
shawn mendes imagines by -badreputation
shawn mendes imagines by lex Fanfiction
imagine a world where you and shawn could do whatever you want and be whoever you want to be. that's a world i want to live in. what about you? published: march 20, 2016...
texting magcon {s.m} by benitoisdaddy
texting magcon {s.m} by benitoisdaddy Fanfiction
Some people arrive and make such a beautiful impact on your life, you can barely remember what life was without them. • Kylie was a girl who always thought that true fri...