My Mother's Boss (BoyxBoy) {#Wattys2016} by Thebloodygrimmreaper
My Mother's Boss (BoyxBoy) {#Watty... by Ash General Fiction
It started with an assignement for school. Shadow a parent for a month. Sounds easy right? Wrong. Levy Newark just wanted the month to be over when the assignmen...
The Lone Survivor by thatspecialteen
The Lone Survivor by thatspecialteen Vampire
"You sure he's here?" "Yeah, I'm sure. Can't you smell him? And haven't you heard about the young leopard shifter who's been spotted around these parts? T...
My Twin Mates by Water_Doodles
My Twin Mates by Water_Doodles Fanfiction
Hello Harry Potter here. This is the story of my mates George and Fred Wesley and I hope you love it as much as I do because it's still happening for me.
Its Not Always Okay, Life Is Hard ( Clair's Story ) by Alkw123
Its Not Always Okay, Life Is Hard... by Alkw123 Teen Fiction
This is the story of Clair. She is a tough and intelligent 13 year old. She was always raised like that. After a tragic accident, Clair was sent to an orphanage. Soon en...
Belonging To Them (boyxboyxboyxboy) by thescene
Are You Scared Of Me? (boyxboy) by lceRose
Are You Scared Of Me? (boyxboy) by Emo Friend Science Fiction
Virus was locked up, chained up or tied up his whole life. Being the only werewolf in his town was hard. He was forced to live in is wolf from 1 till he was 15. One day...
Two Strangers of brothers...(BoyxBoyxBoy) by BoyxBoyequalsLove
Two Strangers of brothers...(BoyxB... by Blaze Teen Fiction
Jamie has grown up his whole life an only child until one day his mom tells him he has siblings. Two older brothers to be exact. He soon is sent off to get to know them...
(COMPLETED) Our Tiny Mate (boyxboyxboy) by TanyaHasNoLife
(COMPLETED) Our Tiny Mate (boyxboy... by TanyaHasNoLife Werewolf
Hey i have no clue what to write here soooo if you want to find out how the story goes you know what to do..... read on!!!! Enjoy!! Credit to AnijahRosser for my amazin...
Three Lovers by LovingProdigies
Three Lovers by • anya • Werewolf
Connor has always been considered the runt of the Pack. His family were traitors to the Pack, dying when he was but a young child- forever branding him as filth on a sho...
Lets Play (boyxboyxboy) by lceRose
Lets Play (boyxboyxboy) by Emo Friend Teen Fiction
Jamie was an orphan. He had No Friends, No Family. When he turned 16 he was kicked out onto the street where a young boy named Tommy finds him. Begging for his parents t...
Restless In Hiding (Boyxboyxboy) by WriterrAttHeartt
Restless In Hiding (Boyxboyxboy) by Wanderlust Writer Werewolf
In the realm of the human world, there has been arising suspicion of the authenticity of mythical creatures that have been told through a variety of myths for centuries...
Mute Howls by fallenshift
Mute Howls by Dino Smiles🚩 Werewolf
~~ Completed ~~ ͓̊('๑•ω•๑)ɞ₎₎ What happens when you have an abusive father, and pack but no mother? It all started when April's mother died when she was only 6 during a...
Vampire prince and his new pet.....neko?  (boyxboy) by leelee-the-neko
Vampire prince and his new pet... by leelee-the-neko Vampire
the vampire prince saves a boy from being attacked, he plans on having him for a meal but finds out isn't exactly a boy. he is a neko! once he figures this out he plans...
Mate (boyxboyxboy) by XxmimaexX
Mate (boyxboyxboy) by XxmimaexX Werewolf
HELLO! First question. What would you do if your whole world shattered cos of two SUPER hot guys who just happened to be werewolves and you were their mate? You are a hu...
Deadly silence(boyxboy)(under editing) by hayright
Deadly silence(boyxboy)(under edit... by hayright Werewolf
Train,a werewolf, is weak or so everyone thinks. When the 2 most powerful alphas come into town everything starts to look up for train until of course he met them. Turns...
Two Sides To One:(BoyxBoyxBoy)(MPreg)(Werewolf,Witch,Vampire) by LuvableJ
Two Sides To One:(BoyxBoyxBoy)(MPr... by FameNFortune Romance
Devlin Moriarity Was Shy And Simply To Die For But Was Not Liked By Anyone because Was Not Your Typical Witch His Powers Never Seem To Grow ,So He Is Shunned By Everyone...
Little One by niallsbabygirl17
Little One by niallsbabygirl17 Fanfiction
this is gonna be a FredxGeorgexHarry because I don't see a lot of them no matter where I look. First chapter will be the description. Don't like it don't read. No smut...
Undying Love (boyxboyxboy) by thescene
A submissive and his masters (boyxboyxboy)(LGBT)(bdsm) by Xlove_is_loveX
A submissive and his masters (boyx... by Love me, hate me. Werewolf
Nathan Harris has had a relatively easy life- friends who accepted him, parents that would bend over backwards for him, and even siblings that would turn over the world...
Beg Me by Wiked17
Beg Me by Wiked17 Teen Fiction
" Love is not how you forget but how you forgive, not how you listen but how you understand, not what you see but how you feel, not how you let go but ho...