Bathrooms || Jihan [Editing] by SvtLuvly
Bathrooms || Jihan [Editing]by 4.8.90-12.18.17
Joshua decided to come out to his parents once he graduated highchool, so he did. It didn't go as planned and he found himself crying in an empty bathroom stall until so...
  • wattys2017
  • jeonghan
  • jisoo
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Know You Well~ JIHAN by Jeonghanslostwings
Know You Well~ JIHANby
Whenever Yoon Jeonghan cries, Hong Jisoo is always there. As bestfriends or more Joshua loves his company. "I've known you for 10 years and you are my hero...and yo...
  • seventeenboyxboy
  • seventeenships
  • boyxboy
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thirst | y.jh + h.js by -staraless
thirst | y.jh + h.jsby ♡
new jihan fic. // may or may not include other ships > enjoy <
  • blood
  • vampire
  • jihan
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ʚ seventeen chatroom ɞ by MOCHWI
ʚ seventeen chatroom ɞby tulip
❝ no one asked for your onion. ❞ ❝ opinion. damn autocorrect. ❞ ; - in which seventeen talks online in a chatroom ; completed with 35 chatrooms + 4 chapters + 1 special...
  • kpop
  • meanie
  • jihan
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midnight▪지한 by xXthiccbootaeXx
midnight▪지한by 김민지
Jisoo falls in love with a mysterious fragile yet beautiful girl that goes by the name Cheonsa... But what he doesn't know is that Cheonsa is actually a crossdresser nam...
  • jeonghan
  • abuse
  • 지한
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Addicted - Jihan by hoshiyoshimochi
Addicted - Jihanby The Names, J.
One's a sugar daddy, the other's a sex addict. What happens when you combine two things?
  • sexaddict
  • yoonjeonghan
  • hongjisoo
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The Boy On The Cliff | SoonHoon [COMPLETED] by svt_minghao
The Boy On The Cliff | SoonHoon [C...by JunHao
Jihoon, the abandoned, lost boy in the forest. Jihoon finds himself looking at a boy at the edge of a cliff from behind a tree. He was found. Raised again living a new...
  • soonhoon
  • junhao
  • meanie
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ToRn(Taekook/Vkook) by mirandabtsvanmeter
ToRn(Taekook/Vkook)by beauTAEfulKOOKIE
Jungkook and his eight friends are on their way to school. "Hey guys, we're supposed to get like 9 new students sometime soon."said Baekhyun "We never ge...
  • namjin
  • yoonmin
  • soonhoon
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The Fallen by KatieTwo3
The Fallenby Cathy Kim
Taking a morning run that Sunday, Joshua found a naked person lying unconsciously on the cold concrete floor of the subdivision he was living. Upon checking on the perso...
  • angel
  • fantasy
  • jihan
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seventeen the type ㅡotp ver. by RADIOTALK
seventeen the type ㅡotp ver.by kiru
fluff with svt otps updates (almost) everyday. (most) of these are from tumblr and i just add names and tweak it a bit. #1 in some tags [meanie, jicheol, junhao, jeongc...
  • meanie
  • soonhoon
  • boonon
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Excuse Me | Verkwan by hoshiyoshimochi
Excuse Me | Verkwanby The Names, J.
Seungkwan has a major crush on Hansol. Problem is Hansol is the most popular guy in school, not just that he's the worst player out there. Everyone who's gotten with him...
  • chancheol
  • hansol
  • chwevernonhansol
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Head Over Heels For You | Meanie by sweaterpawwonwoo
Head Over Heels For You | Meanieby Emma
Mingyu's in love with Wonwoo but doesn't realise it. Wonwoo's in love with Mingyu and he knows it. The thing is that Mingyu doesn't know about his feelings for Wonwoo...
  • soonhoon
  • dino
  • seokmin
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Seventeen Chatroom  by Seventeen_Panda
Seventeen Chatroom by Seventeen_Panda
13 idiots in a chatroom
  • seventeen
  • chatroom
  • soonhoon
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Runaways Seventeen fanfic (Jihan, Soonhoon, Minhui, Meanie, Verkwan, Chancheol) by l00-05-18l
Runaways Seventeen fanfic (Jihan...by Just me
The seventeen boys are all runaways from either their poor family life or their foster homes. They're all broken in some way, looking for people to just care for them, a...
  • seventeen
  • jihan
  • boyxboy
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teen,age | seventeen chatroom by mochikkoi
teen,age | seventeen chatroomby wu guangmin
thirteen highschoolers skipping school to go to a beach is probably not the best idea, especially when theyre all kinda gay for each other.
  • kimmingyu
  • xuminghao
  • booseungkwan
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Hwarang X Reader by ImABibeh
Hwarang X Readerby 💓It's Pauline💓
This is a story of Park (Y/N) where all she have to do is protect Ah-Ro from any harm. She protect Ah-Ro for she was told to do so by Ah-Ro's father Master Ahn Ji for a...
  • yeowool
  • hwarang
  • minho
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Unrequited love : Soonhoon || Hozi by Kpopisheartue
Unrequited love : Soonhoon || Hoziby 유다으완아이랍으♥
Unrequited (adjective) : not returned by someone else : not reciprocated in kind
  • soonhoon
  • woozi
  • wooshi
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Shout Out To My Ex | SoonHoon by hoshiyoshimochi
Shout Out To My Ex | SoonHoonby The Names, J.
"This is a shout out to my ex!" I said. Then I started singing. "Shout out to my ex, you're really quite the man. You made my heart brake and that made me...
  • verkwan
  • jihoon
  • korea
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Wonderland | Junhao by sweaterpawwonwoo
Wonderland | Junhaoby Emma
[Book 1 of Wonderland series] Minghao was a teenager who was curious about everything. One day, he sat under a huge white tree. he fell into a hole which was under the t...
  • minghao
  • jeonghan
  • junhao
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The Silent Shipper [JIHAN] by eternal_jihan
The Silent Shipper [JIHAN]by eternal_jihan
"Some ships are really meant to sail." --- Jihan fan fiction by eternal_jihan
  • shuahan
  • meanie
  • jisoo
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