| Only One | L.P [ON HOLD] by _XbaarbaraX_
| Only One | L.P [ON HOLD] by Fanfiction
"I don't believe you" "Trust me, you are the only one..."
The Personal Trainer's Ex Girlfriend {Interracial Curvy Romance} by CoriAlston19944
The Personal Trainer's Ex Girlfrie... by Cori Alston ChickLit
YouTuber Kehlani Brown, who represents from Brooklyn, NY and moved to Shirley, NY with her family ever since she was a child, which is the city where she met her then bo...
Staying Afloat | Radish + Wattpad by ginawriter
Staying Afloat | Radish + Wattpad by gina Teen Fiction
• the sequel to Boot Camp. note: updates for this book are further ahead on Radish • Two summers after quirky and unconfident Whitney first stepped foot onto the grounds...
Changed ✧ s.w by _teona
Changed ✧ s.w by teona Fanfiction
"Oh so you didn't want me in 7th grade, but you want me now?" In which a girl who was once obese and had a tonne of acne in 7th grade is now in 12th grade and...
Transformation by S_Clifton
Transformation by S. Clifton Mystery / Thriller
When shy Veronica embarks on a road trip in the summer of 1964 her life is transformed when a freakish turn of events abruptly freezes her age at twenty-one. Years late...
Fit girl how to by simxxne
Fit girl how to by Simmie Fanfiction
-body positive book -#1 fitness tip acc on instgram @fitgirlhowtos -tumblr //fitgirlhowtosx // -spotify //fitgirlhowtos //
Moist by Maddy93
Moist by Mandy Fanfiction
Ein Stickiger Raum. Viele Menschen. Viel Alkohol und laute Musik. Sie erlebt ihre erotische Erweckung, und das nur wegen Ihm. Diese Nacht soll für beide unvergesslich w...
Fit Girl How To 2 by simxxne
Fit Girl How To 2 by Simmie Fanfiction
Book 2 of the FGHT series✨ -body positive book -#1 fitness tip acc on instgram @fitgirlhowtos -tumblr //fitgirlhowtosx // -spotify //fitgirlhowtos //
Fit Together (A Niall Horan Fan Fiction) by sourpunchstraws93
Fit Together (A Niall Horan Fan Fi... by sourpunchstraws93 Fanfiction
Charlie Hill, a recent college graduate, is ready to take on the world as a fitness trainer. She has landed an internship with family friend Mark Jarvis for the summer i...
Fitness everyday by dailyyfitness
Fitness everyday by dailyyfitness Teen Fiction
This book is for all those teen girls who think that they want to get fit but are too lazy to do so because honestly who got that energy
Diet & Exercise by CutePandaHugs
Diet & Exercise by Liz Random
diet tips and exercises to help lose weight I am not a trainer nor a nutritious *some may not be viewed as a healthy weight loss*
exercise + diet • tips by txreestri
exercise + diet • tips by ⋆ᴺᴱᵛᴱᴿ ᶠᴬᴸᴸ⋆ Random
This will be full of things that help you lose weight, become fit, and become stronger. DISCLAIMER: I am not a professional, and I do not own any pictures/videos used in...
Say You'll Stay by _OneErection
Say You'll Stay by Amanda Fanfiction
*Warning: Contains Explicit Content - Imagine making someone fall in love with you twice. When Harry and Savannah cross paths, their connection is undeniable. After life...
The Guide To (Pretty Much) Everything by TessTheGeek
The Guide To (Pretty Much) Everyth... by TessTheGeek Random
Are you wanting tips on life, health, boys, and other things? Then you have come to the right place! In this book you will find tips, advice, and tricks on multiple sub...
Fitness Motivation by GobsmackedTacos
Fitness Motivation by ella.a Random
This book is full of little quotes and motivational tips to get you up and moving to get fit and healthy. With the occasional workout to help you along the way.
Gymnastics = NO LIFE by Leah_rose_r13
Gymnastics = NO LIFE by Leah Rose x Humor
Beam... Bars... Floor... Vault... I can do things you drop your jaw at the sight of. I can do things that you would die doing. I can compete at international levels. I c...
Skinny Me by CharCarr
Skinny Me by Charlene Carr ChickLit
Jennifer Carpenter dreams of being a different person - A person with confidence, a person with beauty, a person who weighs a heck of a lot less. At twenty-seven, her wo...
How to Lose Weight without Even Trying by Willamina
How to Lose Weight without Even Tr... by Will Random
With New Years coming right around the corner, thousands of people will make a resolution to lose weight, but only 3% of them reach their goal. So, with my "wealth...
The Sparks We Once Had.  by KeivonBaldwin
The Sparks We Once Had. by Keivon Baldwin General Fiction
What do you do when love somebody but you not in love with them anymore. Do stay or leave.
Farewell, Fatty by bubblygummii
Farewell, Fatty by V ChickLit
Highest Ranking: #316 in ChickLit Tia Summers, possibly the fattest girl in Sunny Hills High, is finally determined to slim down. The reason? She's in love with Bradley...