Instagram 2 | A.I by skatesgucci
Instagram 2 | A.I by femke Fanfiction
ashtonirwin send you a dm. ashtonirwin: i miss you sequel to instagram | a.i highest rank: #27 in fanfiction
dentist ⇒ luke hemmings by theaesthete
dentist ⇒ luke hemmings by #7 Fanfiction
❝I asked you to open your mouth, love. Not your legs.❞ - In which Blue gets driven into a sexually intimate relationship with her new orthodontist.
5SOS Preferences by calumshipslarry
front row • l.h by artsyroses
front row • l.h by sophie Fanfiction
"who the fuck is a 5 seconds of summer?"
Princess - lrh by illicitluke
Princess - lrh by elle Fanfiction
hailey dawson has a problem. a major problem. she can't stop fantasizing about a man. a man she can't have, ever her stepfather. ♡ ♡ ♡ - Warning: Slight age gap, lots o...
The Adolescent | luke by lovebitelh
The Adolescent | luke by 🕊babygirl cai🕊 Fanfiction
"Love isn't a concept of time. Love knows no limit. Love knows no boundaries. And, fore-mostly, love is unconditional. But how we define love is opinionated. And so...
Lashton 2017  by lashtonsflicker
Lashton 2017 by lizzy Random
Here to fill your lashton needs as lashton happens and as i get ideas for lashton chapters ☀︎
Girls Problem by graffyti
Girls Problem by awash panash Fanfiction
"Gue gendut." "Terus apa masalahnya? Gue tetep sayang kok sama lo."
catfish // mgc  by sunnyvee
catfish // mgc by . Fanfiction
catfish : someone who pretends to be someone they're not on the internet • all images/gifs are from tumblr, they are NOT mine unless i say so!!!! • you can check out som...
baby girl || a.i by cliffordseyebrow
baby girl || a.i by Sarah Fanfiction
falling in love with your kidnapper has it's struggles. (Ashton Irwin AU)
babysitter • cth by alexshems
babysitter • cth by shems ♡ Fanfiction
i knew it was wrong, but it felt right to me.
faking| l.h| by lukefivesohs
faking| l.h| by lukefivesohs Fanfiction
In which a girl asks a boy to be her fake boyfriend just to make her ex jealous.
vanilla // lrh by covened
vanilla // lrh by k Fanfiction
vanilla; normal and boring sex. used by more sexually adventerous people kinked to describe the dull sex had by the unimaginative person A. "I got some last night...
5SOS Smut (From Tumblr) by marvel5sostrash
5SOS Smut (From Tumblr) by natalie Fanfiction
This is an assortment of smut that I got from tumblr.
Kink // Luke Hemmings by fan_ficts
Kink // Luke Hemmings by basic bitch Fanfiction
"You have a what?" "A kink." "What the fuck is a kink?" "Oh,'re so innocent..." *_*_*_*_*_*_*_*_*_*_*_*_*_*_*...
fuck me up :: 5sos bxb smut by -lashtoff
fuck me up :: 5sos bxb smut by outdated meme Fanfiction
"hi i'd like one order of fuck me up fam" © -lashtoff 2017
instagram c.h || ongoing by dimpleirwinn
instagram c.h || ongoing by ∗˚೫˳(●ᴖ͙̏ᴗॢᴖ͙̋●)˳೫˚∗ Fanfiction
" who are you and why does all of 5sos follow you? "
dear teacher, :: lashton au by noctivagant
dear teacher, :: lashton au by — bitch Fanfiction
the story where ashton irwin writes his teacher multiple notes; furthermore, these notes go unappreciated by the religious churchgoer as the man becomes confused with hi...
Opposites Attract (Calum Hood A.U.) by schylerhood
Opposites Attract (Calum Hood A.U.) by Schyler Fanfiction
Calum is the perfect human being. Top student, soccer captain, and with a face made from heaven. All girls in Willow High are swooning over him, including June. They a...
INSTAGRAM || Zach Herron by -MaraisManiac