Im Back Bitches by welll_fukkk_meee_
Im Back Bitchesby kayla.
Taylor Evans was always picked on. She was the girl who everyone pushed around. She was the nerdy girl in the corner who no one actually liked. But something happened. S...
  • fighting
  • death
  • fights
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A Lot Has Changed by jamgirl4
A Lot Has Changedby jamgirl4
Danielle has just moved back to her home town during her senior year of high school. Her family moved away when Danielle was in the middle of 9th grade. She was the shy...
  • moving
  • romance
  • makeover
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I'm back by wahag5
I'm backby #GIRLPOWER
(I do take a long time to update so sorry) Meet Aimee Lewis, she is your average teenage girl. She got bullied since she started middle school, but one day she decided t...
  • cheating
  • romance
  • school
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Bad Girl VS. The Player by hisracingheart
Bad Girl VS. The Playerby racingheart
  • fiction
  • bết
  • stopped
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She's Dangerous by waenker
She's Dangerousby raye
When Reese is rejected by her mate due to looks and social status, she does the one thing she thinks of. She runs. What she didn't expect that when everything is going p...
  • dangerous
  • rejected
  • mate
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Nerd Turned To Rebel by Nicole_Leigh3
Nerd Turned To Rebelby heaven_nicole
| UNDER MAJOR EDITING | Hannah Benson is picked on by everyone in the school. They do there pranks and call names but one day the Queen-Bee ,Ashley takes a prank to far...
  • bad
  • love
  • hate
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Even Goody Two-Shoes Have Secrets by BraveNewWriter
Even Goody Two-Shoes Have Secretsby BraveNewWriter
Her name is Melanie Clark and she’s a goody two-shoes. She’s always followed the rules. In fact, she’s a bit of a moralist. Never been kissed, never snuck out, and never...
  • tale
  • pervert
  • scar
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Jayda // Quincy Brown(Combs)Story// by Hot_topic_jada
Jayda // Quincy Brown(Combs)Story//by خوبصورت پاگلپن
I finished washing myself and stepped out the shower. I screamed when I seen Quincy sitting on the toilet stool. I quickly covered my private parts while he held a stern...
  • love
  • changed
  • featured
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Changed by booksiebooksie
Changedby Nepsa Rae
**Book One** Everything looked different, though not one thing had changed. I was still me. I was still the best goalie on our high school soccer team. I was still numbe...
  • gay
  • love
  • boyxboy
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Random things by KylieH_taco
Random thingsby Kylie Hutchins
TAGGED and other stuff
  • tge
  • random
  • youtube
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What You Created  by xera_baba
What You Created by xera_baba
Julian Young was born last into the alpha family of the Blue Blood Pack. Ever since he was young he always felt that he didn't belong in his family, he always felt he wa...
  • running
  • war
  • vampires
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Can't be tamed- a Naruto fanfiction by Babywolf-Lover
Can't be tamed- a Naruto fanfictionby Elisha
Summary: When Naru turned 8 years old, she was beaten horribly and tried to die but Kurama didn't allow her, instead he took over and merged with her living as the child...
  • language
  • missions
  • control
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The Moon Huntress by Green_Crow
The Moon Huntressby Green Crow
Who would have thought she would see two pairs of eyes identical to hers. They thought she was long dead, and she wanted to stay out of their lives for multiple reasons...
  • femalealpha
  • hurt
  • blamed
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Almost human by RGnumber14
Almost humanby RG
It's bright yellow eyes bored into mine. I couldn't believe what I was seeing, what I originally believed to be a bear, due to its massive size, seemed to be a wolf the...
  • werewolf
  • beast
  • mate
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Back in Time to Save the World by sarahta1324
Back in Time to Save the Worldby Sarah Ta
Read ALL Description! Tsunade has given Sakura a forbidden jutsu that was created by the previous hokages. Her mission is to change Sasuke from following Orochimaru so t...
  • konoha
  • timetravel
  • tsunade
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Changed // jikook by taestybaek
Changed // jikookby angie ((:
park jimin, a third-year art major in college, crosses paths with a withdrawn, first-year, jeon jungkook.
  • jungkook
  • jikook
  • changed
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The Prince's Temporary Wife by DreamScribbler
The Prince's Temporary Wifeby シンシアケイ
She was a humble girl who lost her mother. He was the luckiest guy that ever lived. She has a younger brother to feed. His father wanted the best girl there was for him...
  • wealthy
  • sacrifices
  • changed
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changed bad boy by XDeveneyX
changed bad boyby Deveney
Ross had always been the bad boy of his school. His siblings usually just followed him around. But one day everything changes. He usually never talked to a girl like her...
  • changed
  • lynch
  • boy
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Changed (Lauren/You) by h_g_13
Changed (Lauren/You)by h_g_13
Settling down was something that the school's badass never imagined she'd be doing in her life. Lauren Jauregui only figured she would have her fling then move onto the...
  • fanfiction
  • gxg
  • changed
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Changed by zijabi
Changedby ✨
#4 in Spiritual 6/24/16 Sofia Ali is a 17 year old girl that attends to Doyen High School. Her life has been anything but out of the ordinary, everything has fallen...
  • muslim
  • muslimlovestory
  • drama
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