Excuse Me - Verkwan by hoshiyoshimochi
Excuse Me - Verkwan by J Fanfiction
Seungkwan has a major crush on Hansol. Problem is Hansol is the most popular guy in school, not just that he's the worst player out there. Everyone who's gotten with him...
seventeen the type ° otp ver. by -seokmins
seventeen the type ° otp ver. by k i r u Fanfiction
fuff with svt otps updates (almost) everyday. (most) of these are from tumblr and i just add names and tweak it a bit. #1 in some tags [meanie, jicheol, junhao, jeongch...
SOSMED ABSURD [svt] by hoshit15
SOSMED ABSURD [svt] by kaena. Fanfiction
(Kisah mereka berawal dari sini) start; sep 30, 2016 ©2016 by hoshit15
Hwarang X Reader by ImABibeh
Hwarang X Reader by 💓It's Pauline💓 Fanfiction
This is a story of Park (Y/N) where all she have to do is protect Ah-Ro from any harm. She protect Ah-Ro for she was told to do so by Ah-Ro's father Master Ahn Ji for a...
🍼baby daddy🍼 by cherryhoon
🍼baby daddy🍼 by ✿chan✿ Fanfiction
🍼"I'm pregnant, problem is, you're the daddy."🍼 seventeen mpreg drabbles
the ending begins • verkwan by WishBoo
the ending begins • verkwan by wish Fanfiction
❝we were all long-ago destinied into a story with nothing, but everything.❞ • aesthetic • ➳ also includes- meanie, jeongcheol, soonhoon, junhao ➳ story is aesthtic and p...
Secretly watching you | Jihan by sweaterpawwonwoo
Secretly watching you | Jihan by Emma 🌹 Fanfiction
[Book 2 of wonderland series] Jeonghan has been secretly watching over Joshua everytime he comes. [slow updates]
enfants. by -weien
enfants. by winnie the pooh Fanfiction
wonwoo just wanted a happy life, what more could he ask?
Soonhoon|| Hozi : Who's who? by Kpopisheartue
Soonhoon|| Hozi : Who's who? by 유다으완아이랍으♥ Fanfiction
▌│█║▌║▌║ Woozi & Hoshi ║▌║▌║█│▌ ❝But Jihoon is my best friend only.❞ ❝He already have Hoshi.❞ ❝ Can you not mention him in this conversation???!??!?!??!❞ ❝If you only kn...
Seventeen Chatroom | Seventeen fanfic by dabhao
Seventeen Chatroom | Seventeen fan... by Emma Fanfiction
gayhui: guys im gay gayhui: for minghao ;) Death: we know jun Death: u fucked him last night Ships: chancheol, jihan, junhao, meanie, verkwan, soonhoon
No F.U.N by RemixMozart
No F.U.N by Venus Fanfiction
Thirteen teachers and one hell of a school.
Operation Soonhoon - k.sy + l.jh by sooniejihoon
Operation Soonhoon - k.sy + l.jh by Actual living TRASH Fanfiction
Yoon Jeonghan has a single friend. Choi Seungcheol has a single friend. Well, what could possible go wrong with setting these two single Pringles up?
apartment block 17 » svt by hosaki
apartment block 17 » svt by もち Fanfiction
in which the members of seventeen live in the same apartment block ; and shit happens. *:・゚✧ currently... editing? // on hold till nov~dec!
Pretty U [ Mingyu FF ] by JoJo_Kpoplover
Pretty U [ Mingyu FF ] by Jolyn Fanfiction
"You're ugly " were the only words that came out of his mouth. "You're pretty " was what his heart said. {COMPLETED}
Wonderland | Junhao by sweaterpawwonwoo
Wonderland | Junhao by Emma 🌹 Fanfiction
[Book 1 of Wonderland series] Minghao was a teenager who was curious about everything. One day, he sat under a huge white tree. he fell into a hole which was under the t...
Poison (JiHan) by MyGentleman17
Poison (JiHan) by My Gentleman 17 Fanfiction
"Ten en cuenta que el pasado ya no puede cambiar, pero las personas sí pueden hacerlo". Personajes principales: Joshua, JeongHan. Paring: JiHan. Otras mencione...
Hwarang: Another Hwarang Story by Bts_wings115
Hwarang: Another Hwarang Story by Bts_wings115 Fanfiction
(You) Yeon Hee, are the daughter of the deceased King of Silla's friend. Your father died because of the King and now you want revenge on his son, Sam Maek Jong. Each da...
hong jisoo. by 02YOONGS
hong jisoo. by a🍒 Fanfiction
❝ Jeonghan was the only person to make 'Hong Jisoo'- the name that he always hated- look so good.❞ jihan. 02YOONGS©
HER OVER FLOWER by diela90_
HER OVER FLOWER by diela90_ Romance
Apa agaknya kesudahan di antara Dania Raisya dan Jihan Amri setelah khabar angin tentang mereka tersebar ke seluruh malaysia? Pelbagai cabaran dan perkara menarik telah...
We're Not Friends, We're Strangers With Memories : Soonhoon || Hozi [COMPLETED] by Kpopisheartue
We're Not Friends, We're Strangers... by 유다으완아이랍으♥ Fanfiction
▌│█║▌║▌║ L. Jihoon & K. Soonyoung ║▌║▌║█│ ❝ωє'яє иσt fяiєиdѕ.❞ ❝ωє'яє ѕтяαиgєяs ωiтн мємσяiєѕ.❞ ➤#215 Fanfiction - 25.06.16