I'm Not Yours, Alpha GXG by xXFallen_EmpireXx
I'm Not Yours, Alpha GXGby just groovin
"She flashed me a smug grin and strutted off, leaving a trail of dumbfounded on lookers and one very, very flustered me." _________________________________ Ash...
  • gxg
  • werewolf
  • highschool
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Carnal Devotion (Lesbian Stories) Smut  by MyiamLove
Carnal Devotion (Lesbian Stories)...by The Wordsmith💋
For some, its like a drug. A constant craving that demands relief. For otheres, its a duty. A bred obligation to their people. But for me, its a unsatisfyable hunger. Th...
  • random
  • girlxgirl
  • sexyteasers
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In This House (gxg) ( Lesbian ) ( Gay ) (girlxgirl) (lgbt) by Mang_e
In This House (gxg) ( Lesbian ) (...by Blah
Aubrey and Alexis are about to become step sisters. Aubrey's mother is marrying Alexis's father in less than a year. With the parents insisting on combining households...
  • drama
  • lesbianstories
  • lesbian
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Truth or Dare ||Lesbian Story|| ||First Book||『EDITING』 by Sophia_Knight389
Truth or Dare ||Lesbian Story|| ||...by Sophia Cac
《UNDER A MAJOR EDITING》 Sophia Miami lives loving herself as a bisexual, but never found herself in relationship. She forgotten everything about her past ever since sh...
  • lgbt
  • fiction
  • romance
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She's Not Normal (Camren) by CrownedDirection
She's Not Normal (Camren)by ✖ljp ✖️
A small girl catches my attention one day during lunch and I can't seemed to get her off my mind. My new friends and others advise me to stay away from the brunette. I'm...
  • cabello
  • jauregui
  • camilacabello
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Play For You (GirlxGirl) by ImThatSamGirl
Play For You (GirlxGirl)by Sam Smith
Riley's past isn't something most kids go through. Bad things happened, but when she got older, her dad decided it was best to move, and get away from something that see...
  • sport
  • soccer
  • lgbt
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Skyris {GirlXGirl} by smoaka16
Skyris {GirlXGirl}by smoaka16
Though once at peace their world is now rising in war. The Deamons and Angelo both have mighty kingdoms secluded to their own races, run by monarchy's. And just like ev...
  • sciencefiction
  • sifi
  • fantasy
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Lady And The Tramp (Lauren/You) by _Grakie_
Lady And The Tramp (Lauren/You)by ♛ⒼⓇⒶⓀⒾⒺ
The war was horrible. Disgusting. My kind wiping out all humans from the face of the earth. We were known as monsters. Werewolves. Unnatural. A freak of nature. A Tramp...
  • allybroke
  • camilacabello
  • laurenjauregui
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Talk Me Down by ChocolateDrop1628
Talk Me Downby Darlene
Tobi. A intersex girl trying to make it through her life of abuse, neglect, and misery. --------------------------- Tatiana. Your typical Queen B without the bitchy att...
  • lgbtq
  • comfort
  • lesbianstories
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Demi's Surrender (BDSM Lesbian Stories)  by FireStarterXx
Demi's Surrender (BDSM Lesbian Sto...by FireStarterXx
The morning after getting engaged, tragedy strikes a young couple. Brittany must find out how to live her fat to day life without the instruction she's dependent on. T...
  • sexy
  • bondage
  • drama
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Loving Anna : ✓ by Autumn_Breeze
Loving Anna : ✓by Autumn Breeze
Amelia Kurt was different. And she knew it. That didn't stop her from loving her best friend, Annabelle Johnson. They spent an entire summer making love, and growing int...
  • lesbianstories
  • lgbt
  • samelove
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Captive (Vampire Lesbian Stories) by FireStarterXx
Captive (Vampire Lesbian Stories)by FireStarterXx
Several decades after a horrible plane crash that supposedly claimed the life of a beautiful young brunette at the peak of her career, she appears in a very curious situ...
  • captive
  • love
  • fate
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Her Heart's Keeper (GirlxGirl) by BiegeHeartx
Her Heart's Keeper (GirlxGirl)by biege
"You have a place in her heart that I could never erase no matter how hard I'll try, " Italy spoke through gritted teeth, her anger starting to overtake her...
  • mate
  • alpha
  • lesbian
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Loving my Physics Teacher(girlxgirl) by PeanutButterNinja
Loving my Physics Teacher(girlxgir...by Nacho
Nina, goes to a new school which her mom picked for her. At first she hated on moving to a new school because in her previous school she got a girlfriend and she dumped...
  • studentxteacher
  • lesbian
  • gxg
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Broken [Lesbian Story] by ImKorra
Broken [Lesbian Story]by M. D. Morrison
*** "Very heart touching and heart wrenching story." "Such an amazing story!" "How endearing!" ______________ Amelia Jones has been let dow...
  • mystery
  • girlxgirl
  • love
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Lovely Pain (Lesbian Stories) by Rare-Raee
Lovely Pain (Lesbian Stories)by Rare-Raee
Dillen Milo is 19, she's living the dream of any teen in the world as a famous YouTube sensation. Yet all she does is sit around all day in her apartment, watching movie...
  • youtuber
  • gxg
  • famous
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Immortality (Vampire Lesbian Stories)  by FireStarterXx
Immortality (Vampire Lesbian Stori...by FireStarterXx
♥Captive ♥Freedom ♥Immortality Katie has been offered happily ever after on a silver platter, or in this case, in the form of a silver ring, but nothing is ever as simpl...
  • supernatural
  • bond
  • mystery
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Indecent Dance: Indecent Series #1 : ✓ by Autumn_Breeze
Indecent Dance: Indecent Series #1...by Autumn Breeze
• WATTPAD FEATURED STORY • • COSMOPOLITAN FEATURED STORY • Alaska Bennett is in hiding. Her face used to plaster billboards across the globe. Now it mostly scowls...
  • lesbian
  • ballet
  • lesbianstory
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Art Girls (Lesbian Story) by secretsneverleft
Art Girls (Lesbian Story)by ✪secretsneverleft✪
Art girls. Who can take this world and put depth to a feeling, who can take a moment and forever put it on a canvas. Katie Copeland, a daughter and a triplet of two othe...
  • teenfiction
  • gxg
  • girlswholikegirls
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The New Girl (Lauren/You) by CMH727
The New Girl (Lauren/You)by boo.
It's your senior year. You've finally made it. In a few months you'll be considered an adult and officially out in the real world. But first you have to make it through...
  • random
  • fifthharmony
  • allybrooke
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